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Jul 2020 · 337
Another Dawn
Aroody Jul 2020
Another dawn these eyes have seen,
Do you really have to leave?
Why are you so keen?
Didn't you like it here?  

Too late too late, was when we met,
And you became the reason,  
My eyes stay wet,
Whenever I think of you,

All the beautiful things,  
Have at last gone away,  
To teach us perhaps a lesson,
That nothing ever stays,
Nothing stays
Jul 2020 · 256
I'm back
Aroody Jul 2020
In silence I read what poets wrote,
of love they spoke of hearts they broke,

I stood and saw the lovers go,
how bitter how sad you wonder!

I could not write running out of words,
You can't make a point without your swords,

calm I sat and they asked me why ?
I fear, my darling, of what the future holds,

where life and death make a difference not,
it doesn't matter how much you try,

I'm back at least that's how I feel,
life's gone what's left is what I write,

Back after silence
Sep 2019 · 319
When the party is over
Aroody Sep 2019
When the party is over,  
and everyone has left,  
a sudden emptiness in me appears,

As if these people were,
a part of my heart within the chest
Because with them happiness too, disappears,

It gets lonely and sad,
After a while they have left,
I want to be smiling but I can't hold the tears,

People who you meet once, twice,
But get along with very well,
As if you have known them for many years,

I wish our moments with them never end.
May 2019 · 687
Aroody May 2019
What is love but an exposition,
Of what is otherwise so deeply hidden,
Within the heart of the one who adores,
Living with the fear of when she explores,

I came to you before we had met,
So majestic with pure excellence,
A perfect guy you had taught,
This broken heart's possessor had been,

When durations of speech,
Went from minutes to hours so quick,
I revealed myself not all but a bit,
Though that bit was enough to change your mind,

You saw me fall and reached my hand,
Helping me up,  assisting me to stand,
But at the same have your troops leave,
The worthless soil of my hearts land.

A confused man isn't apparently;
in the eyes of a lady attractive

Aroody Apr 2019
Indeed many people saw,  
The misery and pain, life had brought,  
But they didn't think of giving up,

They brushed their shoulders,  
Ready to go for just one more round,
They didn't think of giving up,  

When they were stuck in rain,
Hopeless of seeing the sun ever again,
They didn't think of giving up,

Even when the diagnosis said,
They probably wouldn't live so long,
They didn't give up,

As they saw the cold hearts of the rest,
They still believed and continued to love,
They didn't think of giving up,

Because a wise man once said:
Optimism is what keeps us alive!
Hope and always hope
Dec 2018 · 304
If only we knew
Aroody Dec 2018
Perhaps when we sang and played in spring,
we never imagined these leaves would start to fall,
or the mountains so majestic and tall,
would be covered with ice and snow,

The sun that shines with all that warmth ,
would only become a source of light,
the pavements then so dry ,
would turn all wet and covered in leaves,

Indeed we never knew in joy
that everything has a bitter end ,
so we could catch memories one by one ,
and later to each other send ,
Oct 2018 · 693
Home isn't home anymore
Aroody Oct 2018
Home was once upon a time ,
a place so safe so calm ,
the remedy for the sick ,
a place to stop and rest ,

but now its only four walls ,
holding up an old roof ,
who knows what these walls have heard ?
what the roof has seen ?

A place so far from what you imagine ,
its not my serenity nor is it divine ,
but did the walls get thicker ?
or the people changed ?

Did the roof decide to be unkind?
or the sarcasm got into me ?
Do the walls block me out ?
or the stubbornness of the dwellers ?

This home was built with bricks ,
and it stands today with the same bricks so tall ,
its not the wall or roof or door ,
the people bring the feeling .
Dedicated to all those who run away from all the nonsupporting behavior of their family at home whether a brother , sister , mother or father , the world and it's negative forces are already trying to bring us down , support your family at home don't join the forces against them . MORE SUPPORT please !
Sep 2018 · 331
Meaning of Impossible !
Aroody Sep 2018
" Before I Knew what the word " impossible"  meant , I could have looked it up or asked someone , but you showed me what it meant and I felt it first hand .. , why is it so bitter ? "

- Aroody2018
Aroody Sep 2018
The scent of  your hair ,
color of those eyes ,
your presence alone ,
is a privilege of mine ,

When I see you in distance ,
The fastest heartbeat starts  ,
What can I say ?
You are so different ,

Once upon a time ,
The sun used to be my warmth ,
but since we met ,
The suns so cold when you are far ,

I crave to see you ,
like the joy in the eyes of children ,
when they are given something they want ,
so pure so diligent so ambitious !

when I say " Goodbye"  ,
I'm bidding farewell to two,
one the greatest person in the world ,
and two , my own happiness and joy ,

What should I do with all these feelings ?
When they seem so one way !
Where does one hide all these feelings ?

