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Amanda Apr 16
Will you be my husband?
Be the handsome groom?
Can we walk the aisle right now?
Not someday “soon”?
Will you marry me today?
Make me a happy wife?
Promise me your lips to always kiss
Every day for the rest of your life?
It is a nice day for a proposal
Come on what do you say?
PSYCHE!!! I’m just joking
Happy April Fools Day!
Sorry I didn’t post this on the first
Three convenience store employees thought what they did was funny but I think it was cruel.
Those three people said that I won a thirty million dollar lottery and then yelled "April Fool".
They sold me a fake lottery ticket with the winning numbers.
They started laughing and said that a person couldn't be any dumber.
For a few minutes, they tricked me into believing that I was a rich man.
I thought that I could drive a Rolls Royce and throw away my minivan.
When those idiots yelled "April Fool", all **** broke loose.
They thought it was funny and didn't expect such abuse.
I beat the **** out of all three of them and they made loud thuds when they fell.
I'm as poor as I ever was and now I will be spending the next year or two in jail.
I'm in a lot of trouble, I also broke some other things in addition to breaking the law.
When I repeatedly punched those convenience store clerks, I broke their ribs and jaws.
My obese mother-in-law just yelled "April Fool" after saying that she was going to pay my bail.
I just knocked her on her bloated **** so now I guess I'll be spending even more time in jail.
To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instantly cheers, then
on our separate ways.
Jon Thenes Oct 2018
Another day lumbers ...

My Canine is still and pet
my diet is poison-less
my Simian; grounded
my plumage; tame
my imagination is prank-free
and my Feline is out of mischief ;
in a productive slumber

In soothe to say
It's better this way
And so passes
Another safe day
Jack P Apr 2018
Funny, really, how we
All refer to love and practical jokes,
Broaching the subjects from the same angle.
Referencing both the feeling and the prank,
I lament: "I fell for it/I fell for her",
Concerning the lies I've been told,
About the playful manipulation of truth.
Tall tales told to exploit one's trust.
Eccentric bedfellows, if you ask me.

Though, at least the infamous 'prank',
Has the integrity and the courage to
Enter the frame without a pretty facade.

Graced with either, I'd choose falling for a joke
Over falling for another human being, because
One is light-hearted, and the other
Deigns to light this heart afire.
oh shut the [redacted] up mate
Cné Apr 2018

The Muse of Whimsy has arrived.  
I really feel the need
To take a break from poignant
and my impish humor feed.

A silly prank's in order
so I'll leave some noggin bear
By filling up their shampoo bottle
with a cup of hair removal "Nair".

I'll put a rubber hot dog
in some hungry knot head's bun.
Watching his expression
should be worth a lot of fun.

Humiliation is a blast
when dignity is lost.
If someone's feelings are the price.
well then it's worth the cost.

Somebody always loses
if your heart is made of stone
Laughter is contagious
but leave well enough alone.

Compassion is the brakes you use
when things get out of hand.
Laugh, but pass the laughter on
then most people will understand.

As you can guess, I’m not much of a prankster. I had 2 olderbrothers and it never seemed fun to be the **** end of a prank. Lol
Odious Wench Oct 2017
The day comes but once a year
For pranksters, jokers and the fools
To bring a twisted kind of cheer
By breaking all the rules

Doughnuts filled with mayo
Is just one of many things
With googly-eyed potatoes
Hiding in the wings

Masquerading caramel onions
And toothpaste oreos
Fun with food corruptions
Are there for your dispose

Mento ice-cube bombs for soda
Clear nail polish painted soap
Anecdotal numbered quotas
A high jinks kaleidoscope

Pranks and hoaxes they like to play
On unsuspecting fellows
Deeming themselves as attache's
To the 'April Fools' bellows
Sarah Michelle Jul 2016
Trouble has its own number.
This prank would be funnier
if you were by my side
K Balachandran Feb 2016
In to my eyes she longingly gazes,
for a long moment, disarmingly smiles,
as if I am her first teen age lover
broken in to her room,unawares
and did naughty things,like snatching kisses.
her dad would definitely scold her mother
for permitting such nonsense
without his prior approval,
now that all got wrong, she is perplexed,
what would the people think of her
if they find out all about this?
Her lips I kiss ever so tenderly
to prove that I am still a green horn
in matters of amour, callow and clumsy to boot,
I join in her pretension that we just had
our first vanilla ice cream together,
when we bumped in to each other by chance.

Now the scene changes, she signals
like in one of those school dramas she shone well,
in my ears she whispers, now the coy Indian bride,
who never take liberties without
prior parental approval,
"I just wanted to cheat myself,
for this once, isn't it the last chance
forget for the time being that
we just had an arranged marriage"
very smart, yes, yet the Indian bride  still loves the demure act, though not all...
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