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Oct 5 · 272
Distraught, with alien invaded heart
I partied with the night in my thoughts.
Dark, distant and silent as perceived, yet
She was candid,  sweetness personified.
Let me taste swigs of wine from her cup
Sung me a lullaby of  ethereal starlights
Dreams plucked  from nights, she gifted
Weeded out nightmares deeply embeded.
On a dream boat chosen,I set sailed alone
To an emerald island at the middle of
the  ocean,
And made up my mind never to sail back.
Adamant I was not to be out of that dream
Beloved,  ******,  night conjured up for me
With the twist of  her psychedelic finger.
The spider, in many hues rules.
But I never could understand
The comples operational rules.
                                    Still I have
Unflinching  faith,like no other
On the spider, that it knows
The rules of transactions inside out.
I am in the web of a clan of
Spiders, day in and day out.

I just lie supine in comfort  
And let my song bird fly high
In the sky blue oblivion
Of my mind, listening to
The singing of the bard of
The absolute, transcending limits.
        I am more and more lured
in to his cave where light is present
By its physical absence.More and more
An innerbeing after substence
In the company of this siver luminous.

She comes alive, fire risen from smoke,
Her red hot eyes capture my truth quick!

The spider sitting on top of me
And working on me with
Her oceanic mind that seethes
Agile vaginal muscles, I picture
Is still reading "Every Women"1
From memory; I just feel it
as each of the steps to the
thousand petelled lotus is
left behind one by one.

My silver spider
who flies with me from
the conjoined base of
"Mooladhara"2 at the ****.
If she is the fire, I am the sky.
Hear the silver bell she rings,
In mind's eye I see how her
Silver strips gleam, wet with sweat.

As we step out to the garden path
The green spiders of thick foliages
Waved at us.Golden spider of the sky
Hanging low beamed at us.
1."Evcery Woman"(A gynacological guide for life by Derek Liewellyn-Jones)
2.Mooladhara means "the root and basis of existence" according to Tantra Yoga, located at the ***** one of the seven primary energy centres of human body.
It's my most favourite life game,
Leaving you behind with no particular aim
In the midst of a charming thing we perform
And keeping you waiting  till the time,
I choose to be  back again!

Did you ever notice it yourselves?
(If not what's the point of telling one?
I may ruin the pleasure of not allowing
Not to see what one naturally do not see)

I've  freed myself from the vagaries of time!
An esoteric art in what avatars are with me.
I may not return to you in an
Expected time frame or plane.
I'll spend  time the  way I wish,
Taking as much from the chest of universe
and add a fine twist to it.
Wouldn't you call it making poetry?

I've bandoned all expectaions time,
Imposed on us by  its lenier progression.
I may keep you waiting for long
You may think,  as you are now not that girl,
But a wildly bloomed tree waiting for me, The migratory bird on its usual sojourn!
You are eager to offer your best of fruits,
I peck at it with atmost care, and attain,
An 'Ananda ' pure and simple
And gift you a perfect Buddha smile,
That transcends the warps  of time!
A swarm of bees hum?
Thrilled earth receives cumulonimbus sting ;
Mind is on a swing!
Evening rain raises pitch,
Insects and frogs in sprit match;
Nature's impromptu jazz
Pitch  rain   insect  ffog
Sep 3 · 167
Four dandy buildings,
Jostling to scrape the sky.
One seems to be hiding,
All the rest quoth"Why"
The baby bump brings,
An ethereal glow on her,
That reflects on me!
Apr 26 · 446
Rascal rabbit
This sly pet rabbit,
out of regular habit,
eats garden cabbage!
sly  pet rascal  habit  cabbage
Apr 25 · 517
Inner voyage
mind is a wound scroll,
unwinding won't reveal it;
inward journey could!
Apr 25 · 368
cosmic grand play
fathomless cosmos,
is in an ecstatic trance.
we are in its dream!
Apr 24 · 516
Spring sonata
Tip toeing spring, hoists her electrifying colors again,
All round, with the attendent scents and sounds sublime!
I find myself mulling over the words my dad uttered,
Etched deep in my psyche, when we were still tiny tots!

"It's each one of us that makes them do it,
The birds on these trees around us, sing"

