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Solaces May 2019
The universe had always been under a vast ocean..
Only it was some how the oceans that were here..
Past the abyss of thoughts..
Past the dreams of light..
It was a fathomless chasm of darkness into sub-atomic light..
Even in dream distant it could not be reached..
Only in understanding could it be found..
Profound, yawning,  and downreaching understanding..
Never were we looking up..
It was a Phantasm of beyond..
A castle in the air..
Conceiving the reverie to a beyond that was below..
Under the oceans here..
Below and below..
Strange thoughts.....
K Balachandran Apr 2019
fathomless cosmos,
is in an ecstatic trance.
we are in its dream!
Efa Nuryani Nov 2018
Part 2.

The cracking smile on her face, faded as he lifted her hands away. Propagating a gap between them, granting the cold air a territory,
to crawl among the spaces.
There was an interval silence before she broke it.
"Would it hurt you if I chose something beautiful?".
Deep down, she truly wished that it wouldn't.
She then profoundly started studying him who was strenuously absorbed into fathomless thoughts.
Another deadly silence filled in the room.
To her great misery, he murmured, "I don't know."
Along with a vulnerable gaze and a despairing smile, she let the words escape, "Tell me the truth then, will you?"
He raised his eyebrows, "should I?"
She nodded, as she barely knew that he was slightly nervous,
"This," he paused, "thing between us, I don't want it anymore."
She was in a dazed, having a hard time to conceive his sentence and approbate the bitter fact that he quit loving her.


— The End —