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Anais Vionet Nov 2020
Yesterday, I saw a NASA announcement.
it said they found “Unambiguous”
water on the moon.

I had just finished my morning walk
and frankly, that sounded delicious
and refreshing.

So, I went to Amazon and searched.
I couldn’t find ANY reference to
“Unambiguous moon water” at ALL.

How ridiculous, I mean, why go
and ADVERTISE something that
We can’t get on AMAZON??

*** people. This is AMERICA.
Ok, this is a humorous poke at expectations, in our impatient, now-culture. Come ON - I'm not quite THAT clueless  =]
Brandon Sep 2020
Let me believe

that you were brought here

to last longer than this
Nylee Jul 2020
All i think about
You bring tears to my eyes
I don't want you to have so much power
On things that I do
I assume you don't want it to
Then how do you keep rein over my feelings
this feeling is stilling
I feel instant sadness
When you cross me
Look in my eyes.
Poetoftheway May 2019
the instant, the instance, is that your body?

the clear cleansing storefront windows
ask for clarification.

is that your body, presently?
is that your body presentably?

just in that secular instant, again, over,
the body’s inquisition clarifies, asking,
requesting in a babel of foreign languages,

repeat after me!

each window pane that follows repeats the query,
the themes in each, tiny variations,
the variables of rhythm, timbre, harmony,
engine timing minute minutiae alterations,
in that passing milli-instant,
each a separate instance for each separate pane.

in every instance.   in every language.

the accusations tonality oscillates in wavelength pitch.
quest nonetheless similar,
     is that your body?

all the replies are mirrored reciprocal.
that was my past.
this my present.
the next, a future vision.

the here, the now, all of it, each a flashcard.

the insistence!

when your body falls finally upon
the sidewalks concrete filthy city Persian tapestry,
the shameful answer tastes always the same.

always the same.
JAC May 2019
A drop of you
and instantly
I am you
and you are me.
It's been a while, but I absolutely love this one. Got me excited again.
thesa Apr 2019
my love
please always remember
that even though i would instantly die for you
i will never live for you
related to one of my favorite movie scenes between Harley Quinn and The Joker - "question, Dr. Quinzel. would you die for me?" / yes / "that's too easy. would you ... would you live for me?"
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
It only takes an instant to break
But a lifetime to completely heal
Pain will fade but never vanish fully
There will always be a trace of emotions we feel
And just like that you lose your trust and you never get it back...
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