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Why don't they let us express ourselves?

Is it because it's inappropriate?

The norm of society thinks so

And what is normal anyway?

We want to be ourselves

But if we do, they will shun us away

We need to find a place where we belong

Let's go to a place, where we can be free.
I saw a part in a movie (I can't remember the name of it) but there was this woman who was at a meeting, and all of a sudden she stands up on the table and starts dancing. I thought it was so funny and at the same time, very odd :)
Shannon Spivey Aug 2019
I walk a thin line
I teeter to both sides
From the lust I feel towards you
To the potential for love that can't be denied
I know it's inappropriate
The way I talk with you
But you get me so frustrated
And I want to see this through
Then when I tried to pry
I guess it came out wrong
You called me beautiful
Which brought the butterflies along
That's not what I wanted
But I don't know if that's true
And these feelings I have
Must be misconstrued
We're only friends
I can't cross that line
Even if it means
That you'll never be mine
K Balachandran Apr 2019
An amorous robot asked her out for a date.
One 'inappropriate touch ' by him,
No doubt, would have sent her up in smoke.
Yet, avoiding the danger of  war with humanoids
For spurning one of their kind, was
Uppermost in her mind: she thoughtfully gave the nod!
In an E world fraught with disasters of unimaginable kind caused by science,unanticipated dangers at every turn and desires without restraint,love as it is known to us now, often would have to walk through forced paths..a futuristic reveire
Sarah Gammon Oct 2016
Shocked and appalled to discover the truth -
an adult man who’s always looking at youth;
admiring pictures of girls who are too young,
I feel like this man should be shot at or hung.

We all have preferences and to each their own,
but the law states a person must be full-grown
before you start creeping pics on your phone
otherwise it’s in jail your *** will be thrown.

These girls seem to have zero self-respect
or don’t think about gross men getting *****
at images of their various juvenile parts,
either way, these young girls have no smarts.

I’m sad to say, I thought I knew this man well,
only to discover that he is sickening as Hell.
I’m glad to say, though, that at least I’m aware,
because I’ll do all I can to stop it; I swear.
Copyright Sarah Gammon 2016.
Someone I knew was charged for child ******* for viewing images of underage girls.  I notice on social media such as Instagram that A LOT of young girls post half naked or fully naked photos of themselves and I can't stop them, as much as I wish I could. I report their inappropriate photos and profiles whenever possible, and if you agree with me that viewing inappropriate photos of under aged girls is wrong, I hope you too will start reporting inappropriate under aged images when you see them.  I also kick anyone out of my life who thinks its okay to look at these images, just because these girls post them.  THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER!!! And as adults, we do!! So don't look and don't like! Report, report, report!
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