_ Aroody 2018
Jul 2018 · 315
Calm Down
Aroody Jul 2018
Sometimes we just need to calm down ,
sometimes we just need a hug ,
and a whisper in the ear ;
Saying " it's gonna be alright "

Once in a while we need to run ,
run to where we can't see fault ,
an escape to where perfection exists ,
down to the rivers,  beneath the clouds ,

Maybe we just have to take a walk ,
just a moment alone with a thought ,
away from where conflict starts ,
strolling under the lights alone ,

Sometimes we should pick ourselves up ,
and dust off from the footsteps of those we love ,
and accept that it didn't work out ,
" well it's life " I would say , " not everything is in your hand "
Calm down and find yourself
Sep 2017 · 358
Aroody Sep 2017
Don't question God's justice !
If you are poor and unfortunate in dress ,
For he has given and gives forever ,
The gift of virtues and bless ,

Money , borders and guns
Were never  created by God ,
But by men who wanted power ,
Over those who consider them might,

He loved us therefore he created ,
Giving us something beyond
Every man-made border ,
He gave us a heart,

The power to see,to feel , to love ,
That make the soul
Fly like a dove ,
Yes He is our Lord ,

Love , Truth , Forgiveness,
Hope , Modesty and chastity ,
And many many more ,
Virtues that aren't bought or sold in any store !!

Don't underestimate their powers
Aug 2017 · 356
It took so much ...
Aroody Aug 2017
It took so much not to stop and stare ,
When you were going away ,
It took so much to hold back tears ,
While you indifferently went your way ,

I loved you then ,
And I love you still ,
Thinking about us ,
Brings in me a thrill ,

But it hurt when I heard ,
That you never really cared ,
I wanted to react ,
But I never really  dared ,

Now you are gone ,
And I'm gone ,
And its all over ,
But I love you still !
What can I do ?
May 2017 · 491
Not as strong as.....
Aroody May 2017
You read and write about strength,  
They say mountains show strength,  
We speak of iron and metal!  

But I believe my heart is the best example,
To burn, break, wound and die.  
And still keep pumping blood,  
No metal no iron no mountain ,
Has ever been through all that pain,
So proud of the heart!
May 2017 · 669
Aroody May 2017
Just because you don't see me in the front row anymore
It doesn't mean I have left
I have been forced to go back a couple of rows
And I don't know if it was you or life that took me there ,

But with all this I'm still in the room ,
Following and applauding you from the back ,
I see you but you don't see me...
And the sound of me applauding is left
Unrecognized ,
Its mixed with everyone else ,
But of course there has to be a difference between them ,
I applaud out of love from the heart ,
But they ....... Never mind who am I to judge,

Just because I don't show myself ,
Doesn't mean I'm done !
No I'm enjoying the show ,
And I'm love with you ,
And I'm proud to be in the room ,
And happy to be far ,
Because to love when you are unloved ,
Is exactly what pure and selfless love is .....
May 2017 · 150
Aroody May 2017
Just because you don't see me in the front row anymore
It doesn't mean I have left
I have been forced to go back a couple of rows
And I don't know if it was you or life that took me there ,

But with all this I'm still in the room ,
Following and applauding you from the back ,
I see you but you don't see me...
And the sound of me applauding is left
Unrecognized ,
Its mixed with everyone else ,
But of course there has to be a difference between them ,
I applaud out of love from the heart ,
But they ....... Never mind who am I to judge,

Just because I don't show myself ,
Doesn't mean I'm done !
No I'm enjoying the show ,
And I'm love with you ,
And I'm proud to be in the room ,
And happy to be far ,
Because to love when you are unloved ,
Is exactly what pure and selfless love is .....
Apr 2017 · 776
Passed away
Aroody Apr 2017
Break in frustration,  
Cry and grieve,  
Drown in your tears,  
Unless you believe,  

" That body dies and soul exists! "

Love of a husband,
Sacrifice of a wife,  
Support of a brother,  
A sister who meant life ,

Source of their good ,
Was from the soul,
Their selfless love,  
From the heart,

Body was merely a tool,  
A tool to convey an eternal love,  

May their souls rest in peace!!
As they did and will forever live
Dec 2016 · 623
Dream about you , my hope
Aroody Dec 2016
I told you not to leave ,
I told you not to break ,
I told you not to believe,
Whatever you heard ,

Them words they meant something ,
But they mean nothing now,
You are excited about leaving ,
And all I say is how?

