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liv bennet Sep 15
we are broken pieces of glass
scattered on the ground
no one picks us up
we don't make a sound
original poetry written in june 2018
Fare well hello there,
Put the comma where you like,

I am pleased to had been meeting you,

In this world of mime,
Our hellos, the same as goodbyes,
As soon I say hi, you already said bye,
And vice versatile how we speak our words to mean different things.

Hello Poetry,
I am please two half met you,
Under these circumstances,
If only I could see you later,
Talk to you next time we meet again and again we find ourselves in these strange situations.

What ever will we do things really have to be this way?
Fare well hello there.
I guess it depends on what words you decide to read me something nice so I can fall asleep.

.Goodbye Poetry.
Put the comma where you like.
We are all same



In a different way
Danielle Oct 2018
Ride through my veins, driven by your cruelty and anger
Leave me nothing, but those shadows and dark places,
You were afraid to touch, afraid to enter,
As my broken hands clenched red fabric,
Twisted it ‘round as whispered screams echoed.
The cracks though my being, held together by silken webs.
A rough touch enough to break me and scatter,
My mirrored reflection towards the stars.
Charlotte Apr 2017
Shadows dance along whitewashed walls
scattered dark shapes float in the air
outlining thin patches of sunshine
splattered like yellow paint
on my bedroom wall
staring out the window
feeling more depressed than before
thinking of reaching up
taking the glowing ball
by its feathers of light
taking it in my arms
and carrying it away
not to hide it from the world
but only
to scatter sunshine
Be happy! Scatter sunshine
Gabriel burnS Apr 2017
Thoughts take off
From dandelion head
I lost them
but found one
In the palm
of your hand
...make a wish
Firzaana Mohamed Sep 2016
"We'll dance with monsters
In the night"
You say with pleasure;
With really blind sight

You told me it is fine
But I think you are too kind
Onto me you have thrown
All your suction of hopes
Cutting down the thorns;
Cutting down the ropes
Ousting this flame
To show me that you came

I am sorry to be saying
But all your love was wasted
As my garden is decaying
Before you could have tasted

What I hold
Is not so very sweet
So I will just be bold
We should've never meet

I failed to be the light
You found in love
I failed to be your pigeon;
I failed to be your dove

And the monsters killed the melodies,
the ones that you dream
Unloved they forever were;
Their sorrows built a stream
A stream where tears shine
And the lost beasts are mine

These silent beasts are now
Just beginning to sound
I cried out;
I have fallen down
And I just can not pick my Happy off the ground

You're building a palace
Where I do not belong
'Cause I have only been taking
The sing from your song
I know that you have
Been very burnt
But every new fire
Is a new lesson learnt

I am Sorry for making
You feel this pain
I am Sorry for putting
Your heart through this flame

Just please do not say
You love me
I might not say it back
Please just stay in intact
And stop all this play;
Forever is not real.

Just really close your eyes
'Cause I do not want you seeing
Throughout my disguise

I am carefully trying
to replace our bodies
For to all my cages and doors,
Are very lost keys

There is something terribly wrong
With our lungs
It is this poison of love  
That we have been breathing in too long
It has fractured our hearts
Turned it really mauve

Made us golden pale
It has destroyed our sail
Shattering our wings
Scattering all the feathers
Like fast demons fly
Through the weary sky

As pretty as you make
this tragedy feels,
Broken and poor
Life is just too blue
To ever truly be
La vie en rose

La vie en rose
Solaces Jul 2015
I thought of you last night.. While all the stars aligned in our sky.. The beginning has started all over again.. Lets scatter the stars together..
Suzy Hazelwood Dec 2014
If I told you
my secrets
would you
hold them close?
Or would you
scatter them wide?

I keep your secrets
please keep mine
Vanessa Nov 2014
My lips are pierced shut
While my brain is scattering across the floor.
Everything is spilling out in front of you.
I'm breaking down
And loosing composure.

Struggling to collect the the pieces
In time before you make sense of it all.
Tiny fragments of grey matter
Covered in words you should have never read.
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