He made it mysterious, but it rang a bell, revealed things,
We realized each little deed of us, did impact the world.
I see the honeybees in the beehive are a cosmos themselves,
Their hum, cosmic  "Aum" reminds :'You are the universe'
Mom goes out and fills all water containers to the full,
She does this every now and then, very dutifully, I can see
We watch with content, birds making a bee line to each
Fly down and drink water to their fill, day in and day out.
My sister goes around the courtyard sprinkling grains,
In plenty, for all the birds regular and new to our farm.
She keeps crumbs, grains, seeds left overs in open containers
At the places they freequent, convenient for avians to partake.
What we in this farm has to offer, whenever they are here.
All for love , exept for the hope of sonorous moments they gift!
On the patio, all of us sit, together,  our inner ears open,
As if to listen a serenade, just for us,under the open skies,
The pure silence in the begining, gets sweeter by the minute,
The calves run out of the cow pen mirthfully springing
Seking their mothers' udder, as they graze out on the green.
The mynahs, together in a tone, affectionate, begin
To chat, about the delights they find in our farmsted, I guess.
The bulbuls and sparrows in a similer mood, quickly join in,
Sing aloud the paeans, perrhaps, who knows, all of us.
Nothing new to us, just routine, followed each season.
Yet we sit as if it's a first, soaking in it's incessent rain,
Moments ethereal, full of nature's soulful music!
Melting in a meditative trance we take it all in,
Oh! how sublime is your music, that envalop us like light.
Big jack fruits, ripened on  tall leafy trees,
Exude a dainty scent, most appitizing, it wafts in the air
Hoards of grey squrrirals, it attracts, noisy they descend
As dextrous they are in food finding expeditions on trees ,
Studiously they drill open the big pulpy fruit that hangs heavily,
Skillfully from all sides, as if seking a grand prize hidden in.
Happy chirps, tweets and songs of early birds becomes
More ecstatic and loud, as time goes by and more join in.
They flit around us, as if to greet and cheer us, becoming bold
As we huddle together feeling closer than ever in their presence.
Our eyes wide open, gleaming bright, hearts full of light,
Grandma who briskly walked past ninety summers,
Happy tears glistenening in her eyes,
Now starts to sing, a lark on her wings..we are overwhelmed!
Transcending joys of many kind, we felt the magic,
Beyond the limits of mind to an intense spot,
A feeling as if we all are gently  holding hands,
Floating on the air, sans wings...
Then again I hear the chant, the words my dad uttered,
Who'd never come back again to put us under his spell.
"Spread love around, you'll be fine and the world"
Every bird joined in the chorus, as if to hail his golden words.
He was lost in the spirited flow of a river,
Later  found himself in this lady's boudoir,
The circumstances to onlookers are little unclar,
But suffice to tell, in water things were quite  fluid,
The boudoir was hectic, he was more or less stuck.

Don't think he had any serious complaint about it,
Only hoped, this strange fact  be better explained.
Her kind of explanation was rather queer, he felt!

"There is nothing to be astonished, my dear
I'm an ace swimmer, and was present there
At the time of the incident, nothing more"
She mysteriously smiled, adding a dainty twist.

