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To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instently cheers, then
on our seperate ways.
When your luscious lips gently close on to mine,
In a sudden energy surge  from deep down , I shine.
In perfect silence we fall, to savour it to the hilt,
The flow tide rushes in, hearts in passion are  hit!
Mar 14 · 150
Peak summer
a sultry day ends,
hot, swift wind moves the tired leaves;
early moon looks on!
Mar 11 · 152
from darkness, light
the new moon's coy sheen,
the starlings' nosestuds gleam;
light's secrets in darkness!
Mar 8 · 179
modern day nightmare.
a traffic snarl-up,
at the middle of nowhere;
down the rabbit hole!
Mar 8 · 92
Beat it!
all eyes on your face,
turning ruddy, mad with rage;
hey leader, beat it!
Mar 7 · 122
An affair to forget
sultry summer wind,
kisses mango blooms came late;
make them regret it!
Mar 7 · 518
A forest on wings
from a dry split pod,
a lot of winged seeds explode;
a future forest
Mar 2 · 134
love nest
breeze in morning stroll,
signal call of the love bird;
the rendezvous fixed!
Feb 28 · 150
abettor sky
inky dark sky,
decides to hide moon and stars;
siding with the thieves!
Feb 26 · 103
Coy dawn
face turmeric smeared,
the dawn is a coy maiden,
that just came of age!
Smearing the face of a girl who just attained puberty with turmeric(which has many functions as a spice in food  with anti-toxic effects, herbal paste for cosmetic and skin protection application etc ) is part of traditional puberty rights  in India.
Feb 25 · 784
mysterious palms
breeze ripples palm groves,
a gleam in coconut fronds;
past peeps through the mist!
Feb 24 · 126
sea wonder
sea breeze is salty,
on the beach front, I ponder
on the sea and me!
Feb 23 · 109
secret love
you are secretive
like night; but brilliant stars,
your eyes, speak amour!
crows' cacophony,
on dark night's planned felony;
moon dilutes darkness!
attic civet cats,
wake me up; in a day past.
time travel by chance!
Feb 20 · 124
Fatal flaw of vision
Every night keeps within it's protective cupped palms
At least this much; few bright moments of calm.
But she was a night so perfectly wedded to the dense dark,
Even in love, doing diabolic best, as if nothing else'd work
Never occured no other,in her thoughts or deeds ever.
But he seemed to be not  aware of his eye sight's fatal error,
Always read all her printer's devil just as if all of it's  right,
Her many decisive acts finely co ordinated,  finished him quite,
Love the first casuality, gave an impetus, then followed the rest.
He who fell head over the heals for her, slumped face down in the pit
Feb 20 · 118
play acting
seed:the playwrite's thought,
director prepared the field;
actor's sowing act!
Feb 19 · 107
sparrows in peril
a distraught sparrow,
tries to dodge the arrows of heat,
mother nature's ire!
Feb 18 · 91
The conundrum
"What's it all about?"
leaves in the wind wonder aloud;
fall mute, contemplate!
The night's deep darkness  wore a cloak of evil,
The time, just ripe for the poison to spread even,
The ghosts went on preening wings with pleasure,
All those bit the dust,  hit by bullets anr on the streets,
Dancing to the crazy movements  of their phantom limbs!
An out the world music filled the air, evoking trance

"The water level rises far above the danger mark"
The evening news rings alarm bells, but already
We are in deep waters and at a point of no return!
"The hurricane hit the coast very badly, beware
All the escape routes are blocked by vehecles"
"Yes, yes, things are all in pretty bad shape, let's admit it"

But the girl is still practising her lines, leasurely
For the blast she has hardly an hour away, if it happens!
The dogs bark aloud alarmingly in the back streets,
Someone, it seems has broken in to the house
Through the weak door,  from behind.
"What do you suggest us to do?"
In panic someone in the phone yells.