With you everyday was summer ,
With you everyday was spring ,
I can't get any dumber ,
Waiting for my phone to ring ,
A call from you so impossible it seems ,

When I talk about it ,
Its as if I'm living dreams ,
Some dreams are bound to be true ,
While some are just used to keep our hope !!

Our love my darling is the second type,
Even dreaming about you for me is hope ,
Do we have a source of life as strong as hope ?
The more we hope the better we can cope ....
Jul 2016 · 1.5k
I'm Finally Free
Aroody Jul 2016
I'm finally free from this emotional cell ,
Though I was stuck between heaven and hell,
You were not coming was all I could tell,
I was finally out but wished you well,

I sat beside despair and sorrow,  
Wishing you would come today or tomorrow,  
But I got a little older everyday,  
When I became hopeless I tried finding a way,

But maybe I should accept somethings can never be,  
Yes you will love someone but that someone isn't me,  
From what I'm told and I feel and I clearly see,
You have long forgotten this prisoner
who only  you can set free,

Love was meant to mend broken hearts,  
Not to break them more into smaller parts,  
Love was meant to bring tears of joy,  
Not to result emotional  suicide of a girl or boy,

Yes we think we understood what love was meant,
We should take our words back in regret and repent,
This love we know is just an emotional prison,

I'm free and you are too to learn about love ... the way it should be.  

Wow, when you start you can't stop.. !
May 2016 · 711
For the one who believes
Aroody May 2016
Beyond the stars,
In the darkest times,
Behind those bars,
Or unsaid lines,

When people around,
Don't hear a sound,
From the broken heart,
Or the eyes that cried,  

Deep in the seas,
As warm as the sun,
For the one that believes,
We aren't still done,

I'll wait for you,
I'll wait and wait,  
Even if you are a billion years late,  
I'll wait,

Back with this one!!
Apr 2016 · 689
For a hand to hold
Aroody Apr 2016
What else do you want?  
I'm already so ruined,
Yet too cheeky of me,  
To as you to comeback,  

Since distance stepped  in between,
And my eyes have forever been,
Constantly rain and flood,
My heart lost reason to pump blood,

I want you now I need you now,
Direct me towards yourself tell me how,
A heart I possess from all the world,  
I'll exchange it for a hand to hold,  

Please..... consider coming back!

© AROODY2016
When you really miss someone so much!!!
Aroody Mar 2016
Once upon a time I was in love,
With that smile with those eyes,
Now I'm so hurt I don't feel anything,

Sometimes I feel I wanna disappear,
You are not by my side,  
I'm filled with ignorance and fear,

How cruel of you to leave me,  
When  I was totally yours,
And keep me behind these doors,

Set those eyes to look ,
For love instead of faults,
Talk to me now break the walls,  

I'm in love still as you can see,
I'm hoping for spring in autumn like a tree,
Either come and bring spring,  
Or leave me to the hands of the axes,

© AROODY2016
Feb 2016 · 752
A year and I'm still away
Aroody Feb 2016
Away from you a year has passed,
They all tell me " happy new year!! "
The end of a year I survived with fear,
How much I tried to hide that tear,  

Away from you like desert and rain,
In the wish to see you I go through pain,
Not knowing it is in vain that I wait,  
As you are now an enemy to my state,  

The rain didn't come the desert turned dead,
I smiled before now I'm depressed instead,  
Gave you my heart not using my head,  
I love you I'll never regret what I said,

My love for you was extremely deep,
I was crazy in love but not  a creep,
Wishing to see you in every dream,
If I don't see you tonight  forever I'll sleep,

© AROODY2016

           For 28 March 2016
Distance from someone you love is the worst thing ever!!
Jan 2016 · 383
Aroody Jan 2016
We love that someone to a point where we are afraid to blink ,  just  in case the happiness of our life disappears in a blink .

