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Heart flutters
Mind stutters the words
that I want to mutter
Another chance, perhaps

Your presence
Completes my puzzle of life
Makes me feel like
a picture whole, rather than
a piece of society’s
ever-changing mural

We intertwine
Grapes of love and hate
on emotional vines
Relishing these fleeting
one day at a time

Your presence
Completes my
mysterious existence
Makes me feel like
a human empowered,
rather than
another person going
thru the motions of life

Love is profound.
Here is a beautiful mural
But I think I shouldn’t add any more to it
It might get overdone or ruined
I’m all about not ruining a good thing
Just like when people ask me to sing
I’m not like the rest
People look for batteries while I look for the North to my South
Maybe I’m too serious about some things
But I also doubt myself too much
Trying to cut that habit out of my system

*Nature was so mature to bring the rain
She was still muddy after that pain
He took that sad song
And knew how to love her too long

The rain was falling on the very dry land
And he was holding her on a hard stand

The heavy rain,
Very rain was falling and
Flowing through the vein and vale
And the mud was gathering on the feet of the dale

The wet heavy mud,
Soft elastic after the long flood

He had a pair of keen eyes to see the pore spaces,
And had seen her in so many pale faces

When the new fresh dawn came
God sacked her from all the blame
He collected all the mud from the dale
And made her mural on the vale


@ Musfiq us shaleheen
He took the sad song and tried to make the song better, after a long rain he got mud on the feet of the dale and finally made her mural after her death.
Wedge Aug 2014
So unearthly in presence, yet I feel right at home
In a place where only the most vivid dreams could see
Its isolated nature beckons me through
Exploration has always been my habit so I feel welcome
And when the limits are my mind, it welcomes me even more
Nearly perfect in altitude with the opaque below
The life grows constantly, for the callow sit in the foreground
With trailing plants climbing to the highest of the trees to form bridges
Why does this nature hold such allurement?
Because it is unfathomed, unscathed by any hand other than my own
But as much as I long to return, the images of lucidity will not
What felt so absolute now feels so astray
The harmony must cope with my absence as I must cope with its
(May 1st, 2012) - One night I had this very vivid dream (that actually occurred a couple more times) where I entered the woods behind my house. After a few steps, the forest took a different appearance and turned into the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. I scaled up vines to a large treetop overlooking this large dip in the canopy. This poem describes what I saw. I'm actually basing a story/novel on this one partially.

— The End —