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He was lost in the spirited flow of a river,
Later  found himself in this lady's boudoir,
The circumstances to onlookers are little unclar,
But suffice to tell, in water things were quite  fluid,
The boudoir was hectic, he was more or less stuck.

Don't think he had any serious complaint about it,
Only hoped, this strange fact  be better explained.
Her kind of explanation was rather queer, he felt!

"There is nothing to be astonished, my dear
I'm an ace swimmer, and was present there
At the time of the incident, nothing more"
She mysteriously smiled, adding a dainty twist.

Well, a rescue mission, as we know is higly humanitarian,
There are more than what meets the eyes, in this situation.
He was of two minds, to remain there and to break loose,
Life in her boudoir, he feared would make him a libertine!
SilverSpoon Oct 2015
We are absinthe-soaked days.

We are mountain dew-drenched *******
And grass-stained t-shirts.

We pull spindly, spidery veins from the palms of our hands.
We let the cuts of the world kiss our lemon juice lips.

We flip off the moon
And say ******* to the skies.

We devour mermaids by night.

— The End —