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His love washes over me /
Pristinely /
Drenching me, deluging me /
In surging airborne streams /

A parcel of wind greets me /
& raises me to Him. /
In the Light of Dreams, of sweet reverie, /
There I find Him. /

Beside me he fulminates /
Making me adamantine, /
Diamonded /
Glistening resplendently. /

A place of concealment, a sanctuary, /
He drenches me in His Light, baptismal, /
Cascades me, /
In its torrential downpour. /

In stillness there is revelation, /
In stillness there is clarity, /
Though our hearts tremulous, may quake & tremble, /
He awakens us anew each morn. /
He unravels the hidden secrets with me, /
As though pristinely clear. /
He shows me that there, /
Exists no reason to quiver in darkness /

Rather, I must /
Grow, learn, flourish, effloresce, & burgeon /
In The Light of the Sun. /
He is my maker, He is my creator, He is my God, Jehovah. /
Fi Oct 2022
Les sentiments qui nagent dans ma tête
Après t’avoir regardé dans les yeux
(Quand je me sens capable de ce fait) -
Remplissent mon cœur de fébrilité

Trop exposant pour s’exprimer dans ma langue maternelle.  

Mes choix de mots et les expressions enfantines
Reflètent mes sentiments -

Maladroits mais purs;
Nerveux mais calmes.
Sécurité et vulnérabilité entrelacées
comme nos mains


The feelings that swim in my head
After I meet your gaze
(When I feel capable of doing so) -
Fill my heart with restless excitement

Too exposing to express in my native tongue.

My choice of words and childlike expression
Mirror my emotions -

Awkward but pure;
Nervous but calm.
Security and vulnerability interlaced
Like our hands.
A poem I wrote about a girl that makes me feel a lot of feelings that I felt too awkward to write in my native language of English, so it’s written in bad French instead.
Laia Blackthorn Feb 2022
Somewhere along the line, you changed.
You build walls all around you
and wore armor against the world,
You guarded your heart so well you could behave as though you didn't have one at all,
Even now, it's a shabby broken thing
but you still have it.
Not a heart of stone nor of ice,
But a fragile heart of glass
Sharpened through all its edges to stop anyone from getting in,
To stop the pain from getting out,

I understand why you wear armor,
That's why I wear it too.
Rajan Feb 2021
C'était le jour de l'amour,
Mais c'est le jour de la guerre,
Il faut qu’on transforme,
Nos larmes en l'armes.
hxzin Dec 2020
and to believe that i,
after only a
of months,
have fallen
truly and
unmistakably in love
everything about you

about my sweet sweet love
Raghu Pratap Oct 2020
My lover remembers to leave me a note,
talking about the time we used to talk
when we were lovers,
when our bedsheets aligned,
and the politics overhead too, made love every day,
and found the time to write spare notes - on cheap paper, and my borrowed pen,
to an amour she would not see anymore,
talking about the blue nights she spent with me,
my lover recalls with vividness
the words I had said to her,
before I could learn to speak again,
in this really long note she has left me, and
I can suddenly see time as I have never before, and
my lover looks at me as if she has never before,
and she doesn’t know when to stop, and her heart doesn’t stop so easy,
and I could stop reading,
knowing she might die soon.
Skins touch with a shocking wave of electromagnetic beats,
the tempo of our hearts sync in melodies.
When you kiss me with your tender lips, my mind becomes...
Earthly fields summon my spirit when you come unto me with your sweet lavishing ways.
You lay there...on my bed, with's just us 2 alone with the TV on and when i turn to look at you, your eyes are more of a sharp blue than the daylight brings.
I laid there with my eyes closed and felt the gentle grasp of your hand massage my ****, when i slowly opened my eyes around the room...i see you, staring at me with those Electromagnetic eyes and once again we fall into a trance for loves best symphonies.
Whenever you're with me,
The room,
My soul,
Our bodies...become...
Romance between 2 people
Nikki Jul 2020
¿Qué estás haciendo?
While I'm slowly losing my colours
¿Estás pensando en mí?
Mi ami?
Je te manque?
Do you even know me?
Porque yo sí te conozco
Je t'ai toujours connue
Ti ** sempre amato
Zelfs al hield je niet van mij
Zhavaed Haemaed May 2020
'twas March, I saw you first
in your slender demeanour
mute shine on your lips, adorn
Silent when I moved across
just behind, in queue.. to you
Introduced hath an acquaintance
the gentle vibes about you
the poems that you hadn't yet writ
the pen that had yet not wrote
It was similarities, I had seen
flowers that graced your wall;
Striking carnage in my mind
dissimilating my being,
And, finally in triumph, declared
yourself, I _ an adversary
Oh, but why, an adversary?
Since we could decide on
being likeminded friends
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