Nov 14 · 151
One mega smile!

the collective smile
the dale of chrysanthemums hold,
enchants the fluffy clouds!

Nov 13 · 100
Cosmic pulse!

Up on a bright bloom,
a transparent dragon fly.
Live cosmic pulses, this!

Nov 13 · 114

Gently you patted my cheek,
with a tenderness different,
not  known hitherto by us both,
those quivering long fingers
exude motherliness,I miss ever after,
my mom has gone to her last pilgrimage,
and I crave for at moments of pain.

From the layers of memory darkened
by distance,I recover that feeling,
to place you instantly at a level higher,
than that of a sultry lover to whom
desire than anything higher binds closer.

In to my lackluster eyes, you peer,
see the ineptly hidden drop of tear,
in the corner shivering plaintively
before rolling down to lose forever,
its in the memory of my mother,
who rhythmically tapped my back,
led me to the cozy cloud of sleep,
when outside raged the storm,
I now gather, to a women I owe
when, time after time she takes
another avatar, of my mother,
momentarily though at times,
when earth slips,from under the feet
                         You did see the storm raging
inside and the child looking for solace

You hold me close to your bosom,
and I travel to a world gone by again
even when wolves howl refusing to sleep.
and let me doze off to wake up in another world!

Nov 13 · 216
Love time, real time

I am aware, the mysterious clock within,
chimes in resonance with her heart's beating.
It keeps the time that really matters to us both,
The rest, day or night it be  is mere imagination.

Nov 13 · 93
Autumn dreams

fallen autumn leaves,
color the desolate path.
dreams dancing in breeze

Nov 12 · 132
Lawless Love

air smells lavender,
spring day turns rambunctious,
love breaks all the rules!

Nov 11 · 174
Arrogant wind

coconut trees hold,
tight on to their umbrellas,
wind upsets that plan.

Eating luscious forbidden apples in your garden,
was a pleasure not to be spoken in front of others.
I agreed in a silent conspiracy with you, nevertheless,
it remains an ache, in the tender muscles of my heart,
which I love to nurse with relish,whenever I get a chance

Nov 10 · 141
she is hot and cool

a blazing eyed girl,
fueled by her love's ardor,
cool it by a smile!

Gently I  woke up in an ethereal hour,
as the permeating scent of a wild flower,
after roaming many many lives as insects,birds
animals wild in the forests and sea creatures

As the story went on, chapters changed
I stumbled and fell in to her curious eye
with out knowing who she was or why
all I remember was her radiance and sigh
that lifted me,at once to a level too high

Later,after many cycles,a cloud,I realize this:
a piece of clear blue sky I need immediately
her blue eyes, to dissolve bit by bit and die.

Nov 9 · 46

her kiss sparks fire,
the gunpowder in him flares;
triggers quick fireworks.

Nov 9 · 112

I don't worry about the name of the grass,
Its grassiness is what I came searching for

Nov 9 · 94

a knock on the door,
comes a coy poetic thought.
ecstatic moments.

languorous breeze,close to chest carries
a scent,an invitation on the waves of air,

the valley blooms lustily in response,
sends away fragrance with different notes.

the mix and blend to regale olfactory sense
of every visitor,as it pleases them,so much,

The medley of fragrance sends the breeze,
sweeping to an ecstatic height, never expected,

like a village weaver who loves warps and wefts
of many hues, he spins and weaves  fragrances,

to exhilarate all,near and far,any one who
deeply inhales the mix of fragrance,feels alive.
to the core,it's fuel to the wick, that enlightens the soul.

Nov 8 · 102

in torrents rain chats,
whitening nimbus restraints,
vignettes come in drops.

Evening sun's, hot pulsating lips,
fervently seek the ocean blue, touch
for a sizzling, long,passionate kiss.
The ecstasy resulted makes inroads
as waves of anesthetic darkness,
engulfing the glow of consciousness
bringing the world as a whole
in to a soporiferous languor,pleasurable.

I fell head over heels in love with my comely neighbor Bernadette
Without ever seeking consent of the noble soul,just think of it!
All those long passionate,purple prose crafted, burning midnight oil
My offerings for her,reposed in my imagination,till they withered!

Nov 7 · 139

lovely,clear pond.
daydreams  lily profusion.
ripples resonate.

Nov 7 · 102
Limiting freedom

a long fence erected,
both sides look limited.
laments of freedom!

Nov 7 · 131
wordless wisdom

white lotus bloom
drenched in copious rain;
wisdom without pain!

water drops dripping
from leaves create a rhythm;
hate it break by chance.

purple leaves abound,
mango tree blushes,bride like;
dancing with the breeze

Nov 6 · 231
Through the gap, run!

a lull in the rain,
from distance that hum again;
a narrow passage!

