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Melody Mann Jul 19
It all led up to this moment,
The dedication we casted our ambitions in,
The triumphs we rooted our adversities in,
It brought us to the next chapter of our lives,
And for you I'm forever grateful to,
Thanks for joining me on my journey.

The California dream is what we were living,
From the adventurous summer splendor,
To the heartfelt bittersweet departures,
Those unified celebratory cheers,
It was summer 21' of unprecedented affection,
Onto the next phase of life we go where unknown possibilities lie dormant,
Here's to the discoveries to come,
The gratitude to bestow,
& memories we'll create.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 20
I hold still,

let him finish stabbing me

                                                 — I count six,

let him believe me dead,

he moves on to Cecelia.


It does not go as well for her

as she continues to writhe and scream

and carry on,

not well at all
               ­                              — I count eight,



Norman Crane Feb 3
The only thing I learned
In this ocean of stars
Is that I can drown anywhere
It was the perfect spring, and
I still remember the day
we first met,

And how I fell in love with
you at the very first sunset,

You gave me little moments
that turned into biggest memories with
friends that turned into family,

Realizing how far we have come and
still have to go, I smile gratefully,

I would place my faith in you, for
all the places I roam,

Coz you are all the things I would
come back for... hope, light, love
and above all home,

Nothing comes close to the
golden coast they say,
Couldn’t agree more,
California’s the way.
January 2021
Only a couple will understand me
On this fateful day
The day of the Stretch
It is from here we go and why we cannot stay

The great divide, the stuck in a rut
Here is our chance to leave New York's hut

I understand I am leaving
Is not with you in tow
I love you so fiercely
I wish right now you all could go

I am going to plant some seeds in
California the State of the Sun
To which and where our Legacy will soon become

Today day 1 the hardest
The day I have to Stretch
Without the ones so dear to me

I will be back to fetch!

Always as you read know you are with me in my heart
I will not go to fail us
Get us a brand new start

California Dreaming
about to Reality
I cant wait to come back and get you
So you can be with me!
The hardest day of my life January 16 2021 @ 6am
Kristin Dec 2020
We were startled by the rain
we weren't used to it
the pit pat, pit pat, pit pat

We were startled by the rain
such a long drought
pit, pit, pit, pat, pat

We were startled by the distant thunder
we had been shaken by quakes
but no thunder, not in months, perhaps a year

We were startled by the lightning
its white flash sparking fear and awe
zipping through the sky

Pit, pit, pat, pat, pat
Pit, pit, pat, pat, pat
Flashes and shakes

We are startled by the rain
we aren't used to it
the pit pat, pit, pat, pit pat
Guss Dec 2020
I scream into the void,
silent, but in my silence, louder than all noise.

Accepting of the role to play
in loving unconditionally.

It’s not our fault it happens.

In love,
we’re all just as innocent
as the day
that we were born.

But I have to ask,
are you still able to hear me?

I lost my compass and my passion.
Yet, I’m sure, you, of all people can hear me.

Can you?

It’s so hard, to keep remembering things. The smoke of fires ember in September brings.

Four broken ribs and my heart to cleave, the spell you’ve cast remains unbroken.

But no pain is deeper, scraping and meeker than the loss of my Chicago stinker.

My pangs are not of love.

For sights, and sounds, and tastes, and smells are nothing. Never mind to touch your body.

I see now where I failed you, it was when I failed myself.

It was as the curse of my pressures rolled and churned about on the inside spaces of my peasant flesh.

In the backwater swamp of myself, a reptile slithered between us, sloshing amongst the putrid remains of its kills.

My own precious vermin.

Free me from this awful spell.

Or **** me.

I don’t care.

But whatever you do,
don’t leave me here.
Inspired by loss. I lost everything over quarantine, my job, my woman, my place. I was living in San Francisco at the time and there was smoke everywhere for week and weeks. I was not my best self and my partner didn’t like what she saw. Now she’s gone.
Rhea Nov 2020
Slender eucalyptus trees form a fragile trellis
Welcoming you into a land of enchantment
Wandering asphalt stippled with afternoon light
Leads you through vast vineyards striping distanced hills
Their branches drooping with plump purple droplets

Following the single road curve after curve
A bend brings a browned tipped fade edging every vine
Half a tree’s round bowl cut shows a dip dye border beige
Ominous foreshadowing of the landscape’s angry scars
Lurking ahead the winding way amongst the chartreuse charm

Then one twist brings the astounding view
Land licked clean by ravenous tongues
Heat and wind --the insatiable elements
Their appetites consumed whole hillsides at once
Leaving behind blackened branches: bones ****** bare

Ochre tipped foliage studs the rolling ravines
Exposed bedrock stares back at you with ravished eyes
Surrounding elevations graced by green clouds of resilient oaks
Enunciate the stark boundary between
Devastation and lively exuberance

Canyons once dressed in elaborate emerald garments
Now clad in scandalous shreds
Reveal the ripples of ancient fault lines
Testimony to their violent origins
Forged by gaping crevasses, quakes and flames

Solo skeleton shrubs stand adorning
Charred hillsides like chewed and spat gristle
Puddles of white ash and their dusty rivulets
Hint at feverish efforts exhausted in defense
Of the crumbles at the feet of lone chimneys

Naked trees cut from winter landscape
Appear misplaced in the summer heat
They stand forlorn with gnarled arms and curled fingers
Their writhing immortalized in stiff post rigor
An involuntary inhale touches your lips. “magnificent”

The scourged scenery fades with each bout
You are surrounded by sun kissed hills
Their slopes end in brilliant blue water
A promise of peace reflected in still reverie
Mauve mounds guard the serene sanctuary

A splashing otter slinks onto the sand
Nearby mallards preen unperturbed.
Birds chatter in flight, two settle on a shrub
Standing stubborn with smoke shriveled leaves
The enthralling sight envelopes you pressing you warm and close

Your eyes close under the competing warmth
Of golden rhododendrons and blinding sun
Radiance bounces off green fluorescence
A cheerful backdrop to the wind dispersed soot
A slow easy smile tugs against your cheeks. “Magnificent.”
colette alexia Oct 2020
Windows down
I'm back in town
Ocean in my hair it's only been an hour
Laugh and cry drives friends talking 'bout our lives now
Favorites play off the LANY album
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