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K Balachandran Sep 2019
A swarm of bees hum?
Thrilled earth receives cumulonimbus sting ;
Mind is on a swing!
Rachel Ace May 2017
·····The Top·····
Golden yellow freshness, flowers and spikes rocking
A large reservoir of water in the distance
(Imaginations of us in my head among sweet clear wheat)
I'm sitting on top of a hill                                      
   Every day waiting for you                              
                               and you don't arrive ....
I don't understand the reasons
Storm sounds far away
Sad lyrics with violins start in my mind

I wait for you every day

Do not you remember the good times?
When we spoke in writing, as little notes
Because you don't tell me that you don't like the letters
Do not like the slow romantic songs?

I am still the classic romantic girl in a slightly sloppy dress
What awaits you with illusions near the atmosphere

I hope you aren't lost in another galaxy trying to be another

Clouds formed by warm air
You never arrive
I wait for you

Wishing you two legends together at the top of the hill.

-Codelandandmore // 22:44PM ©
Inpired by James Dean folk air.
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Manitoban Skies

Clouds are the mountains of the prairies
Towering cumulonimbus masses
Incredible backdrops across an otherwise plain blue sky
Warning call that rainstorms may approach
Vertical reminders of atmospheric instability
Jetted upwards into vast formations stretching miles and miles
Promises of unrelenting lighting and thunder
Cinematic sequences is country folk are lucky to view
Humidity in the summer, ah
What would we do without you?
Rolling clouds are a fair trade for the lack of rolling hills
Clouds are the mountains of the prairies.

— The End —