Well, a rescue mission, as we know is higly humanitarian,
There are more than what meets the eyes, in this situation.
He was of two minds, to remain there and to break loose,
Life in her boudoir, he feared would make him a libertine!
Apr 13 · 556
sky table is set
sky dining table.
much loaves of bread, butter heaps;
windswept the leftover.
Apr 10 · 355
mind over matter
the game is over,
chess pieces all, put away.
yet the mind plots moves!
Apr 8 · 161
butterfly comedian
wacky butterfly,
with a whimsical flight plan!
joking with movements.
Apr 6 · 779
Sadness of universe
A slender white cloud,
tells wind its tale, dissolves!
The sky's smile vanishes.
An amorous robot asked her out for a date.
One 'inappropriate touch ' by him,
No doubt, would have sent her up in smoke.
Yet, avoiding the danger of  war with humanoids
For spurning one of their kind, was
Uppermost in her mind: she thoughtfully gave the nod!
In an E world fraught with disasters of unimaginable kind caused by science,unanticipated dangers at every turn and desires without restraint,love as it is known to us now, often would have to walk through forced paths..a futuristic reveire
Mar 30 · 153
Giant waves of love
love wash them as waves,
neither he or she grabs it;
where does it contain?
Mar 28 · 255
Peculiar stuff
Out of the blue, she blurted out,
"Peculiar stuff, I want to assert"
I had no guess what was her find.
(More like many a times one sees onself
in turns of life, unexpected, I presumed)
"Oh! is it? tell me all about it " I enthused,
And woke up at the very same moment
in to a dream, of different kind, half progressed,
There was no trace of a 'her' in this dream I wormed in!
What is 'real' what is 'imagined'?
Where ends the 'real' we imagine.
And what we think dream starts?
ordering her food,
she broods over empty plate;
potent nothingness!
To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instantly cheers, then
on our separate ways.
When your luscious lips gently close on to mine,
In a sudden energy surge  from deep down , I shine.
In perfect silence we fall, to savour it to the hilt,
The flow tide rushes in, hearts in passion are  hit!
Mar 14 · 374
Peak summer
a sultry day ends,
hot, swift wind moves the tired leaves;
early moon looks on!
Mar 11 · 259
from darkness, light
the new moon's coy sheen,
the starlings' nosestuds gleam;
light's secrets in darkness!
Mar 8 · 1.1k
modern day nightmare.
a traffic snarl-up,
at the middle of nowhere;
down the rabbit hole!
Mar 8 · 176
Beat it!
all eyes on your face,
turning ruddy, mad with rage;
hey leader, beat it!
Mar 7 · 481
An affair to forget
sultry summer wind,
kisses mango blooms came late;
make them regret it!
Mar 7 · 651
A forest on wings
from a dry split pod,
a lot of winged seeds explode;
a future forest
Mar 2 · 218
love nest
breeze in morning stroll,
signal call of the love bird;
the rendezvous fixed!
Feb 28 · 221
abettor sky
inky dark sky,
decides to hide moon and stars;
siding with the thieves!
Feb 26 · 196
Coy dawn
face turmeric smeared,
the dawn is a coy maiden,
that just came of age!
Smearing the face of a girl who just attained puberty with turmeric(which has many functions as a spice in food  with anti-toxic effects, herbal paste for cosmetic and skin protection application etc ) is part of traditional puberty rights  in India.
Feb 25 · 3.8k
mysterious palms
breeze ripples palm groves,
a gleam in coconut fronds;
past peeps through the mist!
Feb 24 · 254
sea wonder
sea breeze is salty,
on the beach front, I ponder
on the sea and me!
Feb 23 · 181
secret love
you are secretive
like night; but brilliant stars,
your eyes, speak amour!
crows' cacophony,
on dark night's planned felony;
moon dilutes darkness!
attic civet cats,
wake me up; in a day past.
time travel by chance!
Feb 20 · 439
Fatal flaw of vision
Every night keeps within it's protective cupped palms
At least this much; few bright moments of calm.
But she was a night so perfectly wedded to the dense dark,
Even in love, doing diabolic best, as if nothing else'd work
Never occured no other,in her thoughts or deeds ever.
But he seemed to be not  aware of his eye sight's fatal error,
Always read all her printer's devil just as if all of it's  right,
Her many decisive acts finely co ordinated,  finished him quite,
Love the first casuality, gave an impetus, then followed the rest.
He who fell head over the heals for her, slumped face down in the pit
Feb 20 · 204
play acting
seed:the playwrite's thought,
director prepared the field;
actor's sowing act!
Feb 19 · 216
sparrows in peril
a distraught sparrow,
tries to dodge the arrows of heat,
mother nature's ire!
Feb 18 · 209
The conundrum
"What's it all about?"
leaves in the wind wonder aloud;
fall mute, contemplate!
The night's deep darkness  wore a cloak of evil,
The time, just ripe for the poison to spread even,
The ghosts went on preening wings with pleasure,
All those bit the dust,  hit by bullets anr on the streets,
Dancing to the crazy movements  of their phantom limbs!
An out the world music filled the air, evoking trance

"The water level rises far above the danger mark"
The evening news rings alarm bells, but already
We are in deep waters and at a point of no return!
"The hurricane hit the coast very badly, beware
All the escape routes are blocked by vehecles"
"Yes, yes, things are all in pretty bad shape, let's admit it"

But the girl is still practising her lines, leasurely
For the blast she has hardly an hour away, if it happens!
The dogs bark aloud alarmingly in the back streets,
Someone, it seems has broken in to the house
Through the weak door,  from behind.
"What do you suggest us to do?"
In panic someone in the phone yells.

There is stunned silence for a long while when
We could hear the darkness heavily breath and pant.
Then evil laughs like hell from that fierce night.
The stars once bright blink and go blind one by one!
The cadaverous moon bleeds blue blood, copiously.

I can't wait anymore to see you sweet heart,
As the night gets more and more turgid,
Could you make it..?.
Feb 9 · 221
clouds ambush the moon
rebellious dark clouds,
took the full moon their captive;
rains freed her quick!
thorny screwpines stop,
musky fragrent flowers enchant;
blood scented ecstasy!
Feb 7 · 241
Night's seige
dawn trains all her guns,
feeble light fights robust night;
the world's in the dark!
Feb 5 · 1.3k
Lazy Dawn
has the dawn overslept?
her shut windows remain unlit;
night still has a ball.
Feb 2 · 1.0k
A mystery marvel
A mystery gripped me unawares,
One without form, shape or color
All I could make out is this dear:
Weaved  out of million fine strands
Its essence is all; all of it a mystery.
No distinguishing mark, you’ll find
Its warm grip transcends limits
In such a state I was left, for which
A name none  has ever invented
Even that’s not a need, of course
Being the one of it’s kind, a name
For the singular mystery won’t suit
It’s beyond the realm  of identities
The mystery is just that,get it right.
Feb 1 · 186
Amour sansfin
Amidst ancient ruins,
A pair, fugitives from past,
Conspire against time!
Billion brilliant stars,
My neurons are having fun;
At cosmos’s expense!
Jan 28 · 236
Heartburn over lost love
Spring girl eyes around,
To the winter *****’s chagrin;
Each turn brings heartburn!
Jan 27 · 372
A hush hush affair
Dame  dawn hurried in,
Birds were at cross purposes;
Night left unnoticed.
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