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Zach Nov 2022
How to describe that moment when we wake at last?
Tentatively emerging from the comfortable cocoon of that early, endless summer
****** into a cold, vibrant land, full of beauty and pain
Equipped with a newfound vigor but fueled by our disillusionment

Here, in the infancy of our societal influence
Fresh off a restful bout of childhood ignorance
We take aim to preserve that magic, for as long as we can
We dance in the summer rain, so it might not fade away…

But when do we lose focus?
When do we become,
The target of long lost laughter,
relenting to the forces of absurdity?

Perhaps when our world comes crashing down
With the weight of a thousand suns
When purity falls prey to the stalking darkness
That lives in the darkened mire

We’re all lost souls in this garden world
As our sanity stumbles with each passing season
From a fleeting glimpse at beauty in the warmth of the spring
to our frozen heart from winter’s endless pain

What is it we really want then?
As we wake up dreaming of a peaceful life,
of blue skies, and free-flowing thoughts
in the warm embrace of a sun-kissed day

But out of darkness, fear does grow
Those memories seem so far away.
Saddled with willing acts of complacency
We trudge on, immune to our nagging decency

For as we stand on the edge of the abyss
Faced by the power of the absurd
We can’t help but look down
Into the unrelenting grimace of finality

Can we recapture, moments lost, memories fallen
from the hardened heart of our war-torn soul?
For deep inside, perhaps we’ll find
A glimpse at a forgotten past

Might we gather one last breath,
A passing whiff of that summer day
So long ago, when we dreamt of a greater purpose and when magic
Enveloped our reality with the warm embrace of mystery and intrigue

Might we realize then that pain makes beauty?
And as we stand on the edge of the abyss
Trading a summer daydream
For a midnight reverie

We take a step back…
Every day I think of this
How we forget and find true bliss

Some may think this is all a joke
But I laugh and take another ****

Find yourself alone at last
Everything around us moves too fast

Stuck in a daze but its alright
Don't mind being the one out of sight

Sungmoo Bae Aug 2020
Lull my body
dull my self,
    ye good poet of mine;

I could use some lullaby
at this starry night—starry
stars in heavens, creations
from the comforter;
oblivion now seemingly a synonym of
blissful state of a mind;
countless stars—starry are they,
boundless thoughts—wild, rowdy
thoughts and imaginations
un-checked, stimulating,
eager to be loaded and fired,
    and so on, et cetera.

They are crossing the sky
dressed in a hue of midnight.

    I think of my late-night coffee
    to be some reason for this,
    but I'll never be sure, still.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)

Last Revised: 21th of December, 2020.
Brian Ong Aug 2020
Ding! . . . Ding! . . .
A man locks eyes with an artificial light
that shows a world clouded in darkness. Gleaming with empty words and false promises, the light is shut.
“Not now,” he says, as he drifts of into the night.

Ding! . . . Ding! . . .
The man springs from his bed, chasing the light.
Yet his calloused hands go stiff—
he backs away with a shake of the head.
“I’m not ready,” he says, as he eyeballs a dusky mirror reflecting on days that have long gone.

Ding! . . . Ding! . . .
This time, he merely acknowledged the light—
the light that enamored him once, maybe twice.
Yet this time, he simply glanced
as it died in the twilight.
“Why bother?” he says, as he dreams of days that once were.
my intent was that light = cellphone, but it could be up to your interpretation. :)
Beng Jul 2020
Watching the sunset
feels so peaceful
Watching the sunset
indeed's blissful
But no sunset
can be so beautiful
when i look at you
some poem drafts on my notebook
Shamela Yousuff May 2020
Just closing eyes
My mind flowing
Through my thoughts
Wondering whether
My presence serves
for a purpose
or not
Just one thought can decide how your day will pass by....
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AiR Apr 2020
True Love is bliss, it's not just a kiss
It's sad this truth in life we miss
We sing and we dance
And we enjoy the romance
But the bliss and the peace of True Love we miss

What is Love, seems a strange question to ask
Falling in Love is a very easy task
When somebody makes your heart dance
And you feel the romance  
Life becomes beautiful and you live in that trance              

Haven't you seen kids loving their mom and dad?
Friendship too is Love, it's not just a fad
When there is Love, there is bliss
Love is not just a passionate kiss
There are many different types of Love in fact

It's sad that people think *** is Love
Even without *** you can be hand in glove
With True Love, two become one
Yes, True Love is a lot of fun
It's happiness that takes you far above

When we speak of True Love, what exactly is meant?
In ignorance of True Love, our life is spent
True Love is really magic
That we miss it, is tragic
True Love is a gift that is God sent

Love is Love, but True Love is bliss
It is not just ***, it is not just a kiss True Love is something great
But it is not everybody's fate
It is sad though we live, this treasure we miss

True Love is not just of body and mind
True Love is not something which the heart can find
What is our Goal?
Find True Love in the Soul
Then in True Love you will find two Souls will bind

With True Love you find that two become one
There are no disagreements and life becomes fun
When 'you' and 'me' become 'us'
Then there is no more fuss
And the treasure of True Love in life is won

