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sky dining table.
much loaves of bread, butter heaps;
windswept the leftover.
KiraLili Aug 2017
Across dim table
Your manicured hand stretches
Briefest of moments
Washington coast 2014
Jamil Massa Aug 2017
We sat side by side that evening
:a pair of lost children
before the menu list of dining.

Looks like I'm the only one
who can hear your heart throb
looks like you're the only one
who isn't bothered by **** music
in that tea shop.

From where does this nervous start?

Eight kilometers ago a greedy fate
swallowed all holidays
and postponed journey of prayer,
delaying your arrival in the reach
of my helpless desire.

Though you finally arrived
and we sat side by side
all evening, the cracking
weather at the end of the year
did not stop sending a signal
to the trembling cup of tea in
my hand.

The conversation is like a wraith,
because words already we keep
in faith.

And in the arch of your cheeks,
twilight becomes innocent
Like a single little sin
that slowly being forgiven.
(The original version - Indonesian)

Dari Mana Kegugugupan Bermula?

Kita duduk bersisian sepanjang sore itu
:sepasang anak hilang yang gugup di hadapan daftar menu.

Sepertinya cuma aku yang bisa
mendengar debar jantungmu. Sepertinya cuma kau yang tak terganggu musik jelek di kafe itu.

Dari mana kegugupan ini bermula?

Delapan kilometer lalu nasib yang rakus
menelan semua hari libur dan menunda
perjalanan doa-doa. Menunda
ketibaanmu di jangkauan lenganku
yang tak berdaya.

Meski akhirnya kau tiba dan kita duduk bersisian sepanjang sore itu, cuaca yang retak di penghujung tahun tak juga berhenti mengirim isyarat kepada secangkir teh yang gemetar di tanganku.

Percakapan ini alangkah sunyi, sebab kata
kata telah terlanjur kita imani.

Dan di lengkung pipimu,
senja menjadi murni
seperti dosa kecil
yang sedang diampuni.
RLG Mar 2017
At dinner for two
I chose a tasting menu.

Chatter was pleasant,
Until the sous-vide pheasant.

Conversation digressed:
My faults were expressed.

I did not forsee,
A deconstructed m
"... i have a strange feeling
that when you ask
if I want to get some food,
to 'eat out,'
i have something
entirely different
in mind, and
t'is a **** shame
if it's not on the menu-
Yet, I digress,
and correct me if i'm wrong,
my answer is yes
especially if you're thinking
what i am."
With more than just 'due respect.'
Tom McCone Mar 2016
so far, so great, & the promise
of so long lingers on tomorrow;
hung on tenterhooks, staggering
sparks run through the early hours
as realisation hovers. that only less
than the length of a week, now, may
hold my consignation to this side
of another stretch of soil, another
long dream.

& everyone i've ever and never met
will look up at stars the same, but
all my constellations, bent n mirrored,
will flare up and light out footstep
patterns like eye-blink,
surveying all that was lost and found.

but, for now,
gales whip up a storm outside,
like the electricity planted
in my gut. another
momentary awakening.
Ormond Aug 2014
Magic flash— her hair,
Deepest red by candlelight,
Forgotten sunset.

— The End —