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I scroll
Pictures pass as time does

I know more of my own face
Than I do of my words
Who am I?
Is left unanswered
How do I look?
An exhaustive list
Complaints and room for improvement
Although my mind is a stronger tool
I grapple only with the superficial

But I was programmed this way
To judge others
Trained to respond to the outside
Before exploring within

I hate to imagine what is becoming of us
mind is a wound scroll,
unwinding won't reveal it;
inward journey could!
This feeling only exists when I am with her.
This vibrant, pixelated world.
Filled with her attention.
When I am with her
I am lost for hours on in, exploring every inch of her.
My favorite escape, determined to prove myself.
Alone in a world filled with her,
I've fallen in love with every click of the button rapidly pressed.
If any of the cords should come undone,
I'll loose my mind.
Her heart ever so elusive.
Scrolling screen after screen
Yet I continue to scroll.
Lost in the only feeling that exists when she's around.
Unraveling my controller, plugging it into her heart
Nikos Kyriazis Dec 2018
I touch you
and through you
I experiencing
the reflections
of all Gods

I step out into the void
and amidst the sandstorm
I call out the names
of all i read on your skin

And now
there is no way back
My fate is bounded
to the elderly tokens
that rule these worlds

The ages have stamped
with blood and that was inevitably
From the annihiliation
a flower always sprouts
The sought gates of the Purgatory
will always be inside
our innermost **** for power

Many talked about the aftermath
Who will accumulate the souls?
Who will take over the segragation
between the ''corrupted''
and the ''virtuous''?

Sentries sent by Warlords of yore
often call in to see if i still endure
And i grin at them and
share with my fellow ghosts
the bitterness of truth
Butch Decatoria Jun 2018
A Scroll Unrolls
When in Time’s wisdom
One learns to let go
The weight of want & need
The insatiable pith of greed
And ****
The beast is yourself
To defeat
The enemy that you trust
When you must
Let go...
A Scroll Unrolls
Not one river to the soul
But all with Love
A Scroll Unrolls...
A *** Poem (cheesecake)
Brandon Conway Nov 2018
The gorgon's masonry casting châteaus
for the rich
turning hearts to pompous narcissist

once of legends and myths
has arisen once again
blue light and endless scroll

the gorgon's masonry casting shadows
for the everyman
turning hearts to pompous narcissist
Dylan McFadden Mar 2018
In my mouth
It’s sweet,
But in my stomach
It’s bitter:
Every word –
Every judgment –
From a God
So holy

Those words
For me –
They make
Me sing!
But those words
For them –
They make
Me weep…
Technology created for mass connection
Makes me lose my ability to interact
Immersing me in cyber sea
Leaving me detached from reality.

It makes me connected to the world online
But divides me from reality
It makes me click click
Tap tap
And scroll my life away.
Nylee Nov 2017

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