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Amanda Dec 2018
Sometimes takes too long to see
The things you were always blind to
Once your eyes have opened though
Your entire world crashes down on you
Everyone knows THAT moment...
slay Dec 2018
Since the **** when did i become so impulsive?
My thoughts are repulsive
I'm a sedentary sulker
I need instant gratification, need to lighten up my aura

Self indulgence is a Taurus, and
I'm a ***** for the chorus
Caught up in your orbit
Like the 6th key on an *****
The pitch of which, like the ***** of my organs,
Faking an ****** to release some endorphins

But that's not me...
I'd rather kick up my feet
One hand on the small of my back, the other feeding me treats

I put a Lindt truffle on my tongue and as it melted it tasted like you,
Folded the wrapper into triangles, tryna get my good side adjacent to you

So let me get you on my couch alone
How ****** hot are you to watch cartoons and get ******?
How ****** hot are you? Put the fan on and go
Take your shirt off or no?
Something's got to give and me what i want is front row
Go on and say something daring, it's just the merlot
hollow Nov 2018
lost in this world created on a screen,
I can't even see things that really matter to me,
I miss the rawness of your voice,
the pen to the paper,
now we have an abundance of choice.
I can type without looking,
I can manage five tabs while ordering food,
--whats cooking?
everything is so instant.
we are the impatient,
the damaged,
and the distant.
adaptation creates us to be dynamic,
but I can't seem to not panic.
you are high and dry,
but you're glorified.
you keep staring at your phone
I am just begging to know
dmperez Jun 2016
Imminent grainy current
constrained in flight
a pile of past moments

message me for comments, concerns, conversation,--anything :)
Luna Narci Aug 2018
I close my eyes,
And they appear.

Those lonely nights,
My heart was bare.

I feel their patience,
And I long for love.

Those lonely nights,
I wanted him near.
He's a dream.
Maria Etre Feb 2018
The ***** truth
is nature's
most seductive
Salmabanu Hatim Feb 2018
We met in the park,
I jostled him as a lark.
Our eyes locked,
Our souls touched,
Our hearts connected,
I felt I had known him before,
What had life for me in store,
Was it instant love.
I met my boyfriend in the park and we fell in love and our love grew stronger day by day.
Bo Burnham Jan 2018
Forever and an instant met up one day,
had a short but lovely talk,
then each went on its way.
El cuadro en la pared
Tiene un paisaje bello,
Hay un hombre sentado
Y un auto viejo.

En el cuadro de al lado
Hay una casa al fondo,
Con 3 ventanas
Y puedo ver la luz encendida.

En el cuadro de al lado
hay sombras por la ventana,
son de una mujer sentada
Y presiento que me mira.

En el cuadro de al lado
Hay arboles marrones
Y tras el auto viejo
Hay un hombre extraño
Y siento que me observa.

En el cuadro de al lado
Las luces se han apagado
Y la silueta de la mujer
Se a esfumado.

En el cuadro de al lado
¡Suena un timbre!
Creo que me han encontrado.
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
Lightning is the fleeting thorn of blooming thunder
The self-erasing ***** into the sky window
The laceration of the clouds that left no scar
And sealed itself instantly
And bled to life bountiful
Shifting afloat in deep grey


The lightning showed me the way
To the burning tree
The clouds were dark with worry
That I would not see
The thunder told me to hurry
Before the earth swallows me
a nice song that I found to go along:
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