Nov 3 · 183
Love bytes

1.Tried, but I  couldn't take my eyes off her,
she left happily with my eyes allover her.

2.Her eyes were two deep, blue pools,
together,they'll invite me to swim in them,
wasn't I naive to think the other would
get jealous,if i decide to jump in to one
when I saw getting reflected on both,at once
I realized,how easily love took me for a ride!

3.She was a creature,created for delight,
each part,even a strand of hair, strange
had an effect on my  senses any time
and I was made to be attuned to  her always!
each act of her could both invigorate or tranquilize.
but only on their own sweet will,i found
The effects of a psychedelic drug,I felt
in her presence, one I have never ever taken!

4.My error quotient goes perilously high,
when you are somewhere near tome and sigh!

5.With her feminine  fingers locking mine,
my imagination quickly flies sky high
two interstellar travelers are you and I
ready to live out there,on sky in a new high,
without bothering to care for logistics!

6.With each of your love bites arousing,
I fire all my rockets,roaring skywards.
Your teeth play a naughty hide and seek
with my earlobes,I get so wild,you get thrilled
taken over by a seizure,I feel eyes  blue simply ecstatic!

a feather flying,
hesitantly in the breeze;
freedom from the bird?

Nov 3 · 979
Erotic provocation

her erotic smile,
brushed softly below his belt,
needs to be on guard!

Big white chunks of fluffy ice
flying down in a serendipitous sequence
falling against the yellow steady splash
of frothing evening light,full of mirth
in some moments glowing like embers
against slanting rays,again white
on extended meadow grass plane
transforming it a white spread sheet
of cool silence, with lessening patches of green.

Song bird,on the branch on the top,
of my tree of life, you wake me up
with sweet twitter, each day a new one,
to my bitter sighs you give your ears,
day and night and remain my true comfort,
in every change of weather, may it be
monsoon torrent, winter freeze or spreading gloom

Little bird you know this well
never ever would I take you for granted,
you are the spirit that bring me cheer,
keep my nest such a quiet space for peace.
take the fledglings,under your sturdy wings
keep your glad eye on my desires that
seldom sleeps day or night, till it's told.

In this nest, it's your hallow that fills, spills out, too
in every twig of this nest we built, is the mark
of your efficient beak, that worked to move it there!

Petite you are,but it's so deceptive
my talisman and shield, none but you are that,
if my songbird's eyes by chance fill,my heart bleeds!

Nov 1 · 87
smartphone eater!

opiate smartphone,
in a trance she always was!
her world never called.

Oct 31 · 143
Oh! the gushing moon!

moon's profuse discourse,
all the stars listen spellbound,
darkness turns in sleep.

Desire is a rose,
with long thorns aching to hurt;
keep eyes wide open!

In the bejeweled chronometer dial

of the lighted night sky's grandeur,

light years unfathomable, embedded

vie with one another, every single minute

in a scramble to all 360 degrees

creating a  perfect hallucination!

Time impishly break all concepts,

of linearity, circularity and the rest,

takes to directions, that pleases

in the process makes one wonder

what the distinctions we make

as  past present and future mean!

"Let's mix past with future,

put past in present and create

an ethereal symphony of time,so that

nothing gets lost, gained either"

Countless stunning specks of diamonds,
the opulent night sky proudly displays,
for the eyes of  both believers and heretics.
Writes scintillating alphabets of beauty that spells,
eternity in millions of wondrous ways stunning us,
in colors of star lights that stare,twinkle,wink,
or keep a stoic silence,for us  from the firmament,
thereby displaying all the answers to questions,
even the ones, that one failed to ask, in the first place$

As if one  moving with an intent,
the flock of birds,of same feather,
with out any flight plan whatsoever,
or navigational chart,all approved,
change formations in lightning speed,
in to shapes none can ever imagine,
breathtaking to view, different each minute,
they do this in mid flight, reminding the quicksilver
dynamics of ocean waves,each minute day and night.

O! mighty elements of nature,
each standing out,yet interwoven,
in your orchestration, you include  each human,
give rise to a nebulous magic we know as mind,
created for the universe,in a process,mysterious
hoping each would strive for peace in cosmos.

But the consciousness of nature,
one could guess,now feels
increasingly helpless, terrified too on what happens,
reeling in pains of various kind,inflicted upon her.
This as a result of the relentless attack on her
by the unkind mankind,driven by avarice
in a mad spree to reduce flora and fauna in to dust,
that too at an earliest date possible!

Forgive me now, I am a penitent,
shocked by the vision of what awaits
I plant saplings of trees, repenting
with the promise that these tiny greens
will grow to mighty trees once,compensate,
contribute to the well being of all the worlds

To each passionately
embracing wave,
the sea reveals her heart's secret.
The sonorous chant of each wave,
subliminally absorb the whole truth,
which doesn't get in to  the net
of any word, however dexterous!

