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all eyes on your face,
turning ruddy, mad with rage;
hey leader, beat it!
Do you ever lie in darkness,
Wondering if you will be
The star of some great epoch
In books of history?

Do you ever fear you'll fail,
And let everyone down
That expected you to be someone,
Instead of to be drowned?

There are so many expectations
For you to change the world
To deny is to refuse
Your duty.
You want something of me,
That much I can see.
But what could it be?
Take me down and set me free!
Lily Dec 2018
You were an amazing band mom.
You were stern:
“Come back here and pick up your uniform!”
You were kind:
“I packed you a lunch for your long day.”
You were an incredible principal.
You were stern:
“You really need to start turning in your homework.”
You were kind:
“If you come to my office after school, I will help you.”
You were a wonderful mother.
You were stern:
“Come here right now and put your clothes away!”
You were kind and loving:
“If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here.”
Even though you were taken
So suddenly from us yesterday,
No one will forget you and
How you influenced everybody in your circle and
Today is one of those gloomy rainy days,
And I know why.
It’s because even the heavens are crying for you.
On December 26th, the Lord took my good friend's mother, Heather, up to heaven to be with Him.  These are all sentences she either said to me or I heard her say.  Her death was very sudden, and she will be missed by so many.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Today they are on the frontline
not because they are the leaders.
They know how to sneak their way up.
Your vision was the blend of cultures,
welcoming them onto the progressing lands
as if it was there own.
Your passion of justice extinguished every fire
and your endless kindness
diminished hunger of the starving
and quenched those thirsty.
Your heart was vast
and character so true and principled
that hoped to strengthen and empower the youth
to achieve its best
so your essence carries on
for you have risen to great heights
and news of you have spread.
Lily Dec 2018
You fall in love way too easily.
You are fascinated with the human nature,
And what makes us so unique and complex.
You think everybody deserves a chance at love.
You don’t just think everybody is beautiful,
You know that and truly believe it.
What you sometimes struggle to understand
Is that you are beautiful too.
You are mentally strong,
A natural born leader, and
A really fun person to be around.
You rarely let your sadness get the best of you,
And you are always encouraging and upbeat.
You are a great teacher and
Enjoy helping others out.
You work day and night for your friends,
Because you are always busy thinking about
The needs of others before your own.
You are an expert at giving advice,
But constantly take other’s burdens on yourself.
You know the right words to say
When I’m hurting, and will back off
Immediately if you realize you’ve crossed a boundary.
You know when you’ve done wrong
And sincerely feel sorry for it.
You listen lovingly to every word I say,
And try to help me with everything in your power.
Just the fact that you listen to me can
Make my whole day.
You inspire me, because you’re
So talented and skilled yourself.
I strive for your talents, and every checkpoint
I reach along the way,
You are there with me.
Every small victory of mine
Makes you the happiest person alive.
You just want other people to be happy.
I know that’s cliche, and so many people claim to want that,
But you actually carry it out.
You help people to live happier lives every day.
Even if you don’t change the world
One day with your neuroscience,
You will have touched the lives of everybody
You have come into contact with along the way.
That’s why I love you.
You’ve changed my life and heart and
You didn’t even know it.
For one of my best friends :)
Julius Nov 2018
A cold wind gushes your way,
As the sun lays down her arms,
On the ground, with your friends you lay,
Looking out for a screaming alarm.

For a second you think it is done,
But a sound of a great demise
Tells a story that has begun
For those, who think they are wise.

'Hold the line!' the sergeant yells.
Brave men controlling the field,
Veterans wounded by enemy shells
Will not give up, will not yield.

A moment of silence, a quick catch of breath
Is ruined by anger and national pride.
Your comrades stand up to their deaths,
All of the crushing fear put aside.

You see them **** an unknown soldier-
A lonely mother will cry for her loss,
As the ground gets colder and colder.
Should you help, should you cross?

You put down your weapon - no hesitation.
You're not a monster, a mindless minion,
You won't give up to the temptation
A life comes first, not a madman's opinion.

You can't believe the bloodshed,
Of those, who lived, you are the only,
You're not a coward,
You're just lonely.
Ricky Nov 2018
I am the tree that stands in the center of the field.
All of the other trees watch as I risk being stuck by lightning.

They want to see if I would still stand.
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