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wc Oct 8
i have always loved
my wacky socks more than all
of my other clothes

they started mismatched
then all knee highs, and now they
are so colourful

they're still mismatched and
knee high sometimes, but all i
want is wacky socks

socks are anything
and everything, a nice,
unique part of me
Breathed in the breath of the saviour,
To enrichen a soul that is poor.
I puffed out a portal to the cloud kingdom,
Clinging to the scales of a dragon.
I reached a height as high as heaven,
Given the chance to look past the cloud,
As I put my head through to look,
I was dropped down to the ground.

I met an angel with a kick,
Wanted by the government.
Made my eyes as wide as a rabbit's hole,
As bright as a solar moon.
Black stars in between white spaces.
Generating a reluctant mould.
There are golden flakes in its hair,
When I swallow, they choke my throat.
Thought it was my angel,
Turns out it was fool’s gold.

Who am I,
I don’t know anymore,
I lost myself,
So long ago.
I lost pieces of myself,
In those inner landscapes.
I’m struggling to find the pieces,
I can’t remember their names.

I forgot how I got here.
I can’t feel anything here.

Are you out there!
Shine a light on my face!
Oh, I want to die,
In a beautiful place!

I am so tired,
Of keeping these ghosts inside of me!
My eyes are ****,
Take them away from me!
My thoughts are ****,
Take them away from me!
Everything around me is ****,
Take it all away from me!
When I die,
Will my god die with me?!

I think I, may have found my god.
I’m melting in his eternal sunshine.
Breathing in, a crumbled image of his face,
It turned my tears into wine.
The earth’s my grave,
And the sky’s my cradle.
Unearthing my new low,
To find the highest place one can go.
Dying In A Beautiful Place
****** into my sofa,
The infinite space of it.
The faces of my friends are melting off,
Like heated wax running down a candle stick.

I loaded the universe into a gun,
And I shot myself in the head.
I can not tell if I am breathing.
Am I alive or am I dead?

I’m strapped to the outside of a rocket ship with nothing in the way.
I’m taking off, and I just keep going. Reaching a height higher than heaven.
There’s nothing to orient myself. No time. No space. No self. Nothing but darkness stretching out all around me.
A roar of a million voices are screaming over each other, they’re resonating in my head.
I’ve come into orbit. Everything is beginning to crystalize.

Surrounding me are complex geometrical patterns of love and understanding.
Gibberish wall textures are whispering messages through their feelings.
This is all too much to take in,
It is like the universe orgasmed into my eye.
I just want to go home,
I think I am going to die.

A sense of calm echoes through me,
Probably brought upon by the faces of my long lost family.
They have so much dimension to them,
So beautiful, light and shimmering.
Looking like something out of religious doctrine,
They came out from the open.
Released me into my primal light laser body,
Everybody has been laughing at the joke never spoke.
And now that I get it,
It is infinitely funny.

It is like the sand man blew his sand,
Taking me on a train to dream land.
They are showing me everything,
I can not even begin to understand.
How am I supposed to understand infinity,
When I can barely understand a single moment.

I see God in a head of lettuce.
I feel the earth's rotation,
As I spin around the sun.
God handed me the universe loaded into a revolver,
And fired me into a flashing rainbow shower.
Friday's smoke opera has rendered me dumb.

Bathing in a melting rainbow,
The cosmos is dripping down my skin.
Infinity is stretching out,
And withdrawing within.

I become the colour,
And the colour becomes me.
I am in everything,
And everything is in me.

Coming out of the woodsmen's cloud,
I hear a child screaming out.
I didn't know what it was then,
But now I know what it is about.

The trees are no longer silhouettes,
My destination is not my goal.
I am in the middle,
Wherever I go.
This is my most ambitious piece of literature yet.
Out of the womb into the microwave.
The woodpecker and the tree.
Following the dead into the sea.

Undead in murky darkness, the darkness of a pale light.
Shimmering through the second presence in my room.
Necromancer raises me like a zombie from my tomb.

Standing on the precipice of the sleeping and the awake,
The siren sings through the holes in my head,
She likes me better when I am half dead.

She likes to play the dead girl when I'm awake.
When I close my eyes the dead dream of me.
Through their eyes I follow them into the sea.
It is here where I meet the woodpecker and become the tree.