Grasp the essence of the profound silence within,
what's in the ocean depth and this are one and the same!

Oct 26 · 261
The cloud theatre

Storm clouds sound their gongs aloud,
call the whole world's attention to the ensemble
of tall,dark,handsome actors lined up for a
performance spectacular
Lightening gives cryptic signals at times,
of the change of scene,rain lashes with a sweet vengeance,
till the clouds relent,and go light and white.
The cloud theater had it's ritualistic culmination,
the expectation of imminent plenty soars,
rushing streams fill gushing rivers that get
swelled,roar delighted all the way to ocean

Dark twins,spiders,pretending
to be her eye lashes,repeatedly  flutter,
exuding charm, though
with tinges of the sinister
words can't capture, however
versatile in their expressiveness.
                       This black magic spell explodes, all over
                       like a butterfly enticed by a scented bloom
                       he resonates to her diabolic moves,
                       and flies straight in to her invisible net
                       ready to get him in to it's warm entanglement.

a mystery is-
bound between one's birth and death;
yen to transcend it!

sneaky rays of dawn,
pool of light in drawing room.
uninvited warmth!

Oct 21 · 274
The lotus of life

At sight, just this one bloom,
that spectacularly spreads,
it's warm purple petals wide
above us, like a big benevolent lotus,
causing  the magic of dawn and dusk,
day after day,indefatigably!
Galloping fast , then leading
to a day,turning it different
for each, an astonishing feat!
Closes at night, claiming  back
all radiance, he brought along,
in between  deftly he addresses
trillions of neurons at work  of every kind
all alone; simply phenomenal!

Isn't it an incredible everyday miracle?

But do we ever thank the wonder bloom
except the ancient sages who structured
a meter* to praise his astonishing gifts.
Prime source of light for the humans, this!
a wonder one of a kind, he sure is,
well, till the day God decides
to play dice, yet again!

*Surya Gayatri--Hymns in salutation of the sun that stimulating brains and keeping the world alive, included  in the ancient Indian texts Vedas  called Surya Gayathri, Gayathri is the poetic meter in which hymn are structured.

majestic white herons,a siege,
spring up, winging skywards
in unison, as if according to a
well designed rescue plan,
following a disaster,
scattering to all directions
from a tree,a flame of the forest
imposing and wildly bloomed,
like a high rise with secret ambitions,
creating an illusion of a sudden fire accident.

Oct 20 · 158

The searing pain
my love for you inflicts,
on the swollen walls, blood red,
of my tender,beating heart,
when expecting the soft sounds
of your  approaching footsteps,


my tantalizing sweetheart,
as the tribute highest, I can afford,
in the name of all pining lovers
feeling inconsolable,
on such moments of fire walk.

He stealthily usurped his favourite poet's celebrated pen
Strove  hard to write  with a footing on the poet's ken.
In what resulted, others could only see an overriding  yen
recognized patently as his; in this shady  game he didn't win!

Oct 5 · 366
Caged Tigress

The sky kept speaking in a dialect of grey,
did stay overcast all through the day,
like a new bride upset about
her nuptials, right after it.
"Could have been with some zest,
I feel drowsy and totally lost"
she repeatedly whispers, it  seemed .

A vast net of haze fell, first on the skyscrapers
standing in a row, pushing, jostling,fighting,
it then descended slyly on to the tree tops
adorned with garlands of flowers
red, cream, or violet on their coiffures.

They looked lost, at this turn
of the story, unexpected.
A helicopter, with tourists
Criss -crossed the sky as if clueless,
perhaps seeing sights in that light
curious, who knows what they look for
in a bad hair day like this?
we could hardly guess!

A stray bird appeared, as if from nowhere
hastily retreated, sensing the prevailing mood.

"We'll just stay put" she said "til the night would
 rework the story board. perhaps with starlight "
She bit hard on my upper arm, as if
to exhibit her aggressive mood just once
I loved it , she deftly made it erogenous.
She is a tigress, forcefully kept in her den
with a purpose, she slyly smiles imagining.

When the wave of oily dark night advances
inundating us, she is a promise, exquisite

Oct 5 · 245
A happy mishap

smartphone addict, she
tripped, fell and photobombed him;
in his selfie now

Oct 3 · 244
Love carnival

dragon flies galore,
dance above the woods in bloom.
carnival of love!

Sep 30 · 211
Our sun is born!

stay put, flippant cloud,
swaddle baby sun just born,
see, how he peeps down!

Sep 30 · 240
Rain of memories

on windowsill rain
drums,makes memories march on
hooting, jubilant

Sep 28 · 255
Her night gets longer

city lights shut eyes,
silence nets darkened night;
alone, still she waits.

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