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Desire Nov 18
Been stressed.  Been depressed.
Been too depleted to decompress.
Had my issues and lost my way.
Lost myself trying not to stray.
Had some highs. Had some lows.
Had some smiles to put on some shows.
From sleepless nights to morning daze.
From not eating food to stress weight-gains.
I’ve had little-to-nothing to my name;
Suffered silently in my shame.
Been misvalued and disregarded,
or inconsiderably bombarded.
Been tried and been tested. Even been disrespected,
but the bomb inside still hasn’t blown.
I’ve done my part with the love I’ve shown.
If rejected or not well-received, then
shake the dust off of your feet and leave,
‘cause while the love you have for them is real,
so is loving yourself and keeping your soul at peace.

You can only do so much for others. Love yourself enough not to give up or quit. & when life hits, hit back 🥊 💛
You’ve gone far for others. Make sure to take care of yourself too. #balance #boundaries #love #peace #knowyourworth 👌🏽✌🏽
Jellyfish Oct 20
You ask me for a favor,
I said I have to decline.
When you ask why,
I feel full with pressure

Deep down I think
So I can live my life.
You push for more;
Vague details aren't enough

I feel so anxious,
Why isnt no enough?
You push harder
and I tell you I got a job.

You try to ask me what
and I say it's a secret..
It's mine to keep private
You ignore me.

Days pass until they stop,
You decided to lash out.
You accused me of things,
I feel pushed around.  

I'm tempted to tell you
Just how abrasive you are.
But I take time to process
And respond with charm.

You ignore me again,
I feel a bit burdened..
But you're so passive aggressive,
With your uncomfortable expressions

I didn't make you have kids,
I didn't tell you to run away,
I never made your choices
It's me who I obey.
Jellyfish Oct 12
It's hard for me to conceptualize the expectations you try to hide,
You're all so sneaky when you ask for my side.
When I say no, it's as if you think I'm being snide,
But all I'm trying to do is make strides.

Understanding that "no" is a full sentence for me,
Grew difficult as it was never an option, you see.
Anytime I could refuse, I would with glee,
Seeking control, even when tempted to agree.

The lack of boundaries harmed our natural bond,
I search for our connection, but when you're around, I tend to fawn.
I dislike this transactional, distant bond.

I ask for quality time and am met with fees,
Being fed a lie that your love language is acts of service, please.
Because I do nothing to help you out, it's decreed,
I must not care; I feel like a bad family member indeed.
Hollie May 29
Inhaling was suffocation
exhaling meant living
heart racing
mind numbing
it's not wanting to die
if you dont know how to live

stupid girl looking for meaning
in a place with no beginning
hot cold
in and out breaths
and you're not sure where to go next
because you were dead set on an ending
and he was somewhere over there
planning a life of solitude
You scream and fight for a goal
he's already opt out
stupid girl
you were carrying this battle like he was beside you
but didn't you hear
he says he's with you while making you a fool
agrees with you says he'll be with you
then steps on your boundaries
like they weren't there for you

You can stay and keep fighting
but you're a fool to keep going
when you've lost this love
that's not happening again
this ending you were determined to reach
that's not happening
Look around
we're all alone but we don't look it
you weren't alone but you felt alone
there isn't a comfort zone
life doesn't make room for comfort
Nigdaw Apr 7
you reach out
but the journey is too far
and I have not the faith
to go the distance
the void between us
is a chasm I can't bridge
it's not you, it's me
all the old excuses
it is easier to be alone
than to try to share time
open some doors
push some boundaries
all this potential activity
is met with my weariness
of all the times
I've been let down before
Cody Haag Dec 2022
you say that I'm wrong,
but you've never known right.
how pretentious of you,
to stay in my sight.

you're entitled to your opinion.
but truth is, no one gives a ****.
if we were all like you,
we'd all be full of it.
That moment when someone crosses a boundary to share their flawed opinion with you.
CJ Aug 2022
Loving yourself
is not always easy;
because you’re human
with innate familiar aches
born out of
and needing

But not everybody
to hold your hand,
feel your soul,
breathe your skin,
and reap the blessing
that is your loving

Jammit Janet Jul 2022
Finding the flow
The balance
The art
Of fulfillment
And letting go
Knowing when to say yes
When to say no
Self care at its best
Proof that I’ve grown.
Jammit Janet Jun 2022
People push my buttons
Everywhere I go
Intentional or not
They constantly push me
To grow
Step outside my boundaries
Find new ways to know
What I’m comfortable with
What I won’t allow
And ways to glow.
Steve Page Feb 2022
Where do I dance?
I dance in the margins
within my boundaries
where I left myself space
to choose my partners with care.

Where do I dance?
I dance in your arms.
margins and boundaries - both essential for good mental health
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