There is stunned silence for a long while when
We could hear the darkness heavily breath and pant.
Then evil laughs like **** from that fierce night.
The stars once bright blink and go blind one by one!
The cadaverous moon bleeds blue blood, copiously.

I can't wait anymore to see you sweet heart,
As the night gets more and more turgid,
Could you make it..?.
Feb 9 · 127
clouds ambush the moon
rebellious dark clouds,
took the full moon their captive;
rains freed her quick!
thorny screwpines stop,
musky fragrent flowers enchant;
blood scented ecstasy!
Feb 7 · 164
Night's seige
dawn trains all her guns,
feeble light fights robust night;
the world's in the dark!
Feb 5 · 318
Lazy Dawn
has the dawn overslept?
her shut windows remain unlit;
night still has a ball.
Feb 2 · 244
A mystery marvel
A mystery gripped me unawares,
One without form, shape or color
All I could make out is this dear:
Weaved  out of million fine strands
Its essence is all; all of it a mystery.
No distinguishing mark, you’ll find
Its warm grip transcends limits
In such a state I was left, for which
A name none  has ever invented
Even that’s not a need, of course
Being the one of it’s kind, a name
For the singular mystery won’t suit
It’s beyond the realm  of identities
The mystery is just that,get it right.
Feb 1 · 125
Amour sansfin
Amidst ancient ruins,
A pair, fugitives from past,
Conspire against time!
Billion brilliant stars,
My neurons are having fun;
At cosmos’s expense!
Jan 28 · 180
Heartburn over lost love
Spring girl eyes around,
To the winter *****’s chagrin;
Each turn brings heartburn!
Jan 27 · 206
A hush hush affair
Dame  dawn hurried in,
Birds were at cross purposes;
Night left unnoticed.
Ominous silence!
All clocks chime in unison,
Silence recoils quick
Night all along was
A monologue of lights,
On prowling darkness!
Jan 22 · 222
Scandalous winter
Winter spreads white lies,
Thick and fast, so unabashed;
Her lovers shiver!
Jan 16 · 415
An uncommon affair
On elephant’s back,
Mahout tenuously perched,
Swoon over moon!
The master craftsman ,
Of this spectacular dusk,
Leaves no signature!
This master craftsman, you would never meet to register your thanks accumulating each consecutive day, because none of us ever meets him. So do a thing ; keep all the accumulation of your unfathomable thanks on account of this and million other things we experience free. Look for any possible opportunity to distribute that invaluable reserve among our fellow beings!
Winter lass shows off,
Her icicle diamonds;
Cold fingers tickle
Jan 15 · 234
Forces of occupation!
Crimson forces of dawn,
Pardon cowering failed night;
Change of reign again!
I knew night, dark, deep
Ever brooding, meditative.
One in soul, we are!
Night is the poet,
Of eloquent silences,
In darkness and light!
An island lets itself go.
In rising  water finds a friend;
The past comes to naught.
Jan 10 · 329
Climate denies us mango
No musk scented air,
Mango trees stand sans flowers;
Angry climate speaks!
Jan 9 · 190
Winter’s discontent
Winter night whispers.
Complaining jealous mistress,
Soon to be deported!
Jan 8 · 276
Sun’s abdication
Dangling red hot sun,
Mellows, finds no better luck;
Ease in to dark sea!
Night, the jeweller,
Got me quickly bedazzled;
With the depth and spread!
Jan 7 · 159
Moon as left over
The moon is a cake,
Gnawed by the rats of darkness;
Floats on the sky lake!
Jan 7 · 601
Winter’s bear hug
Softly treads winter,
Her quick bear hug exudes ****,
On hold for an year!
Jan 7 · 112
Falling snow speaks in
An unknown foreign language;
Winter exiled us!
A glass of water,
Contemplates on cosmos;
Unawares, thirst spreads.
A totem am I,
Double helix memories,
Of DNA history!
Night’s magical hour.
The moon kisses silver cloud;
Darkness goosebumps!
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