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The drive to the airport
Quiet, an unbarring silence.
Sweaty hands interlocked;
Afraid to let go

Afraid I might cry if you let go;
One last goodbye;
Until I see you again,
Until we intertwine again.
Starry Aug 29
On the way to
The airport
The city is congested
Like a cold patentions lungs
I wonder
If I will get to my fly on time.
JGLutes Aug 29
all of that

out there
past the city
past the airport

none of casualties of civilization

I could
not find
an inappropriately
Bhill Aug 13
There comes a time in everyone’s life
That time has come for many of you
Many of you believe that there is an after
An after where others are waiting
Waiting for you to come into view
A view that is unknown
Unknown till you arrive
Arrive at your lost car
Your car at the airport seems to be missing
You will find IT!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 204
Been here!
icarus Aug 9
i wear yellow and stare at planes
folding themselves into downy blue.
if i crash too, let the headline read:
icarus loved the sun
just as his father loved him
(but when the waves caught his body
he returned to his mother's embrace)
Tyler Harper Aug 7
Girls in the airport
Are, for some reason, hotter
Than anywhere else
I dont know why
Axel Jun 9
His soothing voice was calling me
like a sound of an early morning
waking me up from a heavy sleep.

The coldness in the room
was starting to fade away
as he brings the warmness with a look
of a charming Christmas.

Love can be anywhere, anytime,
any day and just let your heart open
so that he or she can love you
like him and I did as I found love
in the most unusual place.
love at first sight
Build me an airport above the surface of your heart
The runway could be hard surfaces
Made out of asphalt
Or soft surfaces
Made of grass
No matter how easy or hard
I will take my chances
To land safely on your heart

Make a radio tower and tell me the radio frequency
So I can tell you how gorgeous is your smile
How I love your sins, flaws and your style
And you can tell me
Clear to do arrival and approach
But if you are not ready, put me on hold
Let me land there sweetie
As dues
daze a
coup and
behind you
a glory
day here
does find
you but
found you
but a
heel by
an exchange
of a
pie to
wish hours
here whoosh
a car
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