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I walk into this endless void
Wondering why am I even here
I've turned entirely different
This carefree, chilling guy is me now
I'm dancing my way through this
I'm way more happy than I ever was

The monotony of this void excites me
By every minute, I am being absorbed
Into this never ending nightmare

There's no end to this
But I'm becoming a part of this
Fragments of my soul are getting
Embedded into this vagueness

Now, I'm nothing

Just like the void
Mehek May 5
Together we crumble
Under our own heaviness
surrounded by fumes
that make our souls tremble
cemented together
demented away
living in this toxicity
we perspire
nothing but love we require.
Nothing but love.
ok okay May 4
1) Mix apathy and emptiness
2) Sive out the happiness
3) Dilute pain and sadness

To make a void of nothingness
Everyday I muddle through
Meandering the waste land, a
Plethora of subsatisfactory
Tasteless apathy
Indifference to the bottomless
Nothingness that thrives
Existing to die
Sleep walking in ---
Read the first letter of every line for funsies
Hannah Apr 18
The path you walked into
Left you for some
Footsteps of a goddess that we were
Never fond of her existence
He left you on the road
Oh, beautiful landscapes of all
Such green trees, such brown leaves
Do you wonder how I wonder?
Wanderlust- collecting dust of the
Wasted weeks we had of
Marina James Apr 10
The urge to write a joyous poem
yet darkness drip from my mind.

I want to feel the magnificent
but there is nothing but nothing inside.
ordering her food,
she broods over empty plate;
potent nothingness!
Tatiana Mar 26
If I look hard enough
I will find
a void in your pupils
one that does not fill
with the glitter of amusement
or glistens with tears
just a sort of intense nothingness
as you don't even blink
a black hole where your soul
should be
When the urge to write strikes, ya gotta just write and see where it takes you
KSC Mar 23
Sometimes I wish I knew what it felt like,
If your fingers would just dance down my chin,
Lightly caress my neck,
Move down across my chest to my heart,
           "I hope you imagine the musical vibrato of a trumpet singing
            an old-timey melody,
            Two one-time lovers laying,
            Nestled on the side of a mountain,
            Pitch black, stars but pinholes in a universe so vast.."
That's what I'll say as you lay your head on my chest,
I'll stroke your forehead lightly,
Slowly moving my fingers through your hairline,
Breathe deep with me and live in this moment,
Make the whole outside world disappear,
And our two bodies but dark masses,
Disappeared onto the earth's surface,
We are two cells only practicing our reproductive phase,
When our *** mixes and we are one,
Absolute nothingness, together,
That's what I wished for,
The last seven shooting stars.
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