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I bat both eyelids.
She attributes motive and winks.
The right moment to think!
Swasti Jain Jan 1
Twenty Twenty

The air is new again,
Singing the love songs,
Announcing a fresh start,
But following the norms.

My love is the sky,
My lover is the moon,
My hope is fireworks,
And I'm all the stars.

Oh! Don't leave so soon.
I see you moon,
From every perspective,
Only to realise,
That perfection is deceptive.

Behold and hold,
My petals and my thorns,
Beauty is imperfections,
The reality I've known for long.

Kiss me again,
Heal my broken parts,
Allow me to fix you,
And promise me
Never to be apart.

You give me motive,
You give me direction,
You keep me going,
Despite all rejections.

We have our lives,
Different from another,

But one day of vulnerability,
two nights of heart to heart,
three words of magic,
And the four letters of l o v e
Is the reason we're still together.
In a world of many Nations
With different forms of emotions
Rated in it's own notions

Mood rule  Perception
Misconception dresses  perfection
Choices draw in the innervation

My feeling is my happiness
In my world of openness
full of peacefulness
Positive thoughts portray positive outcome
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“I wanted to hold on to someone. But even my inner circle seemed far away. Some seemed to not care about what I had to say. My life seemed unstable just like the chemicals in my brain. I just wanted someone to care, to actually truly care about me. Maybe they did, but I couldn’t see it. Maybe they were there offering their support but I was too deaf to hear it. Too blinded and deafened by my own pain and loneliness. I feel I have nothing to hold on to. Nothing. No purpose. No motive. No one. And when there is nothing, you find there no purpose to breathe.”
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
Have you ever faced the dilemma of knowing that only love can save you and then had your mind ask you if that is your motive for the relationship you are in?
If your motive is to fall in love can you ever find the real thing?
Can love be planned? Can it be sought or does it just happen to the lucky (or un- if you prefer)
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Life is sure to cost you whilst on the path you choose.
And there will be heartache from things that you will lose.
A greater pain you may encounter, at a far greater cost,
is to no longer see a value in things that once you lost.
You can lose trust in many ways for many things. It can shake foundation and pillar as destructively as any earthquake.
Not entirely happy with the last line..... of or in??
b Sep 2018
dr. nobody knows everybody.
but nobody knows dr. nobody.
a chest for his secrets
a key for his spine.
he loves magic and crime.
a trick with a victim.

he knows you when you
walk in. he sees motive like
blood through a white shirt.
he is a doctor after all.
dont forget.

don’t dare lie to dr. nobody
he is lossless like time.
words are his muse and his
monument. the angle of
shoes like soup to the sick.
an off hand joke
like a blade on your tongue.

best waste no time,
just be honest to dr. nobody.
he can offer you remedy,
the perfect chain link
to keep the tiger in.

dr. nobody must be flawless,
wrong, he is nobody.
he will boil at below freezing.
he will wash with the tide.

and if you really need
dr. nobody then i pray
you can swim.
he is dead on the rocks.
he is bread on the floor.
Shiloh Reeves Aug 2018
Failed again; only this time I lose everything, including my mind.
I plan to wake tomorrow with the intention of trying again.

Your life is your life,
Don't let it be clubbed into dank submission.

I know some "thing" is watching, listening closely.
"It," sends me hope through whispers, whispers only I can hear.
I am scrutinized, ostracized, berated for even paying attention to "that thing."

I am hurt. I want to quit. But I lost everything already, what more do I have to lose?

I act again. I try again. I fail again.
I've given myself the piece of advice to: hold these failures close to my heart. They will pave the way. One stepping stone after another.

You will ride life into perfect laughter.
A poem inspired by the late great Charles Bukowski. Please enjoy and stay driven.
Mandii Morbid Jul 2018
There’s a kind of beauty in watching the destruction I’ve wrought.
Even in the tears you’ve brought.
Yes---is this the solution I sought?

The bruises I’ve left as they burn into you.
Your broken visage-such a lovely view.
After I have shown you what you should have knew.

My pet-so naïve, so easy to deceive.
I may disappear but trust me, I will never ever leave.
I’ve got so much more up my sleeve.

I just couldn’t stand to see-
you love him more than me.
I was never enough, though I tried to be.

You twisted me up inside and brought me to my knees.
With this feeling-this wretched disease.
For which my very nature disagrees.

I want to tear you apart.
Shake your soul and destroy your heart.
Turn you into my latest work of art.

I will watch you suffocate.
Slowly grow to hate.
Smiling at your miserable fate.

Bound to me forever more.
Now what’s that face for?
It’s all your fault-I couldn’t be the one you adore.

Yet you’ll never be able to forget the things I did.
You lost the fight, the light in your eyes, and in bitter shame you hid.
As I took what you would have otherwise forbid.

I love to know you are wrapped in chains unseen.
That it was I who made you so unclean.
As I pushed you around-so **** easy to demean.

I will haunt your every dream.
Tear your hopes seam from seam.
I hear it-your silent scream.

You can never escape this fate pet.
You can never forget.
to ware
the flag
on wrist
of chalice
as law
made changes
there that  
superfluously kind
wouldn't barry  
their origins
to fire
that burned
wings in
gossamer only
to aspire
their new
heights in
pink carnations
or beware motive
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