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K Balachandran Mar 2020
Life, a brief sojourn,
In an unknown airport lobby,
Between an arrival and departure.
J J Aug 2019
(To Emily)

On the bus
I've only the blank eyes of my
to study, and the heat of a bitewound
on my lip
to accompany it.
back and fourth
   in my seat
Your face
In my thoughts,
thru my eyes;
You keep me safe.
Written following a bus joruney home after one of the first meeting's with my future wife. She entered my life at a very depressed and lonely stage where I needed someone to cherish and cherish me back. I was gorged in Ezra Pound's early works at the time.
a berth
was law
where a
squash was
a plume
in his
breath hitherto
on his
mark then
a flight
to basque
still hung
round him
in the
foothills at
the Bay
of Biscay
My innocent princess your glowing eyes dictate
It seems that you want to cut straight to my heart
Let your beauty be straight and frank just to state
That love and beauty are same and not poles apart

Your graces and intuition make you great to declare
That you have been created in paradise with a glow
That your flair and glare definitely makes you rare
God has sent you to the world, His beauty to show

So you are not part of this world but a light in trance
Through the centuries like a candle you burn to turn
Every darkness from the face of earth to give a chance
With modern pattern to the world in sojourn to discern
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2014 Golden Glow
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
comely, maybe
but not beautiful
my features are as round as vowels
and I carry the moon in my hips
I am an unpolished beauty
smooth pebbles resting at the bottom
of a cold clear stream
with an empty purse
my only currency

in this world
I am a shrinking violet
occasionally a rose
caught in your button-loop
long-stemmed red roses
stalk runways
hollywood bombshells
are bubbly as champagne
and full of flesh and light

but *** sans love
is still an empty bathtub
whatever happened to pin-up girls
long cigarette holders
and muted photographs?
I am distorted
in the fish-eye view
of the modern lens

in my fantasies
I am no longer sand and loam
I glow like a tall slim candle
though I am often numb and dumb
and my girls are as absent
as long lost unicorns
I am the bohemian princess

I travel through foreign lands
clothed in exotic costume
a jewelled headdress, and
indian pyjamas coloured sapphire,
turquoise and cayenne-red
my feet are near bare
and my hippie hair
is a mass of blonde curls

I take a sojourn in
southern california
warm desert air
soft against my skin
I surf in the salty sea
held buoyant by the waves
a sunset stains the sky tangerine
the palm trees
black against the orange light
click teasingly in the breeze
"In My Fantasies" can be found in my book "Blood for Honey", available at and Amazon.
Shane Aug 2015
The tea sits
Death collecting different scenes
I’m stressed
Such a mess with the reaper next to me
Life vest on my chest
And I couldn’t really see
Long steps to unrest and I’m bent reality
The fragments breathe
Will deliver and I’m keen to the quiver
Arrows preen
The apple’s novelty
Surreal it seems
The venom makes sin of me
A little sliver the beast
Disturbing the honesty
The havoc see it in the light
And let it seek a little strife
Collapse in dreams it’s still alright
Just follow me and

Days go by
And the days go by
And the days

Fall next to me
They wither in seasons
Oppressive tendencies
Observe the winter casualties
With frozen blood and splinters
Unruly royalty for dinner
The bloodline isn’t coiled
So they haven’t found a winner
The peril focused
Elapsed so nobody would notice
It wasn’t hopeless
Ascension hadn’t found a locus
Scrambling the frequency
A remedy just like unbroken chains that lead to purity
As if the marks of shame were lotus
Drinking deep amidst tequila dreams
With that much alcohol I’m bound to see
The difference
What it takes from me in travels
Hollow ships that creak and battle with my frenemies
Just trying to find some ******* peace
A little crazed
A little battered
So many names
Poetic ******* is my favorite
And it’s said with sharp tongues and flagrance
Art forms and a cadence
Just trying to count the ways that

Days go by
And the days go by
And the days

Make clouds break
Unraveling the seasons
Couldn’t fathom all the reasons
Left to brandish all the pieces
Couldn’t handle all the artifacts
To me the voice of treason was a pretty ****** father that I couldn’t wait to see
He left scars
Gave me emptiness to seek the stars
I grew lost
With a tendency to keep to bars
Some new parts of me I never noticed
I wasn’t hopeless
I’m just barely even getting started
Some new paths
Chasing fantasies I seek to harvest
Undo traps that I set to self destruct the progress
Parallel to heavens gate
I’m aiming for the secret garden
So catch me gliding through the waves as

Days go by
And the days go by
And the days go
And the days go by
*And the days go by
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
Lonely wanderings
Holding hands with the wind
Flying away to distant lands
Over the mountains and seas
So many questions does arise
A silent reprise of my music
None, but these ears are tuned
A braveheart’s sojourn unknown
Here for a tryst with soliloquy
Answers from the heart and soul
A new journey awaits the wanderer

— The End —