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They say
Their morning glories have bloomed
With the rise of the sun

The look of a flower that will stay blossomed
The fullness of the flower
Looks to never
Lose that form

A continuation of sweet flavors
and validation
Now asleep
Only asleep
With the rest of the town

With the moon lit
Mine must have
Fallen back asleep

But now there is nothing
No blooming
No whispers of kind comments
nor ear for reciprocation

The space now looking an awful lot
Like when the morning glory was just planted
Like the morning glory was never planted

Was there even a flower to begin with?
I simply don't believe so.

I'd promise to not anticipate it's bloom tomorrow
But I cannot make that promise
- Is it all in my head or is this truly the cycle of this disappointing plant
Upon waking before the light,
Is known by the window.
I am here,
Between you and me, I am here.

Then it floods in and you resume the dare,
To dream of a universe,
To take steady breaths of the morning air.
Where silence can’t shake off the sounding,
Eyes shut tightly in a deathly stare.

The body is nothing but the picture,
And you can’t put the brush down.
The journey happened around you
I am here,
The flower’s quivering sound.
Lilly F Sep 3
the isolation wasn't poison, but a drug
one that I tried to drown myself into
until my brain would save myself, breathing in more air
panting rapidly,
loving how it felt to be on the edge of letting go
for just a second, to be with the nothingness surrounding me
until the world resumed
my heartbeat became evident
and the unsatisfaction of reality reappeared

Alexis Aug 19
I think we call relate to drowning
even if you can swim ,
even if you love water,
even if you feel dry
even if you feel nothing but and endless ocean of nothingness.

if you’re human,
and even if you are not
You know what it is be surrounded .

you know what is to be consumed

to feel like a god
to feel like a mortal
to feel like prey
to feel like predator.

if you’re human,
And even if you are not
you know what it is to drown

and not want to come up for air .
Sometimes I find myself staring Into nothing lost
for a moment just breifly In time and for those
moments are as
all worries In life washed away I feel no pressure anymore whilst In those breif moments of
But In those breif moments
of nothingness I feel so safe from a world slowly falling apart from
of Its Inhabitants but I know Helen's still here with me so we both share this nothingness
Poetic T Jul 16
You still hold my heart
              around your neck.
Chained like you own it.

I,m empty without it,
          I never wanted you to go.
its like if you didn't

                                       want me.

But though I want to love again.

          I feel nothing, because you still
have my heart noosed around your neck.

Beating close to you, but you just squeeze it.
             And I feel pain where there is nothing
                                                                ­     to feel.
Mae Jul 9
My home ran way
Now I sit were glass meets the frame at the window and wait.
How long has it been
I'm not sure I care.. I'm not sure I don't

The mountabank came round again
Selling me a fictitious love.
His love.
You see, sense he travels so much selling the good oils
Rosemary tilled out of our toilet, Powders that
I personally
made from the stalagmites that grow in the southwest corner of my dwelling,
Teeth whitener
scraped from off only the finest ingredients
Feets calus, the kind aquired after walking long enough to no longer need shoes.

No he had no time for me and besides, he wasn't my home.

I'd have my fun but... He could never hold my love.

Yesterday I passed away
The cold nothing
Became a greater threat this time
I didn't have my home
Nor my love
I wasn't ready to go.
In a dank cave somewhere in the Philippines
After the hair on my head grew from fire red
To silver white.
Still sitting where the glass meets the frame.
I walk into this endless void
Wondering why am I even here
I've turned entirely different
This carefree, chilling guy is me now
I'm dancing my way through this
I'm way more happy than I ever was

The monotony of this void excites me
By every minute, I am being absorbed
Into this never ending nightmare

There's no end to this
But I'm becoming a part of this
Fragments of my soul are getting
Embedded into this vagueness

Now, I'm nothing

Just like the void
Mehek May 5
Together we crumble
Under our own heaviness
surrounded by fumes
that make our souls tremble
cemented together
demented away
living in this toxicity
we perspire
nothing but love we require.
Nothing but love.
ok okay May 4
1) Mix apathy and emptiness
2) Sive out the happiness
3) Dilute pain and sadness

To make a void of nothingness
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