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Sammie Sep 2020
On the shore she stands still
looking in the water so clear
Her thoughts have all the time to ****
yet of none she really fears
Everything is in sight from inside out
hard rock, all the moss and the debris
To which her heart gives a shout
for her brain to just feel the breeze
"Oh darling! Catch up with me on this ride
only then we can make it big..!"
Her brain then forgets about the high tides
and off she goes to look for her treasure to dig!!
It's the head that counts they say
yet in her game
with her whole heart she plays
GardenDelights Nov 2019
Thunder releases its battle cry
as lightning slashes the dark night sky
rain drenches the sleeping land
awakening a thirsty, needy demand.
This greedy ground
soaks up rain ravenously
...and the clouds continue to release
this downpour that does not cease
amidst the loud violence of the night.
I love our thunderstorms and the falling rain. Tampabay, Florida, is the lightening capital of the nation, not always an envied trait.
GardenDelights Nov 2019
Imagine if a man could pluck a star out of the night sky
Rolling it up in verdant green sheets of grass and wildflowers
          peeled from a nearby hillside,
Topping that with a bow crafted from a sinuous ribbon
          of sparkling water
Then toss it your way!
Would you catch it or let it fall?
Would you grab it firmly in both hands and hug it tightly
          to your chest?

Oh, see what’s happened! The wrapping has loosened
And radiant slivers of starlight are emerging out
          between the sheets of grass!
Go ahead! Unwrap your gift and let it shine for you!
Do you feel the earth respond?
Feel its quivering excitement at the closeness of
          the star’s light?
All of nature stands alertly at attention, arms spread wide
Receiving every precious bit of illumination from this
          glittering jewel come down from the dazzling expanse
          of the glittery night sky.

Never has creation been so privileged, so honored by
          a star’s presence!
And you, do you feel it, too?
Feel captured by the moment, engulfed by the vision of
          earth, star, and sky
Closing the gap, the distance between themselves
Until you are cloaked in starlight and velvet
Giddy at their oh-so-soft, affectionate touch on your cheek
Warmed by the earth
Tickled by the wildflowers
Awash in their fresh scent
Granted a peacefulness of soul in seeing all of these
          creations converging contentedly upon you,
          embracing you, accepting you, loving you.
K Balachandran Mar 2019
from a dry split pod,
a lot of winged seeds explode;
a future forest
Crystal Freda Apr 2018
Rising from the water
like a fragrant cupcake.
Seeds floating in the stream
increasing from the wake.

Blue and purple
blooms onto to the pads.
Roaming and roaming
across ripples in scads.

Growth so pretty
and basin so new.
Lily so delicate
and purely blue.

O' marshes!
Swallow up the gale
Which farthest I could hear,
Ne'er I belong such privilege
By myrtle over there.
Recollecting where the pod
To whom I left behind,
The continent,
The humble swamps,
Surpassing us again.

David Huggett Jan 2018
On Tuesday we all wound up at aunt Mary's house for a hearty fill of tea and crumpets and of course our favorite fill her delicious tide pod recipe.
Sinr Sep 2013
Your body is written in cursive
with those subtle curves.
I said I want to have a peaceful riot
with your body
I just want to **** **** up.
I wanted to take you somewhere
so quiet that all we can hear is our
heavy breaths.
Somewhere we can see every single
******* star
So that they get jealous while looking
down on us
Because they can never have a collision
Just like us.
Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Sinr Nov 2015
I'm a admire of art
loving you
was my masterpiece.
The brush strokes
I couldn't
a beautiful picture.
feedback is greatly appreciated. thank you
In poetry, I open the pod of my heart,
without fear,
I show who I am.
poetry has been a welcoming, warm space in times of depression and sadness.
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