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K Balachandran Feb 2020
I've been away for a long  mystery walk
When you knocked at my locked door.
Far away, under a smiling sky I was waiting
For a red rose to open her eyes fully,
To appreciate her beauty and breath in
Her fragrance, that'd prompt me to wait
Till  you  visit after all those stormy years.

But see what did happen instead,

A miracle that should not have happened!
You have come seeking me, how can I put it,
'Against my wish?' Am I  right there?
I was expecting to hear your footsteps
Even when you step out from your cloister.
My hermitage was  eager to hear your knock.
Much much earlier, but you put it off
On account of some unknown reason
But where did I go wrong,on your arrival?
Even if I am as swift as wind we won't have
A chance to embrace each other....heareafter.
Time is the juggernaut that decides the laws
Of the hallucinatory world we believe ours.
When the time ceases at a big crunch
We are free from  the hallucinogen  we are fed.
Josiah Wilson Oct 2015
I am indomitable, untouchable
I am wrath embodied
The rage of the downtrodden made flesh
Nothing will stand in my way

Their corpses torn apart by my hands
Their blood soaked into the soil
I have wrought destruction upon them
And brought ruin to their hearth

They dared to provoke me
To spit upon me when I was weak
And what was sown
They have reaped

I am the berserker
Blood streams from my wounds
The horde overwhelms me
Yet I refuse to be defeated

I smash through their lines
A roar ripping from my throat
As I rend my enemies asunder
And cover myself in their gore

I see terror in their eyes
As they see the blood frenzy in mine
I lay waste to all who oppose me
And still it is not enough

My lust for battle can not be sated
It will not be satisfied
Until I have annihilated them
Until I have erased every trace of them

— The End —