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Saïda Boūzazy Oct 2019
          a poem
                   without me !
          a world
                    without me !
Colorful !
           Beautiful !
                          wonderful !
         a life
                with me !
       Maybe, it's rather
Dry !
Sungmoo Bae Aug 31
Batteries of the skies;
booming thunders, and so are you.
You, the whirlwind the most ferocious,
befit such name ever notorious -

    ever in a strife of your own
    seemingly unending.

The whirlwind strikes hard
and fast, and as such; angels of death
descending, striking from the faint heavens
to accomplish its sole purpose, destructive in nature,

beseeching its everlasting glory
that’d evoke the sun’s jealousy, even.
Alas! You carry out the task
that spares none of the land,

taking away the dearest one from another, weeping,
flipping cars and engines from where they're standing,
while plucking out the road signs once robust
and even the trees once deemed so ancient -

none is spared but wrecked
before the might of the whirlwind
the total annihilation being its sole identity -
the one that destroys in the name of thy honor

    and in the very name of glory in vain.
    You look around -

only to see none has survived
or has been left alive; spectating
the empty earth and the water
while being dispersed, scattered amidst the air,

lifted by the hands of thy maker
disappearing - joining the void specters,
and thus befitting the word, truly,
the vainglory.
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(C) Copyright: Saul Bae
Erik Luo Aug 3
We are who we are
For that we are
If you can see
yourself in being...

Everything is just the way it is
We struggled and survived our own living
But to see love even after all these
Is the reason why we exist

The power we have
is always inside us
The stories we have
is only there to entertain us

Can you see yourself
Without yourself?
To see it as a song
Singing with the whole?

Can you look at your life?
And feel all the events
To feel those cycles and waves
Those breaths and awes?

There is nothing you can’t do
Nothing you can’t overcome
Nothing you can’t love
Nothing you can’t become

You are nothing
You are love
You are god
You are...
Take you time and love yourself
Billie Marie Jul 25
These little pieces of myself will all burn away
After looking again and again
After taking it all to be real for so long
Not really looking at it
only just wearing it
even though it felt scratchy and ill-fitted

Now to give it a new sort of attention
the kind it gives to its concept of god
Not curious but
critical and cynical and carefully contemplative
the little pieces don’t get hurt feelings
or bent out of shape
cuz they lose it
They don’t cry or get depressed
Only they fall away
like overripe fruit
never picked and eaten
They are not what I am
Only the pieces that make up
who I once thought myself to be

I was never abused or depressed
Never victimized and alone
I was never ugly or stupid
or worthless or a hot mess
a **** or a lame
useless and insane
These pieces aren’t like a puzzle
See that’s what I never was told

I am whole already
Completely alive and free to discard
those adjectives that I don’t care
to describe this being
Which in reality can’t be any
or even all of those bits mashed-up together
Miracles can’t be picked apart and
named and labeled as what they are not
And a mirror only reflects
what might see it first

How can there be
what is clearly not seen
when I peer back into this so-called me?
So actually the truth I can see is
I can’t really look and see this I am
but truly can only be this I am
Because when I look back and see
all the pieces they say I am
the only conclusion must be
that these so-called pieces of me
are not at all in reality
that which I am
Nylee Jun 26
You find something in seconds
You lose it as fast
What remains is the presence
of an absence
the void, the nothingness
Lamenting wondering
What's wrong
and what is gone.
TS Lefort Jun 21
When the glass runs empty,
When the bottle falls
And drops of life all are that's left,
The emptiness I consume
Betrays the man we best forget.

When all that pours is nothingness,
When the end is all that calls
And drinks the days I now forget,
The darkness I will choose
Hides this man and his regrets.

TS Lefort 2020
Mike Jun 5
I wake up to see

Bright sunlight

But is it really sunlight?

It is a light but

It doesn't seem to be from the sun

or rather

it came from the sun then later it wasn't

I thought it'd hurt me

It was just a thought

                        7 minutes had already passed

Only to see

Tiffany Scicluna Nov 2016
I am a blank space,
On an empty page,
Trying to fill the gaps,
With black lines,
Trying to solve a puzzle,
With missing pieces
I wrote this to my english teacher in the first lesson, we had a paper to fill so that she could get to know us more, there was this empty box and I was supposed to draw somthing that represented me, insted I drew lines at one end and on the other I wrote her this poem.
Poetic T May 17
The moment were surrounded
          by deep breaths of nothingness.

But we swear we
                    can feel it touching our neck..

                               was that you..

                               wait no ones here..
oh' ****...
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