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i am the man who weeps for the world
i am the man who weeps

i do not, I will not
bleed for the world
i’m not the one who bleeds

little sister, my love
do not dry your eyes on my account

i am a fleeting consolation

i have been
to the ends
of the world
i have seen
the great emptiness (it lies)
on the other side of that horizon
Written by Justin Aptaker ca. 2010 - 2011
He was lost in the spirited flow of a river,
Later  found himself in this lady's boudoir,
The circumstances to onlookers are little unclar,
But suffice to tell, in water things were quite  fluid,
The boudoir was hectic, he was more or less stuck.

Don't think he had any serious complaint about it,
Only hoped, this strange fact  be better explained.
Her kind of explanation was rather queer, he felt!

"There is nothing to be astonished, my dear
I'm an ace swimmer, and was present there
At the time of the incident, nothing more"
She mysteriously smiled, adding a dainty twist.

Well, a rescue mission, as we know is higly humanitarian,
There are more than what meets the eyes, in this situation.
He was of two minds, to remain there and to break loose,
Life in her boudoir, he feared would make him a libertine!
Kenji Dec 2018
Human nature is something defined against all odds. Odds that one can never accumulate or gather to themselves or other people. So instead, they bring themselves to situations that’s way out of hand for even their mind to encounter. Trapped in their mind of lost formulations that’s not even accountable to their own being of existence, they defend. Mad beings created out of the ordinary to revolutionize a society that is already a demolished scrutinized process of abstractedly profound occurrences. Hypothetically, a revolution stands as eternal as to what the minds create in historic, momentary, and lost illusions that some call reality. Reality, my delusional curse and my incoherent formula that I am still creating. Fantasy, the realms I escape into to search for the meaning beyond the human eye. What is lost, cannot be seen, and what is seen, cannot be realistically found. In the dimensions we live in, the worlds we see, it's nothing beyond what we can create. The revolutionist, the humanitarian, the artists, the minds eye. We all as one evolved, and yet, there are many more to come.
My philosophy explaining humanity and revolution.
Khoi-San Jul 2018
Shackled imprisoned in an oval office
Called Robben island Transformed
Unshackled twenty seven years later
Freed a nation from an apartheid regime
Inspired the world from the Grand parade
A Universal Icon Humanitarian *** laude
Now honoured in the halls of Valhalla
Glorifying God...Looks upon us
With Love from the heavenly realm
A tribute to the late great President Nelson Mandela on his hundredth birthday
18th July 1918 to 18 July 2018
Darkly Oct 2016
Born into a world and taught to dream and die
To have a life but not at the same time

Never shown how to see when the assumed outcome is not met
You followed each step accordingly, what did you expect to get?

What will you do if perfect does not exist?
And digging deeper leaves a hole that can't be refilled

Go and get over, give yourself a rest
The throne of want is the first step
Hand me a guitar and I'll play a song, but only one that I know. Hand me a sandwich and I'll eat it, but only if I'm hungry.
Hannah Sep 2016
The sun glimpses
through the trees.
Casting a shimmering light
onto a dust covered world.
You can taste it in the air.
War is coming.
But, is it enough
to breathe life into
a race full of martyrs?
Probably not.
Only to those who see
through divine eyes
know the end is near.
By the hands of man,
not God,
the walls of the world
will crumble like Jericho.
Win Khine Mar 2016
tears in my eyes, my version blur,
my heart pounds, my body shivers,
push myself to the edge,
for them,
I must....

many thoughts in their mind,
innocent faces, can not hide,
I see...

one and only thing left in my mind
for them, I must....

(c) Ko Win Khine aka. D Hlaine (May 25th, 2011.  NYC)
The sky is falling
The people are hiding
The jackboots are on their way
A mother is calling
A child is crying
Uncertain they'll live through the day
The tanks, they are treading
Across sovereign borders
Some soldiers are dreading
Their inhumane orders
Though they have an advantage
This war can't be won
And that "collateral damage"
Is somebody's son
The victims of war
Are the poor and the sick
Slaughtered like cattle
For the wealthy and rich
Ann M Johnson Aug 2015
Life is not a spectator sport
If an injustice bothers you
don't just sit on the sidelines
take action

If you want to see changes in the world
don't just wait for others to act take the first step

Don't wait too long
You don't want to die
wishing that you had done more
that if only you had truly lived
and made an impact on others
living selflessly
instead of selfishly

Hero's are often found in ordinary people
who have the courage to do
seemly extraordinary things
We all have the same potential to take action
to preserve our basic human rights and the rights
of those around us and the potential to make a Global impact
  If you observe discrimination  and injustice
don't simply be a bystander
instead take action
By not taking action you are being part of the problem
instead of the solution
If you are not sure what to do
talk to a trustworthy person that can help you
if you need to make a formal complaint
muster up the courage to do so
You may discover that you are stronger
than you thought you were
more courageous than you believed yourself
to be
Make a difference the world is counting on you  
the first step in making a chance is often taking
action locally
  Now is the time to make a positive change
if you have not started already
You may inspire others to take action
but don't wait for others
Make your first step today
even a marathon starts with a first step .......
I recently had to make a stand against some discrimination and injustice that I recently observed. I am not a hero but I did not feel like I could just be a bystander but instead talked with people about how I could make a statement in the hopes of making a positive change and hopefully in the long run make a difference.
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