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Aindri Feb 2022
My emotions
Are scattered
And you are the salt shaker,
Using them little by little,
Until I'm bare.
never ending possibilities
of you, and i;
tearing you apart in pieces,
scattering away your happiness.
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2020
Your thoughts are far from the ground,
Like cumulonimbus clouds thundering by
And pouring rain. 

Life seems to pass by, scattered and wispy 

with the sound of the wind like a whistling train playing
as you stare at the elusive silver lining.

The pit patter of Peter Pan being lost
dwells heavy in your heart,
As you revise the sequence of the cumulus memories.

Life paces
As you ignore the malice and bantering of the crowds
Sticking your head above up into the clouds
half-deaf to reality in the room.

You have a foot in a fairy tale,
And one in the abyss.
β€” SabilaSiddiqui Β©
Liz Feb 2020
When your thoughts scatter
And you don't know if you matter
Don't panic

When laughter masks you hidden tears
And you suffocate at the thought of fear
Don't panic

When you want to die
And you dont think you can take it
Don't panic

Because even if the darkness devours
God's love overpowers
And gives you the strength to live

Don't panic
K Balachandran Jan 2020
A trail of smoke rises,
A died down pyre,broken clay ***,
Crows eat scattered rice.
In Hindu funeral ceremony,which is largely symbolic a  terracota ***,symbol of mortal coil is broken by the son who leads the rituals.Crows eating the rice and eight other grains is considered suspicious.
Mari Dec 2019
You made the stars
I scattered them in the sky.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I raised my hopes amazed
From dust to package and ******
Blinded by charms into your arms
Forced to watch now without affecting the how
Twisting restlessly beneath sea
Doesn't matter if they scatter or drop and shatter
Heard them fall and not hurt at all
Crashing is nothing new in fact it's why I grew
Another crack won't cause a heart attack
If my hopes weigh too much that's okay
Let them go to be swept below
I will pick up the pieces and use glue to stick
Until every single hope I own is ready to once again fly
Day 18: a poem with no end rhyme scheme. Only internal.
Fare well hello there,
Put the comma where you like,

I am pleased to had been meeting you,

In this world of mime,
Our hellos, the same as goodbyes,
As soon I say hi, you already said bye,
And vice versatile how we speak our words to mean different things.

Hello Poetry,
I am please two half met you,
Under these circumstances,
If only I could see you later,
Talk to you next time we meet again and again we find ourselves in these strange situations.

What ever will we do things really have to be this way?
Fare well hello there.
I guess it depends on what words you decide to read me something nice so I can fall asleep.

.Goodbye Poetry.
Put the comma where you like.
We are all same

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Words

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Only

In a different way
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