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Melody Mann Dec 2023
life is unpredictable in its fickle nature,

moments can transform into a lifetime of shared splendor or somber recollection,

healing isn’t linear nor is life’s trajectory as we tread this path scattered with trials and tribulations,

time challenges our wit and forces our hand at resilience as we build ourselves countlessly to brace the changes that come our way,

that is the beauty of existing— understanding the significance of loss and relishing the triumph of union,

savoring the essence within us and radiating faith amid our silent prayers,

healing isn’t linear, nor is life’s trajectory as we are riddled with fates that at times make us question our purpose in retrospect to the everyday,

this breath is but a gift of chance for us to continue walking mindfully with the beauty that surrounds us,

you are but a flower in the garden of tomorrow; blossom endlessly.
Inspired by the art of letting go, this was written for a soul I cherish deeply. To personify the notion of healing and immortalize a bond that formed freely and gently… it’s the art of acceptance. A familiar dance that duets itself time and time again; resilience. Here is an ode to the persistence and strength nestled in overcoming the obstacles life bounces our way.
Man Jul 2023
Memoirs of dead men;
I wonder of future generations,
Like those I have met.
As to my own destiny,
Why let the question phase me?
This labor of love, that
Life, I wish to live selfless-
And be great, anonymous.
Shadow the dark, and shine light
Radiate through the night
That, of your conscience.
Wakeup, & look around;
This is war, not merely fight-
For all that is just and right,
Stand-up, don't just die.
The fuse is sparked, the fire ignite:
Spread your wing and take flight.
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2021
Sweet thoughts, a loving heart, and kind deeds radiate happiness like the scent of a flower.

Hussein Dekmak
LC Aug 2020
they burned my heart
over and over again
until the ashes fell,
slumping over in defeat.

even as pain radiates
through my entire body,
the ashes rise into a phoenix,
and my heart takes flight again.
M e l l o Aug 2019
she finally found the light,
after her darkest hours
antecedently it's
the tallest and the brightest
skyscrapers blazed those
cold weary nights
Poem of the day. Aug. 16
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Him: She looked different, I hadn’t seen her face this bright in a really long time. In that moment she was the moon, the star, a luminous soul that stood before my eyes. She was like confetti, leaving sparkles where she stepped. It wasn’t like the happiness she plastered on her face or the smile that made dimples appear on the ends of her lips. This was different. I could feel the energy. 
Her cheeks swallowed her eyes whole and those hidden teeth behind her lips were exposed. It was just everything about her, how her voice was powerful and high-pitched just like a youngster. The way her pupils dilated and showed all her excitement. The way her soul radiated excitement and joy. It was everything about her, the way she moved, the way she spoke, the way she laughed. Happiness made her feel like she could do anything. Happiness was more than just beautiful on her. It was luminous and powerful.

Her: This happiness felt ineffable. It was more than just a star lighting up in the dark, it was more than the darkness fading away. It wasn’t the happiness that is supposed to be picture perfect or the commercially perfect of having pearly white teeth. It was the one that my soul roar and bursting away from the confinement. It was the happiness that made adrenaline rush through my veins and neurons spark every cell of mine. It was the happiness that made me not care about what others thought, whether I was too much or over-excited. I was happy, I was more than happy after a very long time. It didn’t matter to me. I felt fierce. I felt like a child. I felt everything beautiful and powerful. I didn’t want to lose it to others words or to anything in this world. I was going to protect it, guard it and hold on to it. I was going to shine and radiate.
M H John Jul 2019
dear universe,
please let her
be grounded and see
how her energy
radiates through this world
and into the roots of me
that have longed
to be brought back to life
Brandon Conway Jul 2019
Lip Dip Paint
One Two
Lip Dip Pain
Three Four
Lip Dip Pai
Five Six
Lip Dip Pa
Seven Eight
Lip Dip P
Nine Ten
Lip Di
Eleven Twelve

Necrosis of the teeth
the bone becomes brittle
limping with sore feet
the jaw shatters
sores line the throat
mouth only of gums
blood starts to flow
only holes left to tongue
red seeps out the mouth
doctors say this must be syphilis
Oh God, it hurts
to work for greed so villainous

Lip D
One Two
Three Four
Five Six
Seven Eight

Nine Ten

Another girl in the ground again

Eleven Twelve

It's safe, don't you want to
Alexandra Coates May 2019
Your love

Your love

Your love

Alexandra Coates
7 May 2019
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