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He lay there in a *****, unkept ball,
Having surrendered to the pavement.
Wisps of stringy brown hair
Covered the lines on his sunken in face,
His yellow smoked eyes, rheumy and blurred,
His vision hazy, like a punch-drunk boxer.

Kathleen Harmon sashayed by
With nary a glace downward.
Once they were equals,
When they sat together
During high school Chemistry.

Time slowed from a Tango to a Waltz,
As a drop of saliva
Kissed the pavement.
Stringing there from his cracked, parted lips.

His tangled brown whiskers,
Patchy on his cheeks,
Had lengthened with the passing days
Since their last meeting with a razor.

Nikes, Prada, and Gucci
Ignore him in passing
All sports, fashion, and business meetings;
On the clock, and self-absorbed.

Dusk marked the sky
With a violet crayon
Worn to a nub,
Then worn to nothing.

A sudden thud startled him awake!
Then blackened hardwood stunned him as it bit into his ribs!
A caustic voice berated his slumber,
A navy blue reminder that even surrender was no escape.
The world and its arbitrary hierarchy *****.
Rianna Aug 21
Hello there,
You’ve been quite preoccupied
Or so you said.
I didn’t quite make out,
But who really cares.
For your words are but glorified sawdust,
When you’re spilling out the truth,
Right there.
It's not much fun, honey.
I’ll have you know
That I much prefer when,
A smile twists and tangos with
Those satin eyes,
And those candied lips.
I can hardly try,
And hide from the heat now.
It’s the jaunty, chiselled,
Swing in your step.
That hard-earned ripple,
Begs me to believe,
Your gaze could laser
A heart shaped hole
Right through me.

Cause your words are but branches,
Makeshift ebony,
To cling onto when faced,
With a drought of summer.
And its searing blaze.
The memories shelter
When the wind roars high.
And occasionally when
Your eyes glint ‘yes’
I've behaved rather well,
I'm tempted to build,
A little tyre swing,
That could swirl to the skies,
And conquer the clouds,
When the time is ripe.
But I screech to a halt,
Chains crumple and twist.
Now and then,
When you start to recede
All over again.

And once in a while,
I have to stop and and wonder
Oh honey, now is when we must come clean,
Why the **** departures,
And flashing retreats?

Are you ever really here,
Or am I just imagining you
With me?
I need more of you
Than you
Can gi ive

Maybe I should
Just hold back
And let
Li i ive

But maybe we can learn this

And even if there's just a

Shouldn't we?
Shouldn't we?

Yeah, maybe we can learn this

And even if there's just a

Shouldn't we?
Shouldn't we?

And I know
That it's

When I drag
You do-

Into the

I know that
we might

But maybe we're
worth saving

Oh maybe we
Are not


Can you
Give us

You dancing tango in my eyes.
So am I dance in yours.
Why then this false we need?
Do am I leading or you are?
For me it's doesn't matter.
Just tell me the truth.
Lumbral of bitterness,
cradle of an evicted rhetoric
disturbed by the ghosts of yesterday,
memories of ephemeral and distant times.
Ballad of anguish and desolation.
A withered rose,
a broken heart,
a bonfire of false promises
dissipates with the pulse of time.
I hear the sighing of a mermaid,
the vultures prowl
-ordeal of my fateful days.-
Laying on the threshold
of remnants memories,
remain crumbs of a pale love.
A farewell kiss
-illusive and faint-
omen of a last tango,
metaphor of life and death.

© Martin D Angelus [2019]
Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico
Betthia Mae Feb 11
Some days I wake up strong
The thought of you does no harm
Some days I wake up weak
All I want is to be in your arms

One day
The thoughts of you will do no harm
Not even reminiscing being in your arms
To those who’s hearts been broken, we’ve all done the dance whether you believe it or not
Irina BBota Dec 2018
And fly with me into the world of mystery,
into a proud, poetic and passionate dance,
feel the freedom in the tango's victory,
dancing sincerely, your body melts in this trance.

Whisper to me in syncope, in a sweet tone,
in spasmodic, elegant moves in this romance,
while the eyes sparkle like a diamond, for they own
the passion in this extravagant, vivacious dance.

Touch me in this poem full of rhythm and sensuality,
stay with me under the spell of the imaginary space,
losing ourselves in the exchange of signals, we have the key
to change the steps  and move with irresistible grace.

Paint the unknown again on my naked shoulder
with your lips craving after my sweet kiss, it seems,
cover me with your entire palm, bring me closer,
make me a bedding in the land of foolish dreams.

Feel my pure madness in this rhythmical speech,
resonating, vibrating together, for one last dance,
don't look down, but breathe my air and you'll reach
the top of the Eiffel-tower in magnificent France.
Em MacKenzie Nov 2018
A tango of two souls
and they’re dancing in the stars.
She spins around and down black holes
while my left foot backs onto Mars.
A tango of two hearts
they waltz back and forth within the flame,
each forgot their parts
but they carry on the same.

Two to tango, two for tea,
it’s a sad truth but I’m feeling that three is company.
Two to tango, two eyes to see,
I’m surrounded fully but I’m completely lonely.

A tango of two souls
and they’re dancing in the dark,
hiding all their freckles and moles
unaware they’re simply just a mark.
A tango of two hearts
they waltz back and forth within the flame,
subsequently all ends with all that starts,
and we’re just shuffling the blame.

Two to tango, two for tea,
it’s a sad truth but I’m realizing I’m not who I used to be.
Two to tango, two eyes to see,
the horizon is in the distance but the sun is lacking.

Hearts hold no dancing shoes
but mind hears only song,
against both I must refuse
both choices equally right and wrong.
I would see all distance erased
and forms pressed tight together,
but the beat is too fast paced;
I swear next opportunity I will do better.

Two to tango, two for tea,
it’s a sad truth but I’m accepting I fail to view clearly.
Two for tango, two eyes to see,
that I was never cut out for this type of dancing.
noir Oct 2018
Madame Death
She suits me
But then again,
Who doesn't she suit
Madame Death
Ever so flexible
With me all the time
I'd say you're the only one I can trust
You've been with me for so very long now
You've strangled me a little too tight from time to time
But that I can forgive
Madame Death
Always by my side
I hope you never leave me
And I can't wait to be in your sweet embrace once again
Madame Death
I must say
You look quite lovely tonight
Shall we dance?
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