23h · 88
Sexual Healing
She made it vanish
every trace of it,
with her inimitable
feminine magic.
Fully erasing my
post coital hatred
led me from front
to an exploration of
ardent, erotic acrobatics
that took us through the
kinky dynamics of
sexual healing, non peril!
Wasn’t she an all terrain ace?
Aviator making me fly
without wings above the
fluffy  soft caressing clouds
The toughest driver on roads
of all kind,keeping pleasure
at the acme through out her drive.
What a swimmer was she,making
me swoon in sensual waters.
a crow pheasant calls,
sudden throw back to childhood;
a swing across time!
a love metaphor,
‘visual movement’ is her,
concrete poetry!
corner shop, still lit,
dark night graciously accept
It’s significance!
coyotes growl in the dark,
night has kept hidden so much;
dawn a dream away!
2d · 86
Love for life
torrential rain’s hands,
embrace swelling eager earth;
music of water!
hospital smells yell,
Each narrative more loud;
redemption silent!
Mar 31 · 183
keen eyes scan around,
for the mystery concealed;
unseen but right here!
Mar 31 · 150
a broad spinach patch,
in a sea of red, green drop!
silence contemplates.
Mar 31 · 134
same yet different!
dawn, a color storm,
witnessing birds astonished;
sky in ebullience!
Mar 31 · 113
grieving for earth
zooming down from space:
it's a gleaming drop of tear;
drying up too fast!
he left himself loose,
in beauty's collected works;
returned enlightened
Mar 24 · 142
unknowable but present
all the time eyes search,
for that one, absolute, truth;
unknown, but right here!
a lilac sends scent,
an orchid, elating winks;
love speaks through us all!
It's love's message we all are assigned to carry
then why many turn rouge and act against the brief?
Mar 8 · 713
My woman's guile
This boat, my woman
never claims she navigates;
thankfully I am hers!
Tribute to my woman on Women's day
Feb 24 · 229
complaint about the sun
in shade a pup sleeps,
sun's creeping hands disturb;
still in sleep he yelps!
Feb 23 · 254
Dusk's excess
extravagant dusk,
spreads gold dust over beach sands;
waves clamor for share!
Feb 23 · 246
a fast moving cloud,
soon becomes a flock of birds;
migrants in frenzy!
Feb 21 · 242
full moon pours white wine,
drunk night's lascivious dance;
her tunic comes loose!
such eloquent eyes,
her luminous spirit's dance;
love, to him gifts two wings!
Feb 20 · 209
Bitter sweet
wind flutters a leaf,
moth eaten in nice patterns;
dignity hides pain!
Feb 19 · 291
the rain tree stands still,
it's denizens are restless;
sense axemen prowl!
Jan 4 · 365
Struck by beauty
a scuba diver,
stunned by coral display,
forgets his way back!
Jan 4 · 403
a painter's devil!
copying the sky, I
unable to stop the clouds,
reach infinity!
Jan 3 · 178
Nothing New Here
Scoop up time enough,
From any second hand book shop,
Create a New Year!

Against flowing time,
Why erect a barrier?
Imagined New Year!
Dec 2017 · 222
The journey to the center
K Balachandran Dec 2017
On a journey now, am I hurriedly,
to the center within myself,
where I haven't ever tried to enter,
but has a yen to reach effortlessly
at an hour earliest, I can.
I can see how curious you are,
all dressed up and ready to go,
but strange, not going anywhere!

Will you show me the way
as you are dispassionate and calm;
I gather our partnership surely should work!
Dec 2017 · 191
K Balachandran Dec 2017
sun, you were absent,
darkness spoke to me on light
til the dawn arrived.
Dec 2017 · 141
Super moon night.
K Balachandran Dec 2017
Above the glitzy city lights,
Super moon hanging low, sports
a broad smile, far too bright
that to the wide world proclaims:
"In this game of light,I am the best
Don't mind making jealous the rest"

A distant star winks in agreement!
Dec 2017 · 146
Winter's seduction
K Balachandran Dec 2017
winter wench snuggles,
moving fingers stoke fire;
erotic vigil!
Dec 2017 · 128
Bridle the mind's horses
K Balachandran Dec 2017
From the scattered ruins of past night,
remains of a  of dark myth
the red eyed dawn  
disdainfully views, crumbling,
I slowly try to make sense
of the labyrinths of the palace
of magic, where I had my fitful
dance with dame sleep.

