Each cup of nectar
for me you filled
tasted different,
but did just the same.
transported my spirit
out of the planet,on
ethereal wings of light.
Every time I drank it
I swooned and forgot,
everything other than
the love you poured.

Inebriated by a love
I never had a chance
to define,I can't think
you and I as two
entities different,
my lover immortal.
No other lover
would have done
what you to me is doing
You absence as a  person
never did bother me
you are the one reigning
within, wordlessly speaking
I can see your eyes gleaming
the moment, I just think of you

swaddling the moon, cloud
slowly dissolves, the moon floats
alarms the cranes.

Her eyes transmit, his nerve ends become receptors.
Blood pumped in to his veins demands"Bring her closer"
His nostrils flare, lips get swollen,a tingle spreads all over.

A hotblooded woman, instinctively sense such moments.
Her eyes are now lit up by desire, laced with refined lust.
And  lips acquire a luscious pout,colored a shade deeper.
Her eyes wink involuntarily,can't hold it there, they droop.
In a sudden weakness of eyes,both touch the waterline,close.

He could hear his heart beat faster,mercury rise is palpable.
From his inner sanctum,the beating of the drum is now louder.
Her eyes flare in the tremors that rock her to her very  roots.
Those eyes are wet,the erupting spring of  lubricious intent.

It's out in the open, neither him nor her could now pretend
Furtive glances  do not ignite anything other than coy smiles

A girl dressed in a diaphanous gown,

spun  from the ethereal combination of

dollops of moon shine and star light of the past,

visited me in secret, spent together one long night.

We had memorized each other's heady scent

smeared all over us in an earlier journey together.

like two trained sniffer dogs on a robber's trail.

We were overwhelmed by the wish fulfillment

seemed like we are in a life within a dream.

No way we won't meet as the hearts beat so close

and I was having visions of her all the time day and night.

On those encounters I wrote two poems with my blood.

As I was addicted to the  recounting of those moments,

I wanted to smelt it  in my imagination's golden crucible

thought that would make the alliance immortal

but forgot the fact that human follies never end!

"You are lucky,a rare flower she is" they'd tell me

and make  me feel elated calling me a poet,

on account of just two poems for which,all  I was worth.

Should I have known it's a dream,that takes a lot to go on.

On her strong wings she flew back to green hills above.

If I weren't a love fool, I'd have seen it coming from a distance.

after abandonment and the long night after,sun still reigns.

They still call me  poet, I am hesitant to respond to it,

a melancholy poet of grief's wonder land, in non stop dance

with the experiences that illuminate transient existence?

Still do not know what to make of this two poem life!

follow the river,
to reach the sea.
flow like a river
jettisoning every worry!


നദിയുടെ പാത പിന്തുടരൂ.
എല്ലാ വിഷമവും ഒഴുക്കിക്കളഞ്ഞു
നദിപോല്‍ ഒഴുകൂ.

(Malayalam translation by the author)


கடலை அடைவதற்கு.
கவலைகளை மூழ்கடித்து
ஆற்றைப்போல் ஓடு.
(Tamil translation by the author)

The wind swooping down from the mountains,
swirled around, made the central courtyard,
open to the sky, that brought the nature in all seasons
in to our lives, comes alive with it's signature tune.
Pouring profuse rain, splashing golden wash
of sun shine,smoky mist; around the changing ebb
and flow of seasons we built that house
under  tall ancient trees.the memories of which
we kept,within the strands of double helix
for many generations to come.
The earth,fertile, red,waiting to be  ploughed
and sowed, called to us aloud," A toiler's life
is the best, never would one of you'd  regret,
sow the grains, plant the fruit trees,you are blessed"
We did as the earth wished , wasn't it what we did best?
Wind swept dry leaves, heaped in a far corner
fire, with gentle anger turned, all in to grey ash and dust
we swept  it across the plouged land, ready for new cycle.
Jumping in to the ravine,we swam,it made our beings fresh
then we watered the plants, trees and crops of every kind,
water quenched our thirst, it's cool waves made us calm.
In the night's play, marred with animal calls and owl songs
vast green spaces dominated my extended dreams.
We rode the horses of waves at high seas,the space within
mind was most to be explored,we set about conquering that.

He set himself free out of the confines
he was in, after much misery and suffering.
To free his mind  out of jail's jagged logic
was, an exorcism of many kinds, for long.

But the rudest shock came when he found out
that the so called jail didn't have any lock at all!
Who then was the renegade, in the first place
that made him believe, he was a prisoner of life?

A pointer on " how to look" for all of us who deviate,
hallucinate and take it as  truth,without  any question!
How many still are locked up,in the dark confine of minds,
thinking there is no way out and the key is lost for ever.

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