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OJ Anuy Sep 2020
You were striking like a cobra
Slithering through the night
Simply, minding your own business
Beneath the bright moonlight

Sliding along the jungle floor
I knelt to take a look
Beauty, Power, and Elegance
You had me on the hook

I heard your rattle, saw your strength
I couldn't get enough
I knew it could be dangerous
I knew it could get rough

I chased you down, through your domain
'Till we were face to face
Staring into each other's eyes
I had no time to brace

You lunged at me, mouth open wide
Sharp fangs punctured my skin
From that point on, I had no chance
You quickly locked me in

Your fangs dug straight into my heart
And you became my life
My love for you could not be stopped
I said, "You'll be my wife"

A shot of love straight to my heart
Went coursing through my veins
It spread straight down into my feet
And up into my brain

But then you let go of your grasp
And went off in the night
While I sat still, waiting for you
Hoping for one more bite

Your fangs are gone from in my chest
My heart misses the pain
But your venom and love still course
And pump throughout my veins
Hamies Apr 2020
Just like a cobra you shedded your skin just like you shedded me
K Balachandran Feb 2020
A mongoose raises head,
From a tangled pumpkin patch.
A cobra runs for life.
Ashwin Kumar Nov 2019
How dare you?
How dare you do this to me?
I, who have put so much trust in you
And you take all that trust away
And shatter it into a million tiny pieces
Leaving me, frozen with shock
To watch helplessly
Cursing my poor luck
And praying desperately
That the day should end
So that I can at least begin afresh

How dare you?
How dare you do this to me?
How dare you think
That you shall get away with it?
You, shall pay for your actions
I shall transform myself
Into the monstrous form
Of a King Cobra
As I quietly, but swiftly
Gently, but firmly
Slither towards your pathetic form
I relish that fear in your eyes
As I raise my majestic hood
I see you cower in terror
As I hiss in a quiet, but deadly manner
I see you whimper and moan
However, as always, I am totally unmoved
Before you can say "mercy"
I strike, and strike repeatedly
Enjoying that wonderful feeling
Of my long and razor-sharp fangs
Sinking into your warm flesh
Relishing that wonderful taste
Of the warm and delicious blood
That runs through your veins
As my highly neurotoxic venom
Pierces every nerve and sinew of your body
Every artery and vein
I can sense, that Justice has been served
As your body becomes immobile
And crumbles in a heap
I hiss once more
As if to say again, "How dare you?"
This poem is dedicated to RailYatri; who failed to deliver dinner during my train journey yesterday evening.
SR Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
You're a fluid dancer
Hissed and kissed her partner
Hooded Cobra
wraiths Jul 2017
little gossamer teeth.
he spits clear acid
and it burns my face,
sinks into my eyes.

and suddenly i'm blind, blind, blind,
so when he leans in to kiss me
i can't see the black forked tongue
that slides down my throat
and cuts my insides up

his beady black eyes
are flecked with gold
and i think i see
puddles of sunshine
in them
when it's really just my own soul
slipping from my body
and being ****** into his pupils

he blinks once, twice, three times,
and a clear liquid coats his eyes,
encasing my shimmering soul in them

i drop to the ground
I ain't in love with the feeling
Yet,i can smell your aroma it's seeping through my veins like a cobra
Words tries to be in arrangement , lines telling stories that i couldn't
Bad memories gnaws my mind, day and night freaking me out
Clouds tries to take me high
Sun is shining , screaming loud
Please just come and give me a hug.
trying to write again..
The Judge Jun 2016
The bite of a cobra
will not **** me.
The lightning has yet
to set fire to that tree.

The ocean has yet
to drown my frail soul.
The ball has not
been kicked into the goal.

The sun still has
yet to shine
onto this impure
soul of mine.
LJ May 2016
We are the lonely children
Who get lost in the wood
Yet find peace in each other
We are the lonely children

Bonded by our ancestors
To carry the light of the garden
Yet we fell and heard our beats
Bonded by our ancestors

We live in dull ghostly towns
Crowned in the dark alleys
Yet we stomp and the world shakes
We live in full ghostly towns

You play with the cobra fearless
I run in fear , my fate, my dear
Yet you can encase me from danger
You play with the cobra fearless

In the gust of the wind I love you
Take my words as the solid truth
Yet circumstance let us queue
In the gust of the wind I love you
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