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Silent Moon Nov 3
Your fingertips lingering along my body
Bite & nibble my ears
Just take me there
My body pressed against yours
I want more
Soft moans pressed against your ear
As you finger me down there
Whisper ***** secrets in my ear
Pull me by the hair
Tell me how much you want me right here
Silent Moon Sep 30
Tender eyes
Bare skin
Fire blazing
Ocean kisses
Soft touches
Electric air
***** whispers
Moans rising
Silent Moon Sep 30
I stare into your eyes
As you wrap kisses around my neck
My hands wrapped around your back
Wet tongue running along your waist
Your hands running through my hair
As your moans light up this candlelit air
Your breaths, my body
My whispers, your goosebumps
Oh ***
We’re really here
My moans pressed against your ear
I want us to stay right here
I love you.
Silent Moon Sep 16
The moans are taking the course
Fire blazing in the air
My tongue running it’s usual course
Going up and down your neck dreadfully
S     L        O        W
Just us raw and bare
Oh dear
These red velvet sheets with your body in place
Too much is taking place
I can’t take it
No more waiting
Your sultry breath against my neck
My lips pressed against yours
Your hand between my thighs
Please can we just get there
My hunger is swallowing this sultry air
I need more
I want more
I’m all yours
Kemy Sep 6
In Greek Mythology, Terpsichore “delight in dancing” was one of the nine Muses and goddess of dance and chorus. She is usually shown dancing and sometimes holding a lyre, accompanying the ballerinas’ choirs with her music

Close your eyes, relax the spaces of your mind
Delight in Dancing I give to you, practiced from the beginning of time
Terpsichore, the Greek Mythology Muse of dance and chores as I hold my lyre
Passion, ****, desire, graceful movements for the mind to inspire
Enticing the man’s **** flames of fire
No rhythm to engage, only your body, the essence of this muse, no cloth or Greek attire
The body enticement found in a wanton dance
The sum of ninety-three, the Thelema spiritual philosophy for a man to understand
Ancient dances to make the skies shed rain
Dancing in glee to escape life’s stinging pain
The muse within me guides your mind to move like the smooth flow of sand
A beautiful crusade to be shared between woman and man
Lucid, rumbustious, daring, as feet moves to the beat
As you hark unto the dance, as my lyre sets the energy of your soul free
Medicine, ceremonial, rituals, and entertainment dances to amuse
Terpsichore, the Greek Mythology Muse of sensual dances, no man could refuse
Under the silken covers time we reclaim
Two bodies seeking the carnal feast of its weakening fame
A private dance made for two lovers, my lyre discreet to be
Instilled passion under the moonlit, giving and receiving, the commencement of you and me
From the taste of my honey dripped lips
The dance of grace, elegance, seduction, the heart it eclipses
Clench me tighter and feel the alluring sway of my hips
The balance of my soft hands roaming over you, your body basking in the abyss of a wet slip
Linking my arms around your neck as we attune to this emotional dance
The lyre, my chorus backdrop, as the enticing moves heightens of this sultry romance
Allow the rhythm once inside as the elixir of love floats from you
Dip me slowly, worshipping my soul, losing your mind in the addictive moves
Body to body, feast of love found in the magnetic inviting grooves
Spinning me around, taking my mind pass the stars
Come into me as you taste Venus, dancing found under the planet Mars
I’m dizzy from the twirling thrill
Pull me closer, sinking deeper and deeper of your own free will
The rapture with the chorus of my tuneful lyre surrounding us, as time stands still
Feel the essence of my erratic heartbeat as it’s matching yours
Blissful finale of dancing bodies, sedated, perspiration seeps from pores
Breathless and content, as allowed me to take your mind for a sequestered tour  
Heart to heart
My lyre, when dancing with a love one, is a masterpiece work of art
I’ve danced in times of old with my lyre, the chorus played in sync on Mt. Olympics, to the Roman towers  
A woman’s greatest asset as she cajoles in a passionate dance, entrenched by the slow dancing power
Love comes in droves while whirling in the soft mist of a rain shower
Bedazzled under the once seductive poetic words of Horace
Terpsichore, the Greek Mythology Muse of dance heard with my lyre, and chorus
This poem is dedicated to anyone who has a love for Greek Mythology Muses, Gods or, Goddesses such as myself. I will post every now and then a Greek Mythology Muse, ***, or Goddess.
In the Boondocks of the Ozarks
Salty caramel smelt of August
Swathes stench of rotten trailer parks
Imprisons barren mid-west dust

Feral fevered kids a hunting
For to cool; shoot up, or drink
Arthritic railroad; tie and shunting
Ferrous old town wretched on the brink

Since the cease of mine and logging
Depletion of iron lead and zinc
Nag horse too dead for flogging
Folks futures draining down the sink

Some respite in the summer heat
RV’s; tourists and campers for trails
Like blackfly plague pick off the meat
Fly fast; escape as another harvest fails

Dark currents pepper darker mood
Intolerance grinds in the daily way
Resentment bread as only food
At someone’s door the blame shall lay

In the graveyard of the Ozarks
Rednecks dance on industry tombs
Burn brown smoke spice. Moonshine sparks
Oblivion; no life. Back to mothers' ****

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
The sultry heat of an American Mid-West summer in a dying old mining community full of drugs, devoid of hope!
MINESTRONE NIGHTS (on the summer of 2018)  
Deep in the incubus of fantasy
As torrid painter makes its art
Rips a flash of an epiphany
A plaintive whisper of the heart
Hobgoblin summer full of slobber
Beget febrile reveries unkind
As dance character’s macabre
A three-ring circus in my mind
Each minestrone moldy night
When body craves boreal slumbers
Akin cat on hot tin roof I fight
Dank sog my sleep encumbers
Comes morn aft time eternal
Half charged at start of day
Abscond sodden dreams infernal
Tormenting orb is up to play
I was hot before I even knew
Never really did cool down
Too warm again, for morning dew
Vague slumber’d avec frown
Haven't slept for an age or eon
Cadaver tacky to the tepid touch
Arise, trepid to perspire, like peon
Labour in this broil is just too much

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
On the difficulty sleeping and torrid fantasy dreams which encumber during the heatwave summer of 2018.
Silent Moon Aug 11
The thoughts of you strike me as a match
Your haunting face striking up as fiery flames
Your eyes
Saccharine and powerful
Make me want to linger for a while
Your face is taking me out of place
We have been chasing each other throughout the night
Let me remove all your ***** clothes
I want you to slip into bed
My sheets are yelling they’ve been playing the safety matches for awhile
Both your hands
Rip them apart at my waist
We begin to arch into a wildfire
The very thought of you makes me want to tear you apart
Your warm breath trickling down my neck
Are lighting up my moans
As I watch your face
I run my fingertips along your waist
My lips lingering along tasting your sultry skin
I want you to eat me up
Raw and bare
Against your cigarette smoke
Oh ***
This is getting hard to bear
Silent Moon Aug 2
I’m tired of you lingering all over
I want to feel you beyond etched into my skin
Our bodies crashing into each other
Fire poring out impulsive thoughts
Your rhythm has become haunting
Showing up everywhere but dare to come near
I’m thirsty for an apocalypse
The moon has poured in cleansing the smokey air
Leaning over into my ear you begin to stimulate me
As you whisper how should I serve my dear?
Come closer
Sit down and undress me
No music
No clothes
No candles
Just us raw and bare
I'll carve myself into you with my tongue
Long and sultry
I love to see you for when it gets too hard to bear
Making you say oh dear
Your leftover cigarette smoke is making me hungry for your lips
My lips invading into yours
I want more
For you, Mars.
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