11h · 46
Melancholy rain
doleful, the rain tune,
from trees we hear no bird sing;
passing wind hisses!
after a wild run,
whitened rain cloud seeks the moon;
becomes her nice stole!
3d · 92
Shimmering sky
sky wears a shimmer,
as black clouds stop dance for now;
run up for cloudburst!
3d · 162
Cloud land war
armies of clouds clash,
shootout and bloodbath all night;
bloody morn, quiet!
5d · 97
Monsoon phantasy
On the sky, cloud’s write,
The west wind reads it aloud:
‘Monsoon phantasy’!
6d · 91
Stolen Sun
Dark clouds stole the sun,
Wind is on rescue mission ;
Sun in remission!
turmoil reigns the sky,
monsoon clouds do poetry;
Juggle metaphors!
7d · 96
Party girl, rain
eyes phosphorescent,
crinkly dark tresses flying,
rain party’s on hard!
after storm’s dance,
trees lying helter-skelter yells:
listen to nature!
drum beats to murmur,
a lull in nightlong rain rage;
wind’s bugle again!
7d · 152
Lightning poem
On dark cloud screen,
In silver script, lightning’s
Rainy day poem!
Jun 7 · 87
Desolate jungle path
lonely jungle path,
birds on high trees sound alarmed;
foot falls of darkness!
Jun 7 · 111
Cosmic script
Lush tree sways in wind,
Sun ☀️ sends cryptograms through it;
I am in their plot!
Though unaware one figures in the ever extending cosmic narrative
curfew relaxed, now-
voodoo in yellow, purple;
"we'll be fine” birds chirp.
Jun 5 · 99
eagles' chase
white and black eagles,
one chasing the other;
til the end of the world!
Jun 5 · 96
one grabs many things,
wanting to be something;
on the path to naught!
sky, benign cry
for life,that roots ever for,
interstellar sprouts!
starkly honest sky,
sans any patch of dark cloud;
sun sits in judgement!
pale lady, full moon,
spurns a million suitors' winks;
sits alone, brooding!
Jun 4 · 125
Frogs' prattle
after raging rain,
goes night long, frogs' sqawky strain:
"give us back rain's reign"
Jun 3 · 100
Page from memory!
we ran, to beat rain ,
huddled seeking tree’s cover;
a flood of time passed!
Jun 3 · 88
billowing black clouds,
a silly sneeze of a rain;
such an absurd scene!
Jun 3 · 81
Cruel day
day’s dagger struck deep,
hot,white, blood splashes on  earth;
run to night’s shelter!
Jun 2 · 79
Marine secrets
a still waterfront,
below, plankton hoodwink whales;
each a world unique!
Jun 2 · 117
Rain land lingua
hurriedly speaks rain,
sounds like a forign toungue,
in distant night land!
Jun 2 · 73
Forest bath
forest flow bathed me,
floating easily with glee;
forest’s flow is me!
Jun 2 · 111
Earthy love story
Spotted you in clouds,
asked wind my friend to act;
you embrace as rain !
Jun 1 · 121
white and black eagles,
each one chasing the other;
till end of the world!
May 29 · 127
Whisked away
hurriedly speaks rain,
sounds like a foreign toungue,
in distant night land!
May 28 · 113
Buddha bloom
I sought the flower’s smile,
it told me the Buddha’s tale;
beyond the mind’s pale!
May 26 · 149
Honeybee’s excess
too drunk honeybee,
stumbled out of the flower;
wind whisks him away!
May 22 · 128
Famous unknown
I hurriedly pass
the great one’s statue, it smiles;
can’t recollect who!
May 21 · 102
Oarsman’s night
resting on his oars,
listens  the barcarole far;
drooping eyelids close!
May 21 · 94
clouds mumble secrets,
rain’s mysterious chatter;
Evoking unknown!
May 20 · 172
Last straw
a tree egrets crowd,
one more wants to land on top;
now all fly skywards!
May 20 · 169
Love for love’s sake
my eyes at sunset,
a warmth snuggle to my back;
orphaned mongrel’s love!
May 18 · 134
Summer folly!
summer rain splurges,
abundant water riches;
a miser’s Largesse!
a wayside mongrel,
tries to sell itself to me;
poignant its antics!
May 16 · 113
Secret life of universe!
securely encrypted,
the Milky Way and beyond;
my billion nureons!
May 14 · 221
A twist in the tale!
honey bee stung hard,
driving in its venom deep,
arresting my pain!
a mute ant army,
marches forward peacefully,
to a deep black hole!
May 14 · 123
Submarine Avian
Placid water parts,
Up flies quick, a cormorant;
Epiphanous this!
May 10 · 115
Dark, windy night
spooky dark night,
whooshing rowdy wind shakes trees;
exorcism’s progress!
May 9 · 116
Mango season!
amidst leaves,nestle,
sun drenched luscious mangoes;
wind keeps the suspense !
May 9 · 124
Musical thunderstorm
music at its peak,
in rhythmic frenzy music rocks;
Joyous thunderstorm!
May 9 · 110
Fight in the sky
a white whale in sky,
fought with a dark octopus;
west wind erased both!
May 9 · 132
Still night
still is the night air,
scent of new blooms says something;
all dark, moves discreet!
May 9 · 115
In half a dream
cosy sleep under wraps,
listening rain’s symphony;
life in half a dream!
May 9 · 127
Mantis’s antics
a praying mantis,
comes dressed up as a green leaf;
prayer or duping?
a leaf in whirlwind,
tracing its path is nonsense;
find bliss in own flight!
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