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Simon May 10
"The Conjecture Radiance" is likely the most upholding effect that starts (when everything and everyone of course, least expects its full force), like an "onward march" to some type of safety.
(That then genuinely is apart of its own point of action).
However way you define its own least likely nonterrible way of communicating with the even least likely scenario, where each word is like a magnify glass too rich for its own purposes to handle. Basically, concluding the fact that whatever conjecture is full of such "radiance", doesn't conclude the Shareholder ("in the details") of this involvement. Or even (especially so), the very Caregiver (in the "emotional dispatching concealment" of the wrongdoings for how it certainly took too much of its pride into such ineffective reasoning at heart), is the truly deciding factor (at large) that actually pinpoints the very most primal directive, involved... Who do you think that might be...? If you truly stated with "I wonder", or even (for an entirely better recognition), for, "I'd reckon...'BLANK'...with...'BLANK'...!"
Well then... You’re reasoning to carefully "request" (from which the very ground you walk), would then appoint (in-charge) the very reckoning of one's own reasoning...had then gone toe-to-toe with something even more..."unimagining!"
After all, just because something even more...unimagining...would then seemingly come out of the blue and cost the very likelihood of your entire self, (from deep within that very self to go entirely "unmanaged"), just so everything leading up to this point...could then adopt (a certain flaw), or more specifically, adapt a certain plan involved (when and only when, you've gotten used to it, over time), doesn't give anyone (in the slightest degree) even the correct involvements for something even truly greater to take afoot the very compassion, from which everything is meant to take apart...and then reassemble, (when the time is right...) Just so everything (and everyone), can finally establish the very "belief" back into itself.
"But wait..." …Someone eagerly asks, "what about the 'Radiance' part...?"
Then something goes silent, until everything comes up from the very ashes, to once again then (single-handedly, of course), present the very ideal customs of the eventual "Hotseat" from which ALL such decision-making, choices, options, opinions, logic, analyzing, reasoning, concentration, focus, etc. That all align (and reflect) from some even GREATER common interest (still inconceivable, at large).
(And of course, it's obviously not from within yourself, or anything usually coherent like that. OH NO!)
It's much deeper and irresistibly separate then that could ever be...
"From within yourself." HAHA! What a bunch of hogwash!
That was the inevitable "Take one"...
"Take Two": Begins with one certain flaw involved... And it's not again (I repeat this...) Isn't "from within yourself."
"It's much more coherent than that!" Mark my words (that aren't good enough for simple results to ensure it so....)
You will find the "Conjecture" (in your very self), before you even discover what the ("Radiance") part is even about....
Stay tuned for "Take Two!" (For "Take One" is not up to standards with itself, if it wasn't for it's still BLANK one-sided half from being mysteriously misplaced from it's own such Conjecture, where the Radiance part, is too increase the full on "contact sport full of certainty"...(that entirely hints at fully making it from simply not actually being able to glow too brightly at heart)!
"For the very end of such a a truest guarantee for inevitable warfare!"
Something that fully departs is like a logical effort for something that is not up to *****!
However way you slice it, it truly/actually depends on what your willingly able to take for (effort itself), to seemingly stack the odds in your literal favor, forevermore!
Opting the favour that hopefully will (eventually) rise upward...just so ("what is the now"), could statistically "found" some sort of answer to this oncoming conundrum. One without ANY UTTER WARNING! Or even one without fully taking in what you do for your very self (in the logistics of your own life patterns). Because in the end, you might as well be the loyal knight full of such...”logical boundaries” itself!
“A loyal knight of logical boundaries” (in the making….)
Leah Apr 9
It's like once you start self healing you feel way better to the point that a weight is lifted off of your shoulders.
Self healing starts within you
Self healing starts with boundaries
It starts with knowing your actual worth

Because healing is weird one minute your feeling happy next minute your feeling messy....because your body is just adjusting to the growth for what's coming your way.

Self healing starts from broken wounds that occurred during childhood and past trauma's

The wounds that parents failed to give reassurance on because now it hurts you and others around you.

Feeling as if a break through is coming your way because that's your gut feeling not trying to give up on you.

That break through is going to help solve everything that you didn't tend to understand as a child....

Self healing means better days are coming
it means more manifesting
it means nothing but positive vibes around yourself.
just a little bit of self healing day by day can help you feel relieved so much because that's what your mind been waiting for is to feel relieved without negative energy around you. freemindedlee_
It's my hideout
My cherished secret place
You will know what's about
surprise written on your face

It's where I don't feel lonely
especially when I am alone
It's now shared, me and you only
welcome to my comfort zone
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
rig Feb 24
if i could push
the boundaries
of these neat walls,
what would i find?
'Sticky labels'

Each time you redefine a freedom, you simultaneously creat a new boundary.

You simply pop freedom into a yet another box; another subtle form of cultural and social restraint.

Boundaries are often useful, Healthy individuals are innately aware of what is right and what is wrong, because we have collectively encouraged them to flourish with love and understanding.

Unhealthy individuals are not, and a prison has never nurtured anything good!

Why not INVEST in FREEDOM, not confinement right from the START; with honesty, kindness and open hearts; and more, and more of the 'GOOD THINGS' will grow! and grow! and GROW from the freedom they know.
what is true freedom ?
Patrice A Jan 24
There’s always a line
between things
that defines one apart
from the other.
I believe it also applies
between you and I,
between mother and son,
between earth and sky
which is called horizon,
or that long line between what is
and what is not.
Maybe it’s God’s way of telling us,
“This is where you’re supposed to be
and this is where I’m supposed to be.”
And those lines also have lines
in between
and in between
and in between.
They all begin on one point
and end on another.
Two small points
that somehow stretch the distance
and split one apart.
That is why, when we are holding hands
we tend to look at the sky,
down the river,
or at invisible horizons—
never to meet the dots
of each other’s eyes.
V Jan 22
She can put up walls the heights of wonders,
Shimmering black built with angry bricks,
And in an instant she can tear them to the ground.
And what’s that? You’re heartbroken?
I can’t hear you through these barriers I’ve constructed to keep him out.
Nothing gets through.
Not your love or your hate or any of your words.
And I’ll build towers and walls and a castle of regrets to keep you out.
I’ll take refuge in the love of another.
And we’ll form alliances against your heart and your hurt.
We’ll go to war and you will be the first casualty after me.

Her heart is clad in the most terrible black.
A set of armor meant to keep the light out.
A place for darkness.

Who will bring ruin to this lovely battalion?
This army clad in a tower of escape.
Only love can ruin these ramparts.
And love did.
A fire that burned too bright.
The brigades could not tame it.
They fought and fought but they were cut off from each other.
And without the sanctity of communication they fell one by one.

All two of them.
Maha Jan 18
honey glazed toast, and hot coffee with a drop of cream
cinnamon and sugar spilled across mahogany
untamed thunderheads rolling across a once pale pink sky
and beyond the garden gates
I often wonder if that's where it is
one more hue, to paint the entirety of you
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