The Greeks called Eros, the Love of passion
But Agape was True Love that was their mission
True Love was not just physical
And neither intellectual or emotional
True Love was to make Godly Love the obsession

If Love is so beautiful then why do we cry?
Why do lovers fight  and then question why?
Because there is Love
But there is no True Love
The beauty of Love very soon does die

What makes you think that Love is a kiss?
What makes you believe that romance is bliss?
When you give away your heart
And you see it's torn apart
Then you realize that you made a miss

When you realize True Love in the Soul
There is peace in the Heart, and joy is whole
And you see beyond the skin
And you Love the one within
Then you have found True Love, your very life goal

In True Love, you are compassionate and kind, you give
True Love is such that you always forgive
True Love makes one free
And you live joyously
It is with True Love that one can truly live

True Love is a Divine Rainbow with Colours Seven
Colours that burst from White and make you feel you are in Heaven
It is the Love of Body and Mind
The Love of Heart and Soul
True Love is Divine, it takes you to Cloud Eleven

It's time to stop and True Love to find
To go beyond body and to go beyond mind
True Love is in the Soul
What is the ultimate goal?
To discover True Love and to put everything behind

True Love is Spiritual, True Love is Divine
True Love is more ******* than *** and wine
True Love transcends the heart
And goes deep within the Soul
True Love is loving God and making life whole

When you discover True Love, you smile all the while
For you see the Divine, everywhere, all the time
You see beyond body, you see beyond mind
When True Love in every Soul you find
True Love makes life blissful, True Love we must find
AiR – Atman in Ravi is Spiritual philosopher, mentor and author.
AiR is an embodied soul, whose only mission in life is to help people Realize the Truth and God.

AiR seeks to make a difference in people's lives by triggering them to Ask questions and Investigate, and in turn Realize the Self and God.
Jayanta Mar 2020
You never realize you’re potent,
Always absorbed to ponder differently!

Your argumentative nature
Make many one peeved!

But no one realize
Where lies the
Idea of own thoughtfulness
Alternative thinking!

You mobilize the collective
To think alternatively
And work differently
To put colours in others life
To make them blissful!

No one able to forget
About your thought and effort
To form a collective
To putting colour of happiness for other!
Now everyone is committed
to continue your endeavor !
To bring colours of delightedness
to other!
In the memories of Alashree Basumotary, who was expired on March 15, 2020. She was an inhabitant of fringe village of Manas National Park and world natural heritage site ( inKokilabari area of Baksa, Assam,India).
Up to 2015, their daily life and livelihood was depending on NTFP collection from the park. It was mid part of 2016 Alashree lead five other fellow village women started their plan for alternative livelihood. In course of time Alashree mobilize and motivate more women and form Purnima Women SHG. Alashree lead the SHG as president. They started their venture of Chalk pencil production. In the process of pursuing their passion, they started new venture of dyeing of cotton thread using different natural sources including uses of leaves of different invasive plant. These ventures bring more secured livelihood to these 12 women. Their colour threads were used for apparel making, dress material production in handloom. Now all the SHG members are committed to continue the venture keep alive Alashree’s dream venture.
Purnima SHG was supported by Aaranyak( an NGO based at Guwahati, Assam,India ) under Manas Tiger Conservation Programme (MTCP).
I was personally involved with many of their planning and strategy making discussion, in-fact in a village level meeting where I was a participant ( as an associate of MTCP team )  Alashree and the fellow women for the  first time  share their idea of SHG formation and group venture. It is difficult to forget her thoughtful argument and desire to work together to change their own life and make bring delightedness to others.
Last we mate on January 21, 2020    (in a programme on “One Month Certificate Course on Value Addition & Marketing of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) by ENVIS Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Govt of India in Manas in association with  ENVIS Cell of ASTE council and Green Environment Task Force (GETF)),   where in a technical session  conducted by me, Alashree and one of their SHG member give demonstration on utilization leaves and flower of non-cultivated floral sources for natural dyeing. After the session Alashree jokingly told me you make us teacher too.
May her soul rest in peace!
Oh what a man among men.
What a creature among creatures.
Like a tree He remains never changing from his good ways
Even when stones where thrown at him by the very ones that enjoys It's fruit, still, it remain, even when piled from all part of him for their own purpose still he remain. Though,  the tree had no choice but this man had a choice yet stoic he was
During the day and night he stood still..
Comes rain comes sunshine he was never changing, brought fought fruits and other endowment not for his own benefit but for those around.  he was friend to all and enemy to none he was, aware of every phenomenon and occurrence around him yet never said a word of it, just allow it to pass,
Even axed down or cut down by the very once it shades from the scorching sun rays and from the rain drops and while thought they that never will he rise again, he sprung up again with the love of all, never concerned by the past records, he lived a life of absolute serenity, he never complains about anything to anyone external from his being, but the wisest of gazers will understand the complaints from the strand it form on his branches, blissful his he for even the universe appraises its good deeds, during the wind  that carries away the roof of others blow, it stood still to protect it's very own..
He his my dad
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