Happy happy
joyous slappy
passing by
the desolate
and crappy

Waving flags
so elated
rising above
the dark
and crated

Waxing ecstatic
soaring clouds
over glum

Fully mirthed
energy astounds
a sense of worth
I'm passing round
I won't be ever coming down

at least to earth
I won't be bound

No way Jose, to pee on my, happiness parade :D~

I think about it all the time. It finds me. Strengthens and weakens me. Like a low, deep beat, pulsating within the depths of my fluid core. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Always with me ever since I can remember. A stranger whom I know too well to understand. It finds me. Potent in my dreams. Ever present like a ray of warm, golden sunlight on my naked back. It follows my soul around like a shadow. In my salty sweat and tears. But I don't know what it is. Who it is. What is your name, I must know!
Lazy and restless, sings me to sleep them makes me excitable, wanting more. I can only go as far as my young body can take me, but you go much further. Always ahead. My glowing black hole leaking the softest sounds. My lake of peace and chaos, my ocean of delicious divinity. Your chaotic peacefulness keeps me living.
Once in a while you allow little drops of yourself to trickle down into my open mouth. Each drop you let loose is teeming with ever growing, multiplying, seducing stars of life. I do not know you well enough, but I understand. You, my muse, give me life with every exhale of ecstasy you pour over my head, into my heart.
You, elusive beauty, are the true gold, silver, and diamonds I seek each day I am alive. My life is complete, is full when I finally become one with your light, your truth. I cannot have you now though I wish and pray I could.
Everyday, since I entered the mysterious realm of that strange race known as teenager, you've injected yourself into my frisky spirit, settled over all my bare skin like a blanket of warm, effervescent water, breathing in and out of my sensitive stomach. You slide down my hair and blossom in my core. A strange, invisible, charming secret.
You are pure until I find you, until I reach out with child's hands to touch your throbbing surface, let my fingers wander over your smooth hills and steep slopes, caress the darkness evading me within your transcendent, formless body.
Come to me, my sweet undulation, that I might slip out of myself and fall right into your depths. You are hot and cold, a breeze on a spring morning, the gale in the summer afternoon, the intricate snowflake riding the fragile winds of a winter's evening.
Manifesting yourself in the increments of passion that come with a lover's kiss upon my neck. Full and bright as sister Moon, sweet and tart like the apple I sink my curious teethe into.
I think about you all the time. Find me. Weakening, strengthening, my knees give out even as you lift me up out of my atmosphere of safety. Always with me since memory began. The dim lamp of history fades while your bright fire burns forevermore.

Oh God Please

help us
no more war!
stave the 
gushing blood of our wounds

bile, hatred, fear, greed, revenge

Swords drawn, guns cocked

We line up on the side of 
Light or Darkness

Beloved, how can I ask for the end of war
when there is a dark battle raging in my own heart?

The Bhagavad Gita says the real war is within

seething in our hearts and minds
We must first slay the enemies inside ourselves

Yes! This abysmal war has gone on long enough

we've wrestled with countless angels and demons
over the course of many lives, many battlefields

Every pink and golden glorious sunrise
Mercy dawns
a chance to embrace the moment
with all our heart and soul

We breathe in
a new day
fresh beginning

I am so anguished and ashamed

I have yet to surrender my
trousseau of sense enjoyments,
possessions and attachments

Vasanas, earthly passions
run deep like serpents
beneath my skin
blue green veins of pride,
anger, lust, fear
feed and nourish them

Blissful, chaste companion
when I gaze into pure, limpid
pools of your eyes and
drop my heart into those
starlit wishing wells

108 times

Only one prayer
remains on my bucket list

I think we are afraid of the vastness
we fear the vastness
the wild untamed beauty of our true nature

The other day at twilight,
I was traveling with my niece, Carina
down St. John's Heritage Highway
the view was absolutely breathtaking
no houses, no development, no people
just vast stretches of old Florida

As we paused to look at the primeval vista
my niece said she found it unnerving - the vastness

I told her I loved it because it reminded me of meditation
losing awareness of our limited, ordinary self
we enter an inexplicable vastness, primordial void
people-less, formless, infinite

We feel eternal truth rushing through our veins
We are part of a larger picture
greater than anything we can imagine

In the starry arms of the blossoming Universe
we rest safe, secure and loved forever

Ecstatic death! death of emotions, expectations, hopes, attachments and bondage....

I attended an award ceremony for my
eldest grandson, Alexander Sathya
he had been struggling with math
so it was quite thrilling to know he
was going to receive an award
for "most improved" in his class.

His younger brother, Sean Sai,
has been a straight A student
and we regularly attended
award functions for him.
To our great surprise and happiness,
Alex also achieved the Honor Roll!

After the tribute, Alex introduced
his mother and I to some
of his 6th grade classmates.
As I smiled and chatted with
these innocent souls embarking
on their journey through life,
I couldn't help noticing, that imprinted
on their darling faces and inscribed
in their hearts, was the same basic
question, every human being consciously or
unconsciously is continuously asking:

"Who am I?"
"What is my purpose?"
"Where am I going?"

I pray we all realize who we are
make the noble grade and fulfill
the highest:

God's Divine Honor Roll

M Harris May 1

Through Prismatic Stairways & Monochromatic Sways,
Under Cinematic Rays,
She Twinkles In Ecstatic Daze,

In Her Promiscuous Silence,
With Spatial Violence,
She Enlivens My Sins In Her Aphrodisiac Vehemence,

Her Fake Plastic Smiles,
Under The Vienna Skies,
In Blank Reflections Under Disguise,
With Her Wings Of Destiny, She Sensationalizes,

With Her Spectral Prayers & Kryptonite Searchlights,
She Rains Her Ethereal Affairs, Painting Satellite Twilights,

Her Effervescent Fantasies,
Orchestrating Crescent Intimacies,
Verses Perpetuating Into Iridescent Complexities,

A Stellar Starlight Dazzling In Stardust,
Like An Astral Butterfly She Flounces In Lusts,

On Her Audiotronic Escapades,
Serenading Under The Symphonic Shades,
She Transmutes Into An Iconic Mermaid.

- 02:32AM

The Monk's feet
make almost no sound
in the early morning mist
I listen for music of ankle bells
Buddha, Krishna, Jesus
and all those who traverse
the sacred path of God

Together we walk....
One Golden Buddha
blessing trees, horses
and the hawk screeching
over tall Florida pines

Breathing in sun and moon
the Universe rushes though
our veins
and smiles so gloriously
on compassionate faces
rising beyond pain, desires,
suffering, sorrows
of the temporal world

A kind smile planted
in weathered furrows
of your heart

coax a bit of sweetness
arouse the natural

pink warmth
beneath frozen vineyards
and harried faces of men

on this blithe and bonny
first Spring day
the blessed, benevolent
of  St. Francis
graces our garden

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