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Poor reaction:
Stipulated by thumbs and notions to excel
Steadied eyes, that keep aims harboring sense?
Of quiet, that looked hard for us, to wish in hell...

Left, do we remember a tears cause?
With the language of frozen thoughts?
Many and metered loyalty's, laws?
That took the obvious to oblivion, for what mocks?

Pyres or piety
The tale I tell, is for the coming and the done
****** to rights, the toil we adjust, we show anxiety...
Is a legend in its own right, risen from the curse, we own

Liberty, is an expensive friend, come to tell us a fortune
Of dignity and callous vice, to share a kept dream of avarice's fit
And final lip of sincerity, that knows where you have been
Acted upon like a thief in the sight, of another, and in whit:

We are that we are...
The poise of destiny to a frightful mind, that keeps charisma
Like a treasure of deliberate calm, when we know passion afar
And ready to strike, nothing but a conversation that is a proven same, somehow sad...

But hating the very roots of opinion, for an art?
Of redoubt in the temptation of cope, to witness a shyness
Forth a remaining tooth of drama and lowly starts
Of nothing at all, but the richness of causes, we have seen come to bless...
Vain enough to look beyond a rainy horizon, hence, could heat even be our savior?
Shivangi Singh Oct 2020
We listen, we share, we care
Yet have the audacity to dare

Long has been the journey
From stereotypes to modern distinction

We carry a heart of empathy
Yet hold the ground against oppression

The line however gets grey at times
When we lose sight of the motive

It's not to get better or supreme
But to change minds that are corrosive

Idea is not to necessitate validation
Or find reasons for retaliation

But to co-exist in ecosystem
Without any unrealistic criticism

Let's think deeper, with this beautiful tome
By Ram Dass
'We are all just walking each other home'
Alicia Moore Jul 2020
Life is like a video game,
The motive is to survive the ultimate level.
You can be the one to cast the flame
And shift the blame,
But in the end —
We’re all faced with the devil.
Unpolished Ink Jul 2020
Did you ever think
When you created a life
The monster was you
One to think about! Big Penny dreadful fan!
K Balachandran Jan 2020
I bat both eyelids.
She attributes motive and winks.
The right moment to think!
Swasti Jain Jan 2020
Twenty Twenty

The air is new again,
Singing the love songs,
Announcing a fresh start,
But following the norms.

My love is the sky,
My lover is the moon,
My hope is fireworks,
And I'm all the stars.

Oh! Don't leave so soon.
I see you moon,
From every perspective,
Only to realise,
That perfection is deceptive.

Behold and hold,
My petals and my thorns,
Beauty is imperfections,
The reality I've known for long.

Kiss me again,
Heal my broken parts,
Allow me to fix you,
And promise me
Never to be apart.

You give me motive,
You give me direction,
You keep me going,
Despite all rejections.

We have our lives,
Different from another,

But one day of vulnerability,
two nights of heart to heart,
three words of magic,
And the four letters of l o v e
Is the reason we're still together.
In a world of many Nations
With different forms of emotions
Rated in it's own notions

Mood rule  Perception
Misconception dresses  perfection
Choices draw in the innervation

My feeling is my happiness
In my world of openness
full of peacefulness
Positive thoughts portray positive outcome
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“I wanted to hold on to someone. But even my inner circle seemed far away. Some seemed to not care about what I had to say. My life seemed unstable just like the chemicals in my brain. I just wanted someone to care, to actually truly care about me. Maybe they did, but I couldn’t see it. Maybe they were there offering their support but I was too deaf to hear it. Too blinded and deafened by my own pain and loneliness. I feel I have nothing to hold on to. Nothing. No purpose. No motive. No one. And when there is nothing, you find there no purpose to breathe.”
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
Have you ever faced the dilemma of knowing that only love can save you and then had your mind ask you if that is your motive for the relationship you are in?
If your motive is to fall in love can you ever find the real thing?
Can love be planned? Can it be sought or does it just happen to the lucky (or un- if you prefer)
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Life is sure to cost you whilst on the path you choose.
And there will be heartache from things that you will lose.
A greater pain you may encounter, at a far greater cost,
is to no longer see a value in things that once you lost.
You can lose trust in many ways for many things. It can shake foundation and pillar as destructively as any earthquake.
Not entirely happy with the last line..... of or in??
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