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Josiah Wilson Oct 2015
I am indomitable, untouchable
I am wrath embodied
The rage of the downtrodden made flesh
Nothing will stand in my way

Their corpses torn apart by my hands
Their blood soaked into the soil
I have wrought destruction upon them
And brought ruin to their hearth

They dared to provoke me
To spit upon me when I was weak
And what was sown
They have reaped

I am the berserker
Blood streams from my wounds
The horde overwhelms me
Yet I refuse to be defeated

I smash through their lines
A roar ripping from my throat
As I rend my enemies asunder
And cover myself in their gore

I see terror in their eyes
As they see the blood frenzy in mine
I lay waste to all who oppose me
And still it is not enough

My lust for battle can not be sated
It will not be satisfied
Until I have annihilated them
Until I have erased every trace of them

— The End —