- Something a lover would say [1]

© AROODY2016
Jan 2016 · 548
Aroody Jan 2016
As the world goes above dimension,  
With buses more station,  
The people and their pension,  
Too poor to pay attention,  

Between borders rise tension,
And we all need good intention,
While tears in precipitation,  
Our world in classification,  

Tell the soldiers to cut retaliation ,
We all need better communication,  
Peace needs a declaration,  
Complexity must turn to simplification,

One human race like one nation,
Why bizarre things bring separation,
Not only crossing lines but invasion,  
Stop right now we need concentration,

The oppressed must be under protection,
In the world we need active participation,
We understand we don't need explanation,
Too sad now so we need more exclamation,  

And that's how things start working,  

©® AROODY 2016
In taughts of a new world, bring together simple rhyming Sions /tions

Open for suggestions!!
Jan 2016 · 576
Aroody Jan 2016
Never it is that anyone would  understand how strong love is unless they have fallen for someone so bad, unless being so crazy in love, love these four letters are actually very strong, as when they are to make you happy they create it within like nothing else can, and vice versa if it is to destroy you,
No bullet or tank is ever equally destructive, for love always strikes your soul and heart, once the heart is broken and soul is hurt, no doctor, no cure is there other than love itself .
Love was felt
Dec 2015 · 521
The blood
Aroody Dec 2015
She stood there and I approached  her and said :

" You think it's blood that runs through these veins?  No , it's not blood it's your love. "

She smiled with eyes that swam in tears.  
Finally I told her what I wanted to tell for a long long time.  

[ Far in Love ] ( To be published 2016)

©2015 AROODY
Book writing in progress
Nov 2015 · 675
Aroody Nov 2015
I have died and lived,
A thousand times,  
Dead hopeless,  
And with hope relived,

For the hope alone,  
Is indeed power,  
That could ****,
Or give us life,  

Let them know that,
He who lived with hope,  
Never died within,  

And tell them that ,
he who lived hopeless,  
Never really lived,  

Why don't you wait and wait and hope ?

©2015 AROODY
For everyone who thinks is running out of patience, and feels hopeless, my message would be that having hope is like having life in a better meaning
Nov 2015 · 226
Aroody Nov 2015
Just when you think all the stars of your sky are gone, One (*) star appears that gives you the light of a thousand stars (0.0)

©2015 AROODY
Aroody Nov 2015
The first we met to say hi we were shy,  
Times we spent the best I can't deny,
I was happy with you as if I was high,
The end a lump in my throat I said goodbye,  

You ignored me and time killed my hope,
My life heads downwards as fast as *****,  
Your absence a situation that I can never cope,  
Holding on hurts more than letting go of the rope,  

What connects you and me now,  
Our pictures and memories,  
That to my cold heart,  
They mean another breeze,  

I broke my pride and to you I plead,
Ignored me again letting my wounds bleed,
I picked them up every little piece,
And I'm walking away as far as Greece,

©2015 AROODY
Goodbye...... </3
Aroody Nov 2015
The coldness without is covered with cloth, the coldness within can't be covered by cloth , yet if you see someone who is cold outside give him cloth but if they are cold within too give them warmness with your heart, give them kindness and melt their ice.  

- Aroody
© 2015 AROODY
Be kind
Oct 2015 · 1.3k
Rain the day we met.....
Aroody Oct 2015
The day we met,  
It rained so bad,  
We all got wet,  
Even that young lad,  

Some ran in search of spot to stand,  
Some looked around to find a hand,
Some happy they were as it did rain,
Some frowned so bad as if in vain,

Some wished they had ,
an umbrella to hold,  
Some closed their umbrellas,
though it became  mould,  

And there you came,
different than them all,  
Saw your dancing shadow around the spall ,
It was standing tall,

I loved you because you were different .

I came to you with all my love,  
Something I'm always proud of,  
You held my hand through the rain,
We danced together as if we're insane,

© 2015-AROODY
Random poem about Rain as requested :D
Oct 2015 · 395
Aroody Oct 2015
From childhood you're told not to be odd,
But to be even,  
And always have hope,
Something to believe in,  

Being different was a fear,  
From childhood itself,  
That if they get you tears,  
You try to change yourself,

But we should primarily know,
That worth is not cash or gold ,
Nor color it is that defines worth,  
But the human heart is so much worth,  

Let's together try and get back peace,  
To one day see all prisoners release,  
In love and unity we all will believe,  
Together we are, together we conceive.  

Put down your swords,  
Put down your guns,  
Bring me a pen and let me write,  
A piece contract a flag coloured white,  

For all humans to sign and stamp,  
We will walk together  hands in hands,
In darkness we will be the shining lamp,  
Breaking down borders between the lands,

One day this Dream will be true,  
And to that we believe and hope.
World Peace is all we want!!!
From where ever you are I love you my friend, if we haven't met yet, we will someday . World peace hoping for a better tomorrow :')
Oct 2015 · 968
The story of me and you
Aroody Oct 2015
I was so normal before we met,  
A normal person but a sad one,  
Your presence brought happiness,  
But before I knew it you were gone,  

I was sad then happy then sad,
When you left did I look glad ?
Like a cycle I was sad again,
Hence on my eyes it started to rain,

I looked in my sky,  
No stars no moon,  
You never said goodbye,  
aren't you coming back soon?  

