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As you go to sleep
Counting every sheep
Till you're falling in deep
As you've fallen fast asleep
Dreaming a world with gleam
And with hills made of ice cream
Oh take me with you as you start to dream
Corey Boiko Dec 2019
In my eyes i see evil,
A window depicting
A devil beside me.

I couldn't see though him,
As i hurried through the rain.
His reflection stained dry
Just inside the glass.

A man slowly writhing,
tossing, and turning,
Tattered soaked clothing,
On a dampened cardboard bed,
On the wrong side of the glass.

There he suffers,
Feet from salvation,
My train station.

A shiver passes through me
As i enter this cathedral of a station,
Population: one bulletproof guard,
Ensuring that i am not bothered
By the sickening feeble,
****** and outside.
But that does bother me.

Is there no church
In this place of momentum,
On the greener side of the glass,
Where we do not stop moving?
Thanks To Eunoia for reading this before it was ready, and helping me choose a title!
Vachaspathi Nov 2019
The stars that revolve around you lighted my darkened soul.
s Sep 2019
what can a flickering candle say
to a blazing sun?
Your gleam steadily brightens my world
Masked Voice Aug 2019
Wish we could fly high,
over to the paradise,
and make an ally.

Who would that be?
Birds, Planes, or Clouds?

Clouds would be our homes,
in gleam and gloom.
Birds would sing to us,
at every phase of life.
Planes, do we
really need them, when we
have clouds to sail on?

Flying; sailing; ignoring the fears
and insecurities.
With the sun next door, and
rain in the soil of clouds,
It's such a beautiful day.

Lying down on the fluffy clouds,
We wonder,
if it is real, or a dream?

Under the bright sun and
the shimmering moon,
fighting for our attention.
We forget how the real world felt.

Amongst the thunders,
we sail through the challenges.
The adventures
experienced everyday tell us
that we aren't ghosts,
but humans who feel.
The tough sails remind us,
that we have each other.

That smile when we see an
island to rest,
Is so immaculate and real.
We fell in love with this surreal dream
Of clouds, of life and of sailing.
Holding on to how it felt,
was the promise we made.
We woke and then,
we lived the dream.
Erian Rose Jul 2019
Watch the stars
As they shine for you
Twinkling in the darkened hue
Battles raging against the sky
Heights gazing past our eyes
No matter what they say
You illuminate the world
Brighter than the constellations gleam
After all
The universe can’t compete against you
In a sea of darkness
Engulfed by light
“Remember to reach for the stars, and they won't be able to resist flying into your hands!“
Nyx Jun 2019
Light fingered
Swift and efficient
Conspiring against themselves
Nothing is ever sufficient

Take. Take. Take
Its Mine. Mine. Mine

Morally incorrect
But what a hefty paycheck
Greed is swirling
Such havoc they wreak

People & Things
They glisten and gleam
Yearn to hold them in hand
Thou the theft must be clean

Much like a bird interested,
Infatuated by the sparkle of things
Filling their homes, Their nests
Craving the beauty they bring

Such light fingers
swift and efficient
Never sufficient
Wanting more and more...

It's never enough.

These hearts taken within the dark
hidden by the cloak of night
Treasures of the soul
Give me your light

Interpret it how you wish
Erian Rose Mar 2019
Fireflies flicker in the midnight
Casting light like a flashlight
Fluttering around the open fields
Calling out to each other in hope
Their light gleams throughout the night
Making paths across the darkness
For others to follow in the daylight rays
As beautiful as they are
Nothing compares to you
We'll help each other past the dull skies
Shining as brightly
As the fireflies
K Balachandran Mar 2019
the new moon's coy sheen,
the starlings' nosestuds gleam;
light's secrets in darkness!
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