Jim Marchel Sep 2016

You keep me grounded like a tree
Your roots, they nourish and bind me
To this plot of earth on which I stand
You're worth more than every grain of sand

Love can't grow in barren soil.
JGuberman Aug 2016

Your complexities
are compounded by my simplicities,
and since
you came to me
like the alphabet of a language
I cannot read
you will,
when you leave
depart unchanged.
I will be changed forever
like a root verb
which is built upon
to express
a more complex idea.

aniket nikhade Jan 2016

The problem is that the problem still remains there
Always it's important to know the root cause of any problem
Understand it and understand properly
Understand the exact nature of the problem.

Understand exactly where the problem lies and what exactly is the problem at present.
Once understood,
then try to study and also understand the nature of problem.

Definitely in the present moment of time the problem is that the problem still remains there as it is.

Innovations and innovative thinking will definitely not solve the problem, will also not bring the much needed change.

Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken similarly,
in the same way complex situations need perseverance and analytical thinking.

Agreed that things change,
new things happen in life,
but also agreed upon the fact that an individual becomes an experienced individual only and only when same old mistakes are not repeated.

So smile to make things feel light and easy,
but also always keep in mind,
always better to sort out a complex problem rather than taking a new,
different route and starting somewhere along the line all over again.

Time runs fast and so does a situation and it’s nature that changes
So always act according to the need of hour
Act in the present keeping in mind everything with regards to the present.

Initially take small steps making sure that every step taken is done keeping in mind the fact that anyhow in the end it’s important to reach to the destination.

Obstacles will come along the way,
obstacles will be handled,
but time will always play a very crucial role.

So never lose hope nor faith
Keep going,
see to it that after experiencing the highs and lows of life,
time now to start again,
all over again,
something new,
keeping in mind all the experiences from past.

Definitely an experience comes along with time,
experiences enrich life when lessons learnt from those experiences come to rescue in need of hour.

Dawn of Lighten Nov 2015

The pale night and the ghastly wind upon the skin,
And shiver by the sliver of ice needle pierce through the bone,
For this is the essence one felt by the beauty of words injected into the lungs.

Fluffy snow illuminates as the tunes become entwined by the inner beats,
And from flakes to crystals shattered like hammer onto ice,
Such is the force of all of whom dealt with love and war.

Nothing is but a straight line to a journey unwritten,
For bumps and bruises are only a flesh wound you would nod with a smile,
And all is but the fairness of the bloom of petal to yet another summer.

I shall never fear the ground that shakes the foundation I stand,
Nor will I give into people undoing the bricks of the castle I built,
For I am still learning to love, and return love others as I would love myself!
rootsbudsflowers Nov 2015

All things sweet
Once stood for taste,
Now have all roots in you.
This and that and all these things find their way to your lips.
They spill out when you speak to me and take up root inside my heart.
All these things never need to hold water with time.

They may fade,
And that's alright.
These things they come and go.
But nothing will take them from my memories.
They live there forever.
Taking root.

Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015

Her teeth rotted tea,
But root and leaf tell tall tales
Where silence now sips.

For Li Kai Xuan - my brilliant source for both tea and wisdom; I'll be visiting Fangcun soon my friend.
Dot Nov 2014

Delicate shoot,
not yet anchored...
How you fail to foresee
your beauty adorned
on this wilderness.
You are weak now.
One day your silhouette
will dance on the horizon.

Poet-Whisperer Jan 2015

You grew like spores
In the cracks of my skin
So fast, so strong
You carved your roots
Directly into me
Making it almost
To get rid of you
Without having me
Break myself too…

A hair fell from my eyebrow
and landed in my eye,
it caused my eye to water
just like when you cry.

I cleaned it with my finger
which made this small hair slip
it landed underneath my nose,
just above my lip.

I hadn't noticed where it went
it lay there on my face,
and over time it rooted
and then multiplied this place.

I started scratching at the spot,
I thought I had a rash
but when I looked more closely
I found I had a moustache.

It was as I point out to you
protruding out of the skin
and spread out over many days
and now its on my chin.

I know I didn't have a rash
and it was as I feared
I never only had moustache,
now I had a beard.

This spreading still continues
and I don't think that it's fair
for from my head to toenail
I am now covered in hair.

I've tried so hard to cut it off
and every time I fail
but what is really worrying
is now I have a tail.

So if you see a hair that's loose
and resting on your face
I do suggest you take it off
before it grows some place.

Cause when this hair gets rooted
you see how it can take over
and it is so embarrassing
when people call you Rover.

I don't know what is happening
but when I'm in the park,
I run around, I lick my nuts,
I growl and I bark.

14th December 2014
Amitav Radiance Oct 2014

While sitting under a tree
I could touch the roots above
Wondering, how deep they traveled
Each one holds ground
Creating a network
With the synergy
Communications takes place, there
And passes through the trunk
Right up to the branches
When leaves whisper among them
Trying to communicate with wind
To pass on the messages
Those are rooted deep
What may be going on there
We will not know
Roots that explore beyond
Century of stories buried
This tree stands testimony
To the events
The tree stands tall
Weathering many adversities
With roots to bear all
Which have traveled deep
Enveloped by rich soil

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