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jealousy is the root of evil
once said, there is no retrieval
kalo zadukr Dec 2020
It's fall
The leaves decorate the nature
The dark sky appears at the background,

The old mother is sick,
She is sad and hopeless.
The old eyes says it all-
Unemployment, no rent, no food for next day
So the lady wants to die,
Just can't take it anymore.

The dark sky shadows your fall festival.
Your beautiful leaves will fall
When the sky will cry,
When our mother will die.
dailythoughts Nov 2020
a blessing in disguise
the root to my agony
jealousy is the root of evil,
once felt, there is no retrieval.
stay safe to all!
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2020
Pretending to be angry
Is not the hard part
It is feeling like I
Do not know your heart

The worst part is listening
To the voice that lied to me
Whisper apologies in the dark
Words sweet as potpourri

Close your mind to truth
Make it hard for us
To find any balance
Even harder to trust

In your eyes the line between
Wrong and right is not clear
And that my love is truly
The sole root of all my fear
Another oldie but tbh can still relate
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2020
And when I was asked
What mother smells like?

Nothing else
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Rooting
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