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An amorous robot asked her out for a date.
One 'inappropriate touch ' by him,
No doubt, would have sent her up in smoke.
Yet, avoiding the danger of  war with humanoids
For spurning one of their kind, was
Uppermost in her mind: she thoughtfully gave the nod!
In an E world fraught with disasters of unimaginable kind caused by science,unanticipated dangers at every turn and desires without restraint,love as it is known to us now, often would have to walk through forced paths..a futuristic reveire
vc Feb 2018
Over the world and under the sea,

past the darkened old dead tree,

beyond the wreckage of empires past,

there is a land so great and vast-

                            a land of dreams and tomorrows.

But come close small child

Come very near, I’ve something to say in your ear:

this land it holds a great fear

be very careful how you steer-

                            as a tide often steals and borrows.

Smooth lay the seas close to the land,

a silk to reach out and brush with your hand,

with bonnie delights eyes can scarcely behold

and wondrous visions for both young and old-

                            a world of whimsy and great airs.

But come close small child

for winds often shift,  your course goes adrift,

you float past a rift,

you’ll be swallowed up swift-

                            in a treacherous void of nightmares.

Yes, this world holds beauties never foretold,

and perfect blue nights that are never too cold,

and pristine warm summers that are soft on the skin,

and days of just resting, that never begin-

                            a perpetual peaceful slumber.

But come close small child

there’s no such delight in the terror filled night,

in that dark world of fright,

where hopes seized in spite-

                            and you know that your days are numbered.

So be careful my child as you journey this eve

off to the land where minds go to reprieve,

off to the land of slumber so deep,

the land of folly only found in your sleep-

                            this land that is ever so odd..

                            be careful as you journey to Nod.
when another (anointed as lady lucky)
   resident renter bequeathed her bed
prior to that good samaritan deed thyself and spouse
   slept on the floor like dogs dead
tired from another day acclimatizing ourselves,

   especially when tummies got well fed
and grudging adjustment lying
   supine upon the carpet

   did upon arising found aches and pains from head
to toes, yet financial shortcomings disallowed this Jed
eye wannabe to defer attending domestic chores,
   cuz ma whole body felt like a Led
Zeppelin, and matter of fact oft times,

   thy body electric, though lacked
   no evidence of disease NED
for short, I near felt a need to relearn basic motor skills,
   gingerly, and eagerly reached for performance
   enhancing drug i.e. PED

which coded identification exemplified the a rich color of red
this (and other) prescription medication
   (about a half dozen total found me to sleep akin to a Ted
dee bear, many instances of snoring  
   thine wife claimed emanated –
   probably no more than when we wed

if memory serves me correctly
   twenty plus years a husband aye attest
and find peace of body, mind and spirit most exuberant and best
cherished, when hen pecking wife (yup, this husband

   got pecking, pock, puck size marks to vouchsafe
   his sworn statement)
   some visible on my slightly flabby and hairless chest
and if traced with a ball point pen, the shape
   loosely resembles mount Everest

with evidence of what appears to be erosion,
   but actually evidence of wifely cannibalism –
   viz zit on par as with an unwanted guest
which at first found this pop (sic) hull averse
   to share the same firm mattress lest
she arise like a flesh eating zombie during
   wee ***** weber hours of the morning and taking nest
ling to another level, whereby teeth and scratch marks
   sure testament asper a pest

stiff ferrous mate, this husband would sooner bid adieu,
   letting fate guide  terrestrial quest
that might incorporate undergoing the
   electric kool aid acid test

perhaps buffeting this corporeal essence north west
or maybe the unforeseen sojourn would spirit thyself
   to a distant alien nation
one where each day of soundness of mental, physical
   and spiritual growth will be reason enough
   to celebrate with élan and zest.

Now tis one upside to this stroke when with restfulness
   awake after nocturnally conjuring sheep and lil bo beep
yet, no ambition exists to get down and out
   from this posh plush place to sleep
even wild horses cant drag me away, lest hie weep.
Nick Moser Jan 2016
It's funny how nowadays if we see someone we know,

We nod our head up.

And if we see someone we don't know,

We nod our head down.

But when we see ourselves in the mirror,

We don't know what to do.
Social outcasts
Just try and hit me with
a car
a fist
or anything worse than
I have not been hit recently
Despite skateboarding through traffic
Maybe my tall white anger
is enough to stop
geology itself for one slow moment
Or satan is on my side
Or someone is watching me recklessly
Take on an inertial framer of the references
to all 3 azxisy
I cannot be stopped
from pretending
to be in a private universe
Publicly I may require some protection from
Hitting famously the one thing I have been trying to avoid
Selling Out
honesty & arrogances
I have been BOUGHT IN...
******* hell capitalism is over already, illegal is just what they call everyone I am la razing on behalf of *nods*
Breanna Stockham Jan 2016
Everyone speaks
A million miles an hour
Each word
Growing more empowered

They think saying more,
Competing, interrupting
Proves that they know more
And won't be thought of as nothing

Well I'm the bird
That tries to tweet
When thunder crashes
And lightning streaks

Won't take the time
To hear my thoughts
So all I do
Is smile and nod

But that's okay,
No worries here,
Won't seek validation
From a strangers ear

Your hot air fills the room
While you seek your applause
I know my worth, applaud myself
So I just smile and nod

— The End —