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Sirad Jul 2020
Anticipating the split between two colonies
Honeybees swarm to protect their queen

Encircled by her children
The swarm become one nervous system
Moving to the sound of rhythmic beats

I swallowed the swarm
Now safe within my centerpiece
Inside my muscular comb
They found new cavities to live in
K Balachandran Sep 2019
A swarm of bees hum?
Thrilled earth receives cumulonimbus sting ;
Mind is on a swing!
Diána Bósa Oct 2016
Trying to fathom
the science of colours, the
beautiful swarm of
shades and tinges: the abyss
and the heaven in your eyes.
Connor Exodus Dec 2015
You're never
Gonna' quit
It. We're fast
And illegal in
Suburbia and
You say you're
Gonna quit it
But we can't
Just yet in a
Birth so quick
And shy of
Hate with
Extensive roots
And long
Black pride
That shatters
Every swam
Of doubt;
It's almost
Six, the sun
Will knight
A worthy
Soul with
No teeth
And no
Pride. As
We all lie
Aching and
We beg for
of the
Open to interpretation.
Fang Xuyokuna Nov 2015
Infest for fest; instead fester.
Rest yourself in steadfast sequester.
Like insects swarm these thoughts overwhelm me. It takes all I have sometimes to keep them quiet.

Formerly part of a poem in progress. I removed it from the current draft but felt it was too good to go unpublished.
I find myself wanting to,
protect the world,
save those from evil,
stop sick disgusting people.
I want to rid this world of its sick desires,
I want to destroy you, I want to **** you, you who are scared of my words.
My words may scare you but you should be terrified of my swords,
I could command a army of hordes,
ready to come in and swarm,
on sick disgusting worms.
I would destroy those in my way.
Bugs in the dark swarm
My screen is not the sunlight
But they know nothing.

— The End —