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Carmen Jane Oct 10
Go ahead and caress yourself
(Said his own voice in the mirror)
Ask and listen
What you want
Put yourself first
From time to time
And read yourself your vows
Be your friend
And love yourself
Don't waste your time
It's yours
It's ok to say no
Build healthy boundaries.
Now say yes to yourself
And smile
Always smile!
Inspired by an article I read recently
You thought I was speechless
but there’s a world inside of my head
far more magical than the one you know
It was just across the way
but you couldn’t find the bridge
you didn’t even look
You can’t see past your own view
I tried to fight
but I’m ashamed to admit
that sword was too heavy to lift
I always believed that I was too much
instead of knowing that you were too little
I tried to help you
the water carrier I am
enslaved to my humanity
I got tired of pouring from empty barrels
Some just drink every drop of water you have
Some just **** all of the air out of the room
You wanted me to be seen and not heard
though you were deaf to logic
Burning my brain with words like stupid
the hot poker of your narrow spirit
You made sure those words
would be branded on me for eternity
Some things can never be erased
Some cuts never stop bleeding
And I now must see necessity in barricades
Because I loved you loudly
but you weren’t listening
Because I protected you fiercely
but you weren’t the one in danger
Because I tried to be your life raft
but you sank us both
So I put up the walls
to keep you out of certain places
those that are too beautiful to be tainted
by a provincial mind
Not because I’m afraid
but because I’m brave enough
to realize that I deserve better  

- Boundaries
AditiBoo Aug 23
He makes me feel uncomfortable
He's slowly crouching into my boundaries
With pick up lines beyond insufferable
Yet not picking up on my blatant unease

He's coming onto me
Like an intentional hit and run
So off-target it felt like a conspiracy
Unnervingly annoying and unwelcome

I said no thank you, once, twice, thrice
Letting him down and wanting to be nice
And the deluded charm turns to spite
Venom foaming at the mouth, ready for a fight

A casual rejection goes unnoticed
As this factual objection becomes the psychosis
Because 'no' is translated to 'try harder'
And 'no' twice just spells out a pathetic disaster

'No' three times...and then is revealed the monster
Unable to fathom the dissidence of feelings
Unwilling to dignify the negative response with honour
Switching gears to now action provocative dealings

An insult here and there
A snide remark launched without a care
Spreading dark rumours to hungry ears
Lapping it all up, slathering those smears

So saying 'no' is not an absolute choice
It drags behind it echoes of the spiteful's voice
Turns you into a wanton fool
Turned crazy for keeping her cool

And those standing next to the ****-shamer
Are mainly those sharing my own gender
Happily bringing down theirs sisters in arms
Approving the consequence of a choice to be self-harm
m h John Aug 12
i put my heart on my sleeve
then you came along
and set my sleeve on fire
Mary Zollars Jul 31
I heard the wind rustle the trees,
Yet I saw but stillness in the leaves
I heard the songs of little birds,
But saw no feathers amongst the green
The ground was laid with footprints of fellow men
But I followed in circles,
And I found no one to take these steps
The ponds rippled with no fish,
The grass croaked with no throats
Then when I left the lonely living woods,
I found a wall with no end
Too tall to be climbed,
Too strong to be broken
I walked the wall for half an eternity,
I walked each trail and path for another
I found no start or finish
No entrance,
No exit,
No one and nothing
It was me,
and I was it.
I don't know what boundaries are
And where they lie
Between a friend and a lover
And to colleagues, I'm shy

Do I tell you deep things
That mean a lot to me?
Or should I save my depth
For those that truly see me?

do I need to explain
My entire life
For curiosity
Behind abstract eyes?

Intimacy is needed
In life to survive,
But what lines do I cross?
Which depth do I dive?

My emotions are deep
Can you empathise?
Would it hurt you as I explain
And make myself cry?

Is it worth it today?
Should I just stay shallow?
Talk about the TV
or something more mellow?

I just don't know when to go
I don't know where to crop
Images in my mind
And thoughts are just non-stop

I can't tell you everything
noone could understand
and I should reserve some depth
For myself, please understand

I need to learn and create
My own safe space
And respect all my boundaries
Make you reciprocate
I had to put boundaries
when it came to you
to avoid being myself completely,
because for you I was
too deep
too emotional
too attached.

I was either “too much”
or “too less” in your eyes.

It felt like I was confining
my ocean in your river.
I was too happy, too hopeful, too sad, too giving, too kind, too Sensitive. For I was too much of everything that made me, me and was made to believe to put boundaries where there should’ve been none
My soul felt you immediately
and my heart quickly responded
All I want is to open my eyes
and see you next to me
To feel your warm embrace
I realize now no distance is too far
and closeness is not about proximity
Our connection knows no boundaries
I will wait for you through seasons
and love you across countries
Even if you were planets away
You are still my sun
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