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Kenji Apr 4
She walks with grace, and kisses like a seductress.
She handles with poise, and fights like a warrior.
She dances with beauty, and sees with wonder.
She has the eyes of a devilish cat, Cleopatra, a destined goddess.
Luscious lips as she bites them with effortless ease, soft and supple, tastes like cherry.
A dark mysterious demeanor that screams, tell me more.
Skin as soft as silk, toned with honey brown.
Seductive, sultry, sensual, and ****.
Bad, bold, brave, and bewildered.
She is the Taurus woman, a woman to be greatly feared of her undying passion and intense magnitude.
Magnetic and love so soft, it can rip your insides apart till it subsides with hers.
Majestic as the great white horse, flips her mane and looks at you seductively.
Fear not my great ones, we are all just gods in disguise.
Kiss me, touch me, hold me, and **** me.
Brooding with a territorial existence, protective, possessive, and romantic to the touch.
Love me...
As I will love you back, 10 times harder.
The Taurus woman

Sun in Taurus (Stubborn, seductive, sultry, sensual)
Mercury in Taurus (Slow thinkers, common sense speakers, logical, practical)
a sultry day ends,
hot, swift wind moves the tired leaves;
early moon looks on!
sultry summer wind,
kisses mango blooms came late;
make them regret it!
Victoria Feb 19
my heart starts to stutter
shape shifting into shaky shards of nervousness
your words sing out to me softly and surely
soaking the side of paper i write ****** poetry on
influencing sonnets of pure sin
carefully sultry and swift
soon to be words of action
Blushing bleeds
dark against the ivory
We are here in between the hours
watching breezes
with pink flushed skin

I've felt vanity's edges
slick porcelain corners
pain is a passion
Lips tangle me in thoughts
smokey rage, sultry flesh

You hunger for what waits below    
Eternity vents holy hymn
swept in between your lustful murmurs
no perfume lingers
once licked clean

I've broken the ledges
torn and slit open
rolled in lust and pain  
Faking the climb
Come follow me, not far
I sing witchcraft    
while blushing
...what do you think?
Euphie Jan 29
He looked at me in French...
with those sultry eyes
and pouty lips.

He was a villain I tell you
a curse!
Bloody Moon Jan 27
My love for you -
    Transcends from a universe
    Where stars hold each other,
    In the long aching nights,
    And raging seas
    Howl to the ****** moon
    In a delicate
    Under fiery flames
    Your lips - so sweet
    Sprinkled with
   Crystal sugar dust,
   Rosie pink,
   Magic infused
Psst, this was inspired by Lang Leav's style.
Wally Sep 2018
Tender eyes
Bare skin
Fire blazing
Ocean kisses
Soft touches
Electric air
***** whispers
Moans rising
Wally Sep 2018
I stare into your eyes
As you wrap kisses around my neck
My hands wrapped around your back
Wet tongue running along your waist
Your hands running through my hair
As your moans light up this candlelit air
Your breaths, my body
My whispers, your goosebumps
Oh god
We’re really here
My moans pressed against your ear
I want us to stay right here
I love you.
Wally Sep 2018
The moans are taking the course
Fire blazing in the air
My tongue running it’s usual course
Going up and down your neck dreadfully
S     L        O        W
Just us raw and bare
Oh dear
These red velvet sheets with your body in place
Too much is taking place
I can’t take it
No more waiting
Your sultry breath against my neck
My lips pressed against yours
Your hand between my thighs
Please can we just get there
My hunger is swallowing this sultry air
I need more
I want more
I’m all yours
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