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You are the force of nature,
That tames the wind of the storm.
Settling the water's surface,
Restoring peace and calm.
You suffered and have been in the depths of the water,
From the silt and debris,
You have risen, as a lotus flower.
And, just as the lotus flower,
You are seemingly unaware of your beauty that touches the many hearts of the eyes that befall upon you,
Most will pass in time,
They enrich with the charm you bring to their soul perhaps without your even knowing.
I marvel, for I am looking up from under,
As I rise to sit one day,
Alongside you.
To bathe in the sunlight,
With a smile in our souls that no storm can shake,
For we have sought the light and succeeded.
You achieved it and I now follow.
You accept that I fear I will not make it,
As the surface seems so far,
Though, by the strength of your stem, your soul,
The beauty in you that I see above me,
Makes me push myself,
Makes me stronger,
It makes me grow towards you,
To join you and bloom beside you.
You are my lotus flower and I seek the sunlight to be yours.
There was nowhere
left for her to turn,
after the rains
came and washed him away.

So she lay down
upon the softened meadow,
lost in a stream
of consciousness.

She tucked herself in
between the sheets of Ulysses
and dreamt with both eyes open,
eating lotus fruit and flowers
as the river widened its mouth.
Anmol Mago Dec 2020
A stormy river
Leans to embrace - rocks beneath
The lotus unscaped
Lotus represents wisdom in Buddhist iconography and the river our tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.

Om Ah Hung
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
First it might start
Like a wonder

It may jolt like lightening
It may crumble the ground
It may burn like acid
It may melt volatile promise
You may cry like rain

To water your roots
Get space
To bloom
Like a lotus
And sigh

Levelled up
This is your milestone
Yes you
Who is reading this
Genre: Evolutionary
Theme: Rollercoster, It's better this way
Note: If one does not rest in peace, Still time to strive.
Daivik Nov 2020
You bloom like the shining sun
Amidst the waters of impure mud
Spreading beauty and hope for all
Blossoming from that little bud.

You are the manifestation of purity
You symbolize God
You represent will-power
You are the floral lord.

Filled with magnificence
Oh! How beautiful you look
Your glory lies in your simplicity
The way your petals bloom

In midst of these still waters blue and black
Beneath this infinite sky
Looking at those endless stars
Like a lone hermit, you enlighten my mind.
Erik Luo Oct 2020
You are like
a lotus in the rain
standing, under the grey sky

but still, your shine is so bright
soaking in,
every drop of pain

and turned them into
the love,
that fuels
your flowering
You are so beautiful
Maria Mitea Aug 2020
I didn’t steal your sun,
but I stole your smile last night
my dreams kept you busy with dreaming,
You dreaming on a far away land
where people grow smiles in the rain,
and love’s born from lotus mad.

Now your smile shines on my lips,
and uplifts my eyes into the
clouds my face radiates fireworks
and everyone asks me “ what did you do?
you look so beautiful?”

Your smile on my lips is like honey
for the working bees in the nordic fields,
I don’t have an answer, your smile
shines more light on my beautiful face
while words are resting in silence.

I wish, I could tell them
I am only the day thief that stole
your smile when dreams of your night,
kept you busy with dreaming for faraway land ...
Jordan Gee Aug 2020
love is a symbol
words are symbols twice removed from reality
and they are road signs,
pointers if you will
to that which lies beyond and
between and behind
and you can see it in the light
and Nietzsche saw it in the void and
Hamilton saw it in the venom.
you can see it in the white noise in the Lo-Fi.
you can hear it in the Vajrayana pearls.
drive behind the Diamond vehicle and ride inside
the slip stream.
sit behind the Bon funeral Priests and it says:

“Children of the Hologram - do not make me a martyr.
your kings will make of me an effigy
it will turn the Diamonds into paper but that is not my Will.
you’ll chew on discs of gold and that will be your King.
Children of the Hologram - my words are not my own.
it calls to us from the place of light.
when energy is at rest it is dark and the dark is good and time is a 1000 petal lotus.
at times you’ll encounter evil.
Remember: that is your own self you behold before you.
she is afraid and he is alone and its timepiece is a flat circle and round and round it goes.
only you can see him because only you made her and you made the light in which you see
but images cannot see.”

there are signs
there are those who have been before.
heed their warnings. Feed the Bodhisattva
your kings will burn them and your
kings will make effigies.
look to where the words point
you wrote them
you’ve been here before
there is light coming through the leaves and the branches.
the Japanese have a word for that
South City Lady Aug 2020
you, my lotus flower
mired in depths of darkness
drowning from heavy silt
and silence
reawakening at dawn
a pearlescent flower
divinely shaped
ever constant

cultivating hope
in your petals' curves
with bowed head leaning
toward light's promise
filling my heart
with resurrections
from yesterday's blight
Aidan M Jul 2020
The lotus so soaked,
it sways and sways in water,
floating like a boat.

Feeling the water
rise up to the ship’s surface
I know it will sink.

The only witnesses,
A mossy log at the shore,
The remains are gone.

For nature to thrive
the fire must engulf all,
leaving nothing there.
This is a Haiku I wrote just a few days ago. It represents the decay of nature, which will eventually become the food for new living things. It’s an endless, often overlooked cycle of life and death.
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