A brain cell pops,
When her song starts.
Her disembodied voice comes through the video.
My song skips when it comes on the radio.
Fading in and out like a ghost,
Possessing me when she needs me the most.

It is too **** loud!
Turn down the volume!
Heard it ever since I was born!
******* me into a vacuum!
A silent place,
Where no one can hear me scream!

The baby bunny lost it's head,
The ones thought to be invincible,
Have all been found dead,
In a telephone booth.
Loveless love,
in an electric god's house;
Microwaving brains,
in the woodpecker's soup.

She used my axe to hack off my limbs,
Replacing them with parts made of tin.
She killed the lights fast enough,
For darkness to catch up.
I've forgotten how to love.

How do you even love,
Something that doesn't love?
Get this woodpecker outta my head,
It's making me hear the dead.
I smell,
A queen bee drenched in alcohol!
Dried up,
And soaked into a cotton ball.
One whiff and all of a sudden she is my queen bee!
Now I devote my entire life to a spoonful of honey!

Baked inside her two thousand golden wombs,
Emerging drunk on her chemical love.
We eat her eyes for sight to see,
She sees what she wants to see.

Gold dust is stuck to my thighs,
And flowers are growing out of my eyes!
This is all I can see,
The life of a honey bee!

I hunt with the bees from the honeycombs,
All entranced by her chemical love song.
Seduced by the crown of a flower,
Hung ovaries filled with nectar.

Excuse me, Ma'am. May I, a humble honey bee, drink of your nectar?
I am a starved servant of my queen bee, and I must return to the hive with nectar for the colony, or else my queen will beat me maliciously!


I am the mother,
The barer of life.
If you follow me,
You will survive.
You need someone like me,
You need a queen bee.

I am the one who rose,
and you rose with me.
I am the creator,
Of the entire colony.
You need someone like me,
You need a queen bee.


Strong enough to hold down the seas,
Yet too weak to hold down the bees.
You can't tell us what to do,
Because the bees will find a way to defy you.

With a body so fat,
And wings so small,
We should not be able to fly at all;
Yet we fly anyway,
Because we don't give a **** about what you say;
The bees just levitate away!

Who are you to tell us what to do,
We are the many and you are the few!
wacky butterfly,
with a whimsical flight plan!
joking with movements.
I just heard the biggest load of ******* today.
It seems every crazy person has something to say.

He was kissing his wife, who suddenly changed form in front of him. She looked like a scaly, green asian grandma with Kardashian lips, a watermelon shaped head and eyes as black as holes.
He said he couldn’t remember much after that.

Then the following day he woke up *** naked in the middle of the scorching Sahara desert; baked like a **** in the oven turned up way too high.

If that ain’t the biggest load of **** being blown out the *** of a bull then I don’t know what is.

He must be crazy.
He must have made up a story!
It is much to crazy to be real!
It sounds like something out of b rated sci-fi movie!
Twisting words
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.

Diet soda, chips with dip and a bucket of KFC,
sit next to me.
Black holes for eyes absorbant as a sponge to the colors in view.
The colors come to collide,
To whisper a message to my mind.
A message consisting of anime girls and talking animals,
not what people would call manly,
but it is a guilty pleasure,
so spare me the commentary.

So as I was saying,
I lay unmoving,
Licking my greasy fingers like a fat ****,
strapped down to my living room chair,
whilst the colours penetrated through my eye hole,
cutting deep into my soul.
******* out my mother ******* brain,
clearing reality out and washing it down the drain,
The conditioning from the wash has left me braindead,
painted a picture I don't understand but I will remember what it has said.

of dreams and wonders,
grab me by the hand,
and whisp me off to wonderland.
It takes me,
Like a reaper,
out of my body,
to an obscure,
painting a picture,

Living in a world of simultaneous information,
Crawling inside and taking away my perception,
a part of me is taken away.
They have,
Taken my eyes, so I can't see
Taken my ears, so I can't hear
Taken my heart, so I can't feel,
Taken my mind, so I can't think.

Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.
What did I just write
Karisa Brown Mar 2018
You ever felt
Your other half
The person so rare
Made only for you

Their energy
The exact compliment
Their words
Already set in stone

Their wheat
Fielded earlier
When you and I
First began

This was many
Many meetings
Before and after

You never forget
Your other half
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