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Blissful Nobody Nov 2018
What are you to me ?
You are not the past that was,
A probability of my imagination,
You are not the future, I imagine,
You exist, in my present,
Listening to my stories,
Existing in all three times,
A variable of my past,
A constant now,
A probability of the future,
If I could solve this equation,
The outcome would tell,
What am I to you ?
Arindam Barooah Feb 2021
Muddled yet accountable.
Sober yet lively.
Impassive yet doting.
Mixed bag of traits
define him.
Bowlful of big hearted fondness
he carries to embrace all.
Conviviality and amiability
are his favourite words.
Pile of rendezvous,
easy reach outlook,
entangles him in a maze.
Still an apple of everyone's eye and
quite a loved soul.
Being you and always there,
with joy I proclaim,
cuddling happiness and ease.
Best of our camaraderie,
brimming with our fond memoirs
is yet to be savoured.
Attachment and affection remains,
Love, regard grows each day, to remain forever.
Blessed to have you brother, friend!!
lua Sep 2020
the tired eyes
and sluggish hands
in a late night rendezvous
that starts with a touch
that explodes in your chest
the fire at your fingertips
that splatter all throughout
and it's the sparks in your lungs
the brightness against a groggy gaze
which fills the spaces between your words
the ellipses between your sentences
the pauses between each breath you take
every hesitation
and never seems to end.
JK Cabresos Apr 2020
i recognize
this place,
it reminds me
of how
our love story
and ends
Copyright ©️ 2020
Monisha Jul 2019
One night one day, stolen moments,
an unfinished bottle of wine and some conversations still paused;
Eyes locked, lips docked, raspy breathing out and in,
tangled sheets,  heartbeat to heartbeat above all the din.

Surreal, magical, sensual and true,
Mind Body Soul, in some moments, so few;
Forbidden, thrilling and a tantalising high,
A  fantasy of a rendezvous, my oh my!

What were the chances of two strangers connecting,
Baiting, mating and clandestinely fating,
serendipity thou art a magical brew,
Oh! Now estranged one,  this is my ‘while waiting’ ditty to you...
Eloisa Jun 2019
Soft and rhythmic thrum
To the shores of paradise
A sparkly summer
Max Vale Mar 2019
Baby please take all my love,
You know what you've got to do.
Moments with you I can't get enough,
So meet me at our rendezvous.
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