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Environment is frozen
Sentiments are hidden
Praying to God
He be brought
Sparing the rod
It's just a thought
Smirking a lot
Finds him hot
Stemming the rot
Environment is frozen
Horse is Trojan
Lots of erosion
Lots of confusion
Praying to God
He be brought
Finds him hot
Stemming the rot
Environment is frozen
Raising the temperature
By her *****
Environment may thaw
He may be hotter
A hot star!
He may be brought
Or bought at par!
m h John Jul 2019
dear universe,
please let her
be grounded and see
how her energy
radiates through this world
and into the roots of me
that have longed
to be brought back to life
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Sniffle on the train
a sneeze among the trees
bless you at your desk
sleeve wipe when out of sight

So sticky an issue
your own mother wouldn’t kiss you

Should’ve brought tissues
Adrian Ware Jan 2018
I died in a mist and disappeared in the fog
When my spirit left the earth
My body was ripped apart by vicious dogs
I haunted the earth until I seen a chance
To dive into someones flesh
So that I could live again
I awoke in a body that was so different
I died but came back as a poet
Due to reincarnation
How could my spirit be the same when everything else has changed
I guess reincarnation is something you really can't explain
For this is not my blood that I shed
This body means no more to than
a hotel room that gets rented out weekly
Which means this form is only temporary
Because in actuality
you only get one chance
Even if you get reincarnated
You still ain't living the life that you were once living
©Adrian Ware
Jason Glasser Apr 2017
new experiences fade the old
no matter how vital the old might be
we don't get a choice
we just do new things and **** there it goes

parts of you fall away bit by bit
i try to remember the whole but am faced only with the half
the left hand falls, the right shoulder
the memory of yelling at me upstairs when i was younger

of picking me up from cross country practice
replaced by a hospital bed and series of tubes
54 is far too young and it wasn't even one
of the plethora of plagues you endured

it was a curveball from the east wedging into the brain
forming a puddle of bacteria and eating away slowly
who'd have thought your heart would stay intact
or your liver or your lungs yet something unforeseen

soon the memories will fade yet more
replaced by a skeleton wearing a pitt hat
with a full glass of pepsi tugging downward at the bones
watching ncis, talking about fixing the porsche

the jaw bones rattling, fading away again
faced with the half and the prospect of the none
ashes three parts body, two parts pepsi, one part ink
and that part housing the memories shrinking against my will
Wyatt Feb 2017
Am I supposed to thank you for your presence?
Rain coming down and making me cold and wet.
You bought tickets to see the main event
and all you got was an emotional wreck.
I give out no refunds, only a promise to pack it all up
and show off the show somewhere else 'til someone calls it art.

Dark clouds compose my inner-thoughts
and now lately I've been thinking about it.
I guess I found out the hard way
that we are what we brought with us.

Am I supposed to praise you for your example?
You may have gotten your hopes up
for something you saw before me.
Get ready, say goodbye to what you thought I was
because I don't build anything here.
I just bring in the props to tear 'em down
so put away your therapist face, I am what you're not.

Dark clouds compose my inner-thoughts
and now lately I've been thinking about it.
I guess I found out the hard way
that we are what we brought with us.

My soul sticks out of my shield-like skin,
my logic comes with a cost of feeling dead.
I've been attracting all the things
that I put in the back of my head,
hoping they would rot away sometime soon.
I've been attracting all the things
that I put in the back of my head
wishing they'd never crash my party again.

I guess I found out the hard way
that we are what we brought with us.
We are what we brought with us.
Hoping they would go away.
Crimsyy Aug 2016
and "tiny" whiskey bottles,
a tendency to show more and cover less
virginity is priceless,
bought at a low cost,
we are the new youth,
and we are **LOST.
YieShawn Scutt Mar 2016
Use to despise birthdays *** all it brought was disappointment
I would get irritated from lack of attention and my bed was my only Ointment
One day out of the year
and did u use the opportunity?
no u miss ur appointment
And you do so continually  
Never had a party to myself
Because my parents didn't care enough
Had to share birthdays with Em and the child was ungrateful she always received stuff
And when they sang happy birthday they sang her name so yes it was tough
I only have 5 birthday cards to my name
And Out of the 5
only 1 person played their part
only one person gave me something from the heart
Used to think its a shame
I never got anything because They said my brown skin tone was lame
My ignorant outside family wouldn't give me their claim
Tried To stop the waterworks but a  dam can only last for so long
Had to finally realize I was looking at it all wrong
Used to think that because no one told me happy birthday
and no one gave me gifts to my dismay
That I wasn't ****
but now I see it
Finally realize it
They did give me something
At the time it seemed like nothin
But They gave me the clay That molded me into the person I am today
Would I go back and change it?
No I'm okay
writer Jul 2015
to be written
what we have brought
to an end
in the middle of the novel
Just Melz Jul 2014
It's crashing and caving
Down on me
This life,  I've worked so hard
Can't even get dealt one good card
And then the avalanche of pain proceeds
And I'll grieve
Try all over again
But it's the same **** thing
Lifetime of misery and defeat
Playing on repeat
How did I get here?
How could I come this far
Just to get knocked down
This ground made of pavement
My new best friend
I'll just lay here awhile
Get walked all over
While I wear a pretty smile
Dial it down a notch
How much more can I take?
You've defeated me
I'm laying here holding you
Waiting for a breath
There's no wealth or help
No welfare consuming momma to help me out
I'll just kiss this pavement
Down for the count
Give up?
That's what I'll do...
You beautiful slab of concrete you
With me in life,  with me in death
It's my final breath,  
I'll spend it in your cold hard arms
My solace on the ground
As low as I can go
You've been walked on your whole life too
You feel what I do
******* Pavement
I hate you

— The End —