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I'm brOKen Mar 10
The moons are all neon
A biohazard still fabulous
The apocalypse is upon us
Let the population die

Together we'll grow extinct
Our species already endangered
The moons are still neon, my love
We'll dance to death in the burning lights
astraea Feb 8
a girl sits on the pavement,
lunch in hand
wondering what kind of times they were
-neither the best nor the worst of times,
but times spent at a coffee shop
watching the cars go by.

as the rain falls
-as it always falls at 2 am,
steady and calming
a world in limbo
despite all of the chaos that i so lovingly
call mine.

the birds aren’t out yet,
but the cars softly flash their lights
i shouldn’t be here
this desolate city,
this desolate life,

the plants sway softly,
ever their vibrant green and your cat meows
-the only thing along with your short hair
and scrolling habits
and off-feelings
you’ve been able to keep alive this winter.

lone figures in the winter,
at your desks -alone in class
smiling at a laptop,
the papers on your bedroom floor flutter around you
wind in my rooms,
slashes on the push floor.

slashes -also on the peaches
fingertips (from falls)
coffee cups in empty cafes
and unthinkably

all of our photographs,
a poet said they would happen,
waiting to happen,
i think they’re right and
they’ll never happen
-it’s the kind of beauty arranged and taken down,
never enjoyed.
inspired by lofi music
Liquid Bear Dec 2018
In a game of streets and cars,
beneath the eyes of frigid stars,
I lose myself, alone and disguised,
unable to love or be surprised.

I waste my breath on cigarettes,
deaf to warnings and threats,
choosing red at traffic lights,
draining myself with inner fights.

Fed up with neon and glass,
I'll take cold coffee and gas
for a last night on Earth,
awaiting oblivion, not rebirth.
Fictional tale of a life gone wrong.
Samantha Dec 2018
Carbon, essential
For life as we know it, yet
Some might disagree.

Nitrogen, for plants
Who need it the most, but not
As a gas, my friend.

We breathe Oxygen
But don't try the pure stuff, or
You're likely to die.

Fluorine is for teeth
In toothpaste, so minty fresh!
Please brush every day.

Neon lights up signs
With its reddish-orange glow
So stay on your toes!
Science must continue, huh?
III Oct 2018
it's a late night drive
down a foggy street,
completely empty and
illuminated by the
soft glowing sign of an
underhead street light.  

neon juice
flows through your veins.  
the world
forgets how to spin.  
the trees
are still and
the engine roars.  

everything falls into place for someone.
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
An airtight chamber of toxins.
Glowing a luminous neon green.
They’re unable to see.
See what causes that light.
They are a hazard to all things living,
but who am I to say anything.
Neon Beaches May 2018
To walk neon beaches

The space between (dimensions)

A vibrant limbo

16 bit roads lined with palm trees

These neon beaches I walk

This purgatory between life and death

A simulacrum of reality that bleeds colour

A place isolated from existence
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