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At the beginning of 2020, Australia was on fire.
The threat of WWIII was all too real.
Baby dictators playing with "disposable" human lives.

Disposable lives
Disposable masks
Disposable gloves
Disposable plastic bags
. . . and here were are again with disposable lives.

My family and I survived the Oregon trail and not one of us died from dysentery. A small victory!

George Floyd, "I can't breath."
Black Lives Matter.  
LGBTQ+ Lives Matter.

Marching in the streets and shouting until I can't speak. Organizing and criticizing institutions that WE built. People WE put into office. And my more political topics that WE are responsible for.

Black Lives Still Matter.
LQBTQ+ Lives Still Matter.
Anti-maskers, "I can't breath."

A shame and a reflection in the United States education system.

Me walking my dogs, "I can't breath. . . without a mask"
Ashes falling from our apocalypses skys.
My skin burns from the air.
I my dog sneezing because they don't have masks.
My mask discolored from this short walk.

Double Down
Virtual Life

A light at the end of this long tunnel?
Good-bye Oregon!
2021, let's try Utah?
Ruheen Apr 2020
Castles are only walls
made to look pretty.
Kingdoms can only fall
because they aren't that pretty.
You treasure decorations
over things that
do their job.
they are disposable
and beauty
is not.
Gina Mosxa Mar 2020
"Oh what can I do
To mean something to you?"

You always say
You love me so much
But it only comes
When things start to get rough

"Why won't you love me
Unless you need something?"

Whenever I'm near
Feel you don't want me here
Deep down I know
You're wishing I was somebody else...

"I'll be your band-aid
Come let me heal you"

I'm replaceable, disposable
Anyone could fill my role..
And so when the pains gone
You may throw me away..
In this world, all things are temporary.. Do true connections exist? Sometimes I'm unsure...
m h John Jul 2019
you brought me along
for the journey
and i after i developed
and gave you memories
you threw me out
stopdoopy Dec 2018
We are done.

I will no longer sit idle.

I will not wait for my friends to get hurt.

It is long past due,

we will not tolerate it any longer.

Do not make up excuses,

listen to what your friends tell you,

do not give the benefit of the doubt;

they do not deserve it.

If they make you feel

unloved, belittled, ignored, hurt, unsafe,

come to me.

If they call you names

*****, *****, disposable, immature,  a child,

come to me.

Tell, if you wish, all of how they have done you wrong.

Tell me, and I will tell you.

Dump Them.

Gone is the time of "It's none of my business"

Gone is the time of "It's not your relationship"

Gone is the time of "No one asked for your opinion"

That is my friend,

and I will no longer sit and let my friends be hurt.
No matter who you are, friend or not, if you come to me and tell me such things I will not sit there and try to reason it out, I will not hear excuses to their behavior, I will not be forgiving. If you come to me with such words, I will be there to tell you to get out of it now.

I am absolutely fed up with people and how they treat others- that is your partner and you will treat them with the respect they deserve or you will get out. I DO NOT care that you are sexually unsatisfied, feel ignored, and feel unsupported when you have tried gaslighting and dragged in so many things that do not belong in the conversation. I DO NOT care if you are ******* and angry- you treat your partner with the respect they deserve. How dare you.

I'm livid that people will treat others like this and I am done being silent.
Malak S May 2018
The steps I take away from you seem deeper than the shallow ones towards you.
I’ve almost lost my senses as I resided beside you, becoming one with the chair
Controlled and made to feel a certain type of way only to be neglected whenever my use was no longer needed
I was always disposable
And what does that say of the way I love?
That it is not an ocean that hugs its shores, but one that chews and spits out remnants
I can’t seem to recall the memories of when I was anything, but broken
I have melded into the shards and at time’s, when I move, they stab and wound me from inside out.
My skin has been marked by red patches and in some artistic, poetic way, you may say that these patches are the marks of a warrior, but I say they’re marks of a fighter who longer has enough fight in her
If I decide to give up, would they all yell out in objection,
Or help me get there faster?
I can’t write anything I’m proud of, so I’ll share whatever I come up with till I’m proud and happy with something
Skye Marshmallow May 2018
Everytime I'm fooled
Your beauty, always fleeing
Disposable love
Haiku no.5, came as fast as you went
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