sound of horn heralds-
bedecked bull ambles along,
a world gone, returns!

On a Bangalore street,the silicon valley of India,a bedecked bull
and the lady, his keeper, still has a place....he isn't just any ordinary bull..
a venerable presence...contemporary face of long tradition of treating animal sand birds with veneration..the lady is handsomely compensated for keeping the tradition alive and showing up at auspicious occasions..

rain abruptly stops,
water soaked trees take over,
on cycles it goes

The scent, the garland of fresh  jasmine
bedecked on your enticing coiffure exudes,
tickles desire  for an immediate tight embrace.

Musky aroma of blooms of  yellow Champak,
you  always carry around gets  too heady,
demands at least a passionate kiss quick,
if not an act fully dedicated to cupid,who won't lie.

Listen how breathlessly he suggests, options
that would suit to tastes different, one after the other!
If fragrance enhances love interest,lurking veiled,
why,but why,this discord,my dear? Be bit patient.

A kite's distress call,
starved and thirsty,there she falls,
sun, calling shots.

I was quite oblivious, then
of the ways of this wicked world,
being a merry child of nature;
innocence embraced me tightly
as if I am it's one and only beloved.
It was my dad, man of infinite
wisdom yet carefree, who walked
in front,he once  turned around
as if he remembered this,and said
"Don't ever go astray,keep your
eyes focused on the light distant
even if I am not there to lead
if ever you find any difficulty,
don't you get confused, that  flame
remains unflinching,within
each moment,you feel the need "
I didn't ever go astray,keeping up
with his footsteps.I let out a secret,.
I remember,a sweet kiss for
sweet pain in my lips.

Well, he didn't have much time left
he knew his seeds transferred in this
pod would set sail to the very end
of the world,till it goes on gently
narrating it's tale.Bless my beloved dad
it's mostly him and mum I am,
filled with: wonder for the world,
compassion for even a purloiner,
scrounger,larcenist, owl or spider.
At one turn he casually said good bye
and vanished,collected his ashes white,
mixed it with my bitter tears,I immersed
it in the confluence of three seas,at Cape
with a heart gone empty.He has become
immortal, my meditative moments
would tell me,with such certainty,
Still his words ring loud and clear
in my inner ears.

On my  way, in carnivals,I encountered,
thieves garden manicured, where
robbers and plunderers celebrated
victory nights with their ticklish girls.
I spent two days in guilty pleasures
and moved forwards my destination.
near and dear I had so much ,was proud
about them; imbibed the wisdom that held
the light ,closer to my spirit from all.

                               I heard the wild cheering,
when I did things right as expected,
as I crossed the temperate deciduous forest,
the lion tailed macaque,stared at me and said
"There a little further you 'd see prowling tigers,
alone you are, be on your guard".Astonished
as I looked around, I saw none but me,alone!

Climbing the steep rock in the middle of
the herbal mountain,I find the sanctuary
of the ancient sage,which the Chinese traveler
Xuanzang1 sought fighting odds,walking all along.
here is the light,I 'd realize my truth in this abode.

Xuanzang--CE(602-664)was a Chinese Buddhist monk,scholar, traveler,translator,who traveled   to India
and spent time doing study and meditation at mount "Agastya koodam" (Pothikai)in Kerala, South India,believed to be  the  abode of Avalokiteswara.(compassionate and merciful Bodhisattva)

lightening doodles
night and city lights dissolve,
more or less than than real?

K Balachandran Apr 19

bedecked in night lights
this nubile city beams pleased
darkness, her other.

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