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sunprincess Oct 3
Here comes a beauty
From deep inside muck and mire,
A lotus blossom

The ocean's wave rolls
and beats repeatedly
carving a way into the soul
of this precipice
foaming at the mouth

no, wait....

that's just your tongue
coated in a miasma of
a siren song
you ******* liar  

sunbathing on my pyre
the whole town now congregates around
with devil-red
containers of gasoline
while your devil-red
lips act the fire

Only the clever witches
survived the trials

the whole town now dances around
feasting on the lotus petals
that root in the palm of your hand

look at them move
locked in each others hands
"This will bring peace"
while they nod and agree

"Pour more gasoline"
escapes between those sharp teeth

happiness is a moveable feast
at least your eating
like a queen

go ahead and **** the marrow
out of these innocent bones
tomorrow I will be gone

once I thought of you as Ithaca
now realize that these
are Troy's stones

it's time to sail back home.
Sehar Bajwa Aug 30
no mud,
no lotus.
dont let your struggle become your identity
Lyn-Purcell Jun 16
From the seas to skies
Sun's core shines bright from centre
Watery chaos
I think I've said I'm a big fan of mythology before. This is based on Egyptian mythology of the Lotus flower!
Been a very long day so I promise more poems will come tomorrow, lanterns, sijos, haikus and more!
Have a good night everyone
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 14
Cherry blossoms rain down, causing
                        ripples in the still pond

     The bamboo stalks begin to whistle
               with water that trickles down

weathered rocks. Lotus flowers sail and  
          swirl pink as shells, white as snow
Another Sijo! This one has a total of 46 syllables, the max!
More Lanterns poems are coming, dont worry!
As well as my general ones!
Thanks everyone!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
life can
be so unfair
but our souls came
with blueprints to bloom
—with DNA to brave
the swamps of
Smoke filled dens of drifting ***** scent,
Imagined worlds dancing behind the eyes
of the laying men.
Heads fall back and pupils roll to face brow,
revealing a cloudy unseeing white.

What lies behind the eyes of laid men
that makes them respond to the sweet song of
lotus flower time and again?
Are they taken to that Mediterranean isle visited by
Odysseus in his journey, the idle isle where time lazily flows
and sunrise and sunset have no meaning at all?

If I was bunk mate to Odysseus on his mission home
and our boat met sand on this secluded cove,
would I see it for what it was?
After tasting my first sweet lotus petal, offered
to me by beauty divine, could I resist a second kiss?

Would I have bravely boarded the ship away,
eyes hard and mind set on my destination,
or would I have planted feet firmly to sand
and wave as the brave ones sailed away to face
the ever abundant misery of reality?
FreeMind Mar 1
The scent of innocence clung on to her,
Spreading over to those passing by,
Cleansing them of their sins.

The purity of her soul overwhelmed those in the wrong,
They knew they stand no chance against her goodness.
Her ability to start over, to let go of the past,
Was mesmerizing to those that have fallen.

She became an inspiration,
A motivation,
To all who were around.

Praise to her, the creation of the Sun.
They joy, the light,
That she shone upon them, made them all feel worthy.

The love for her grew stronger,
Spread quicker,
Until she was not enough to sustain the desires of others.
And so they took her,
Not willing to share.
They ruined her.

They put an end to the Lotus.
One eye in, one eye out
Penetrated by your energy deep into my soul, my unconscious.
I am listening, I have opened

O great Odysseus; brave explorer, my love
You have been at war too long
I invite you, sweet dreamer
Dive into the nectar of my lotus
Come feast upon my euphoria,
I blossom before you.

My king, you are your element
Your love, like water, nourishes my exaltation, my highest power;
My feminine divine

Inner goddess released,
We dance to the rhythm of wavelengths
I let you in, or so it seems
I now understand,
It is all a lucid dream
I'd grow a lotus
Farm for you and only you
No other honey
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