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Lil lotus Mar 7
"Yeah, well I make the same mistake two or three times, just to be sure it's a mistake and not bad luck. ;-)"
A quote thats destined to be known!
All credit goes to my dear friend, Masha Yurkevich =) <3
Who created this!!!!
I give you a wink;
its a simple hint.

I give you a smile;
keep you going for a while.

I give you a laugh;
I know what you want to have.

I give you my trust;
I know I'm something that you love.

I give you myself;
you want me more than any wealth.

I give you my love;
I'm starting to get hopeless.

I gave you all I ever had;
my wink
my smile
my laugh
my trust
my love.

But somehow,
for you,
that is not enough.
You want me
to give you more
when you have given me none.
caroline Dec 2018
they say, “don’t blink.
life will pass you by.”
but I’ll need to blink sometime
my eyes are getting dry.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Ah! that naughty wink,
Could accomplish many things!
Or make one just sink!
Isaac Aug 2018
Life squeezes me tighter and tighter.
The pressure is real. I could almost burst.

Is there a way for this burden to be lighter?
My soul being stretched, unnaturally dispersed.

In the midst of such barbaric ferocity,
I shove back, for some air to breathe and think.

I look at life with curiosity.
Life looks me back, and gives me a wink.

I see the world in a future time.
Things now old, replaced with the new.

This entire generation passed its prime,
and the dreams in my heart finally come true.
Written 6 August 2018
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Lilac emits her scent,
Orchid’s winks bring elation;
Love speaks through us all!
K Balachandran Jun 2018
pale lady, full moon,
spurns a million suitors' winks;
sits alone, brooding!
Seanathon May 2018
When the sky opens up
And waves to us
With a rain pouring down
In a heart felt sound
Be you sure and smile back
Till the sky's collapse
As each rain is a drop
In a wave quick to pass
If you know me... Play some Harry Connick Jr. for me and smile. Even if the WHY seems too great. It isn't. (: (;
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