The distance mind crosses
beyond the reach of  time,
Never stops to baffle one!
Only  stopping the wild swing
of the pendulum, by will,
would mark the  the begining
of the foundation of a life,
that  would culminate in
a perfect architecture.
Dec 2017 · 108
The corner stone conundrum
K Balachandran Dec 2017
As I  was looking around for the corner stones
they quickly told me that they've removed all of it
for convenience. "To  whose?"I was about to ask
sensing it they left in a hurry , never came back
Nov 2017 · 309
One mega smile!
K Balachandran Nov 2017
the collective smile
the dale of chrysanthemums hold,
enchants the fluffy clouds!
Nov 2017 · 250
Cosmic pulse!
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Up on a bright bloom,
a transparent dragon fly.
Live cosmic pulses, this!
Nov 2017 · 318
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Gently you patted my cheek,
with a tenderness different,
not  known hitherto by us both,
those quivering long fingers
exude motherliness,I miss ever after,
my mom has gone to her last pilgrimage,
and I crave for at moments of pain.

From the layers of memory darkened
by distance,I recover that feeling,
to place you instantly at a level higher,
than that of a sultry lover to whom
desire than anything higher binds closer.

In to my lackluster eyes, you peer,
see the ineptly hidden drop of tear,
in the corner shivering plaintively
before rolling down to lose forever,
its in the memory of my mother,
who rhythmically tapped my back,
led me to the cozy cloud of sleep,
when outside raged the storm,
I now gather, to a women I owe
when, time after time she takes
another avatar, of my mother,
momentarily though at times,
when earth slips,from under the feet
                         You did see the storm raging
inside and the child looking for solace

You hold me close to your bosom,
and I travel to a world gone by again
even when wolves howl refusing to sleep.
and let me doze off to wake up in another world!
Nov 2017 · 359
Love time, real time
K Balachandran Nov 2017
I am aware, the mysterious clock within,
chimes in resonance with her heart's beating.
It keeps the time that really matters to us both,
The rest, day or night it be  is mere imagination.
Nov 2017 · 296
Autumn dreams
K Balachandran Nov 2017
fallen autumn leaves,
color the desolate path.
dreams dancing in breeze
Nov 2017 · 384
Lawless Love
K Balachandran Nov 2017
air smells lavender,
spring day turns rambunctious,
love breaks all the rules!
Nov 2017 · 364
Arrogant wind
K Balachandran Nov 2017
coconut trees hold,
tight on to their umbrellas,
wind upsets that plan.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Eating luscious forbidden apples in your garden,
was a pleasure not to be spoken in front of others.
I agreed in a silent conspiracy with you, nevertheless,
it remains an ache, in the tender muscles of my heart,
which I love to nurse with relish,whenever I get a chance
Nov 2017 · 312
she is hot and cool
K Balachandran Nov 2017
a blazing eyed girl,
fueled by her love's ardor,
cool it by a smile!
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Gently I  woke up in an ethereal hour,
as the permeating scent of a wild flower,
after roaming many many lives as insects,birds
animals wild in the forests and sea creatures

As the story went on, chapters changed
I stumbled and fell in to her curious eye
with out knowing who she was or why
all I remember was her radiance and sigh
that lifted me,at once to a level too high

Later,after many cycles,a cloud,I realize this:
a piece of clear blue sky I need immediately
her blue eyes, to dissolve bit by bit and die.
Nov 2017 · 121
K Balachandran Nov 2017
her kiss sparks fire,
the gunpowder in him flares;
triggers quick fireworks.
Nov 2017 · 180
K Balachandran Nov 2017
I don't worry about the name of the grass,
Its grassiness is what I came searching for
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