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Sky was clear, deep blue,
When a jet plane passed through;
Aesthetically foul!
Afia May 2019
The melodies I hear are filling the void
And the golden stardust is slipping in my veins
What secrets you hold, Oh mighty being?
Your valleys are green and the air serene
So i listen more
The cluster of trees is whispering to me
Fly, fly you jester
Your hour is near now wake up
Go no more into the wheels and machines
Let alone the heels and soar through the winds.
trf Nov 2017
months are getting shorter than
                prescription bottle dates
                                  say they would
         the holes on the strap of his belt
                     are putting for triple bogey
               shedding the wrong weight and
                    feeling kinda nervous to say so
                                                              ­             shine a light on anything(-)
                                 and watch it misbehave
                                                it always will.
                                    where we are going
                                        is never the way
                                          we used to be
                                     Is That Exciting
  ­                                          Relieving
             ­                                   or D.
                                       All of the above
**** Powerful ******* Fallacies

— The End —