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An amorous robot asked her out for a date.
One 'inappropriate touch ' by him,
No doubt, would have sent her up in smoke.
Yet, avoiding the danger of  war with humanoids
For spurning one of their kind, was
Uppermost in her mind: she thoughtfully gave the nod!
In an E world fraught with disasters of unimaginable kind caused by science,unanticipated dangers at every turn and desires without restraint,love as it is known to us now, often would have to walk through forced paths..a futuristic reveire
Kagami Jun 2015
It seems that heads are rolling
And ideas are left to perch atop
These humanoid bodies.
When did humanity lose itself and begin
To create the poison we consume?
The rotten images of walking ***
And fumes of chemical death?
These corrosive lifestyles spread like
Wildfire and teenage legs.
Soon, there will be nothing
But the empty heads that
Obsess over the next ****,
The next dose of whatever form of
****** is "The New Hot Topic."
And the rest of us will be left
Picking up the pieces.
Valo Salo Mar 2015
Poor Putin is a dangerous psychopath
No one likes to mention that one fact
He is more like an ape than a human
Sick little poor wasted Humanoid Vlad

The Pope must be an openly psychopath
Just the way he dress himself so foolish up
Wonder if he is just enormously beautiful
Naked with deadly eyes like Humanoid Vlad.

****** was a sick nasty **** psychopath
A whole nation following his death path
Now there is a ******* evil ****** Caliphate  
Nothing to compare with Humanoid Vlad.

I guess we all could be like psychopaths
Take one deep look into our monstrous souls
It contains mostly of neurons and pure fat
We got no free will just like Humanoid Vlad.

*Humanoid Vlad
In ice cold motion
Humanoid Vlad
No love and no notion
Humanoid Vlad
Done it all calculated
Humanoid Vlad
His time hopefully faded

— The End —