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I long for the days when
Ignorance was bliss
Innocence was kind

Waking up on birthdays
Used to feel full of magic
And special
Like that day
Was mine for the taking

Everyday is the same
Dull and boring
Boring and dull
My birthday was two days ago and even I forgot...
We all are somehow unhappy in love
One way or the other
We live in a generation where **** takes place instead of love.
They say ‘Where there is love , there is pain’.
But is it really love , when it gives you so much of pain?
Love is an assorted feeling.
That feeling which can be felt only by a few, those who realises it.
And those who know how to bear it.
Love doesn’t mean sacrifice, you only reach at a point, where you have to chose between leaving that person or to sacrifice something for him/her.
Love gives you a blissful smile , a magical feeling. But the person who gives you pain and betrayal isn’t the right person for you.
There are plenty of fish in the sea. Then why to run after the one who’s choking you?
It’s rather difficult to find the right person, but waiting is a good answer to it.
There’s always one made for you , Waiting eagerly.
Unhappy in love !!
When your luscious lips gently close on to mine,
In a sudden energy surge  from deep down , I shine.
In perfect silence we fall, to savour it to the hilt,
The flow tide rushes in, hearts in passion are  hit!
Amanda Feb 18
I will never again say "Baby" instead of "Paul"
This body will not be yours
Days of blissful chaos are over
Had my fill of slamming doors

The world holds endless possibilities
Not one close to my true desire
Freedom may have been my decision
Was broken until my trust retired

It hurts more than I could believe
Sincerity in your eyes
Wish I could remove my heart
Before it is exposed to your lies
You believe your own lies and that is the real problem
Pallavi Feb 7
Happiness is a cloud
When you have it,
It shouts loud.
As white as dew,
As good as few,
So pure & blissful .....
When it comes.
Abondon in pain
When it runs.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
From the top of a railroad tower at 6:30 in the morning I saw the sun break free from the horizon my arms spread like wings as the freight train thundered underneath of me. I’ve not felt such freedom since.
Alexandria King Nov 2018
He was never known
to have a bissful moment.
He saw all of the agony
wrung in our lives.
Moeshfiekah Sep 2018
Grip her neck
And take her into pure bliss
While making her drip with your whispers.
How she mentally ***** your mind in a way so capturing and craving . Where you enter a place of bliss . You never want to leave. Creating a longing you never thought you had
Axion Prelude Sep 2018
Alive, alone, derided through and through

You know you get me
But when I'm alone.. I become sane, again
troubled with the mess of realizing
reality isn't my forte, it's the dreams I live in
and the hopes I'm not given

Disdained, begetting songs of true fortune
You know it's crazy to think of anything before you
and even then, I realized I didn't have anything planned

I know you didn't want to see this coming
and neither did I
The silver linings are once in a lifetime
we get the chance to divine upon;
But there's never a greater time to behold except right very much now

I know you said you couldn't do it alone, but look at you now
stoic, yet holding your own
Tattered and barren but never too far from the hope we knew we needed
And it's a mystery why things never stay the same no matter how much
In the end everything seems to be
Invariably never changing

old habits dying with the wishes we had yesterday
But it's cool
I see you there and all I could ask of you is
Simply you

There's no defeat that is what we ultimately asked for
But I'll never presume what I have, what I want, what I know
It's all only what you care to choose
Your smile begets my own

By now, I feel, the notion has gotten a little overboard
the motion of it all being
Self defeating
Just as these words drip from my fingers
I can't stop seeing..

But they'll never change, unlike the rest..
And no, I'm not saying I'm anywhere **** near being the best
For you, or anyone
But what I can purvey is all the trust that's been given thus far
It's not natural unless it comes deep within our own hearts to convey
And I appreciate it, like cherishing a perfect day you can't forget

Because it came from somewhere knowing you well enough; deep down, among all the stricken dusty irony
Designed in purgatory, awaiting, sophisticated
the drudgery seems to fall away when we're just speaking at or especially with each other

But I still know, even in all of this, I am alone to think of such inspiring bliss
It comes off as moronic banter
Meaningless and disgusting just like the rest before me
But that's not me at all, and just maybe with time you'll get to know that best

You were afraid, then..
You'll be afraid tomorrow
and even then, I'll know never to impose
That's not what I want to do
That's not any sole truth
I just want to hear and know you're having a good day

All I could ever ask is simply you; and I'll be right here
Where we both fell in plight
Singing all the empty little things
We call life's, little, circumstances
Let's take chances, and leap into the unknown

For once, for good, for now; all spared meanings
Serving nothing and nobody proud, but rather still
Emotionless, soulless, deep and profoundly undertaken  
Shaken, wreaking havoc on their own flightless, droll, uncured soul

Sometimes we fall for the things we think are good for us
It echoes in the past as pain and regret
When, truthful, ironically
We tend to fall just trying to make a leap of faith on any first thing that brings us any hope to know "I'm okay" when in reality it's just false truths that bestow wrongdoing

And when something good actually happens upon our doorstep
The only way we seem to go is back, taken, breathless with deceit
Convinced what's here and now isn't anything that's good or worth our time
Irony seethes there, cold and barren
You never know, until you just know..
I'm talking about a true leap, in the right direction

Not desperate, or disparaging
Not profoundly meaningless or unshaken
Something bold enough to cover the scars and defeat with a kindness, a goodness, a righteousness strong enough to say
"hey, I think I'm going to be okay" and nothing more simple or complex as that

And if you want to get up and walk around, we'll so do I; and I could never want for more than to simply have the pleasure of spending that time together
Against all odds and defying all the redundant nuance

Derided, through and through.. Lost but never alone
Gone but never too far
And all I could every truly, simply, kind ask for is..
All that could ever be perceived as expected is everything that couldn't be thought of or imagined. The only thing we are capable of expecting is the utterly unexpected.

It'll never happen. Part of me isn't okay with that. Not through fear, or anger, but a resounding sadness knowing there's literally only one, and that will simply never exist elsewhere.

A quaint, smitten echo of somber defeat rings with every exhale.
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