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Bea Aug 2020
My scarfaced TSA prince
I see you on imvu and
I just want you
As we talk my
Body aches for you
My heart aches for when we can work
And be together
I pine for your presence
Your love
And touch
Bea Aug 2020
The way that you carry yourself
In that CATSA uniform
I see my scarfaced love
Checking passengers for weapons
Oh how I await his touch
Oh how I await is kisses
Then he takes me aside
My dreams come true
I get to feel his touch
Amanda Hawkins May 2020
little by little you’ll come to  understand
it takes more than a destination to call it fate
almost missed my flight mistaking the gate
thought I’d see you coming
were you late?
love could’ve been the first destination
but you never came
Ritz Writes May 2020
The 4 am drive to the airport
Sealed with melancholy and unbarring silence.
Sweaty hands interlocked;
Afraid to let go.
For two hours of staying wide awake wasn't enough to absorb the repercussion we would soon be battling with.
And the new faces are just a mirage, collected stories and memories still imprinted in closed notes; the counted days of our momentary bliss.
The wait never felt like a burden, rather worth the wait to enjoy our last bite of meal.
Tight hugs and kisses, as I walked through the door with my bags and suitcases,
Never thought one day, that was the final draft of our story for five years back.
"No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories." ~ Haruki Murakami ❀
hal Mar 2020
He sits like he owns the place,
Walks like he’s already won the race.
Yet casually.

Grey coat draped over his sure shoulders,
Moves quick and slick unlike boulders.
Yet casually.

The black bag sits alone,
As he waits observing on his phone.
Yet casually.

He catches a glimpse and chuckles a laugh.
I turn away his face only half.
Yet casually.

He knows something that I don’t.
Pay close attention but I know that you won’t.
Yet, undetected.
K Balachandran Mar 2020
Life, a brief sojourn,
In an unknown airport lobby,
Between an arrival and departure.
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2019
I do not want to part from your sweet smile!
(Who blesses me sweetly with soothing bliss)
Even though I know it is for a while,
'Twas not enough for me, that parting kiss.

I will go far away, the road is long,
So far away from you, for quite a long time,
Thus I want you to listen to my song
Of separation's woe, weaved with a rhyme.

But oh! there is something: a light called hope,
Who's my dear friend, usually at my side
When rest and peace are near, so I can cope
With all the pain, like breathing oceans wide.

Although I'm far away on my vacation,
You stay in my binding imagination.
Written out of boredom at the airport. A poet can write about love without a person in mind I believe.
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