The nights went dark,  
The days turned cold,
My life lost spark,  
Our pictures turned old,  

I sit alone thinking of you ,
Reviewing pictures of me and you,
A look at you enough to be blue,  
I want to find you, but I have no clue.

©2015 AROODY
My life basically :')
Oct 2015 · 4.0k
The string of uncertainty
Aroody Oct 2015
If we love someone,  
We express it,  
If we hate someone,  
Then we say it,  

But you chose silence,  
To destroy me slowly,  
Your silence has kept me on a string,  
The string of uncertainty,  

I'm not sure what this silence means,
Do you still love me?  
Or you hate me now?  

If I walk away from you,  
I'll be thinking of coming back,  
And If I walk towards you,  
Maybe I'll make a mistake,  

You have left me alone on this string,  
Anyhow I'm destroyed, destroyed of uncertainty ....

© 2015-AROODY
I believe that uncertainty is a destroying feeling,
Oct 2015 · 2.7k
Hug me now....
Aroody Oct 2015
Hug me tightly, take my breath away,
From all the beautiful words in the world,
Pick the best ones and say,  
Stay with me everyday ,
Collect your trust and upon me lay,  

When you walk passed me smile at me,
To help me exist to help me be,  
Reaching you I would swim the deepest sea,  
We are young now and we are free,  

Your hug is home,
Your hug is fire,  
Without your hug I'm homesick,  
Without your hug I'm cold,  

My life was dark until you brought light,  
My life was wrong until you made it right,  
When you're out of my sight,
It's always night,
With you sun shines brighter than bright,  

I'll tell you now, I'll tell them too,  
My heart belongs to someone and that's you.

Dedicated to that one person we all have that love them so much, and love them no matter what , enjoy!!
Oct 2015 · 490
It's Me
Aroody Oct 2015
When the sun is gone,
When the moon is not shone,  
There is always someone,  
Whose always alone,  

When the rain has stopped,
And the streets are wet,  
His tears have dropped,  
He is really sad , I bet,  

When he is surrounded by darkness,
When he is filled with regret,  
His soul and body unite in coldness,
He looks familiar perhaps you guys met,  

He is me...
Very sad
Oct 2015 · 318
At last I did find out
Aroody Oct 2015
It took me long to find out,  
That you are gone  ,
That you are no longer mine,  
Hard it was to believe,  

You had left me clueless,  
I was left all alone ,
Looking here and there,  
Searching for you the shadow of love,  

I desperately waited every minute of every day,  
Hoping that you message,  
That you would break this silence,  
But it started snowing in the desert,  
And still from you no message ,

It took me a while to find this out ,
To know that this battle I fight is a lost fight,  
It took me a while to understand why the sun isn't bright ?
Didn't they tell you that I lost light ?   

At least I know after all this time,  
The one I taught was mine,  
Has become someone else's sunshine,  
Perhaps I did I crossed the line,  

When you love someone more than you should, be ready to pay the price.

At least I know now but Alas it's too late... I look inside myself and it's like a broken window..
Tooo late
Oct 2015 · 313
Aroody Oct 2015
" I taught I was the only one who had the key to your heart , but later got to know that you supplied everyone with a key. "
Sep 2015 · 352
So cruel.....
Aroody Sep 2015
How cruel has the world become,  
People change ,
Feelings fade,
You are replaced,  
Hearts break,  

And if you have someone then please Takecare,  

Because today they take a bullet for you,  
But tomorrow they are the one shooting,
The ones holding the gun at you,

In a blink of an the one who made me smile while crying was the reason I cried.....

So cruel it is , too much to bear.
6months away :( people change
Sep 2015 · 643
Sadness Alone
Aroody Sep 2015
Too tired I am to do anything,  
I've lost everyone , I've lost everything,  
Exhausted I am yet playing my role,  
I can stand up but what about my soul ?

I walk everyday smiling wide,  
A smile to fool , a smile to hide,  
For me to hide the joy that died,  
For me to hide the eyes that cried,  

Alone I sit ,  alone all the time,  
The sweet life I had turned as sour as lime,
Coffee in hand thinking of words to rhyme,  
I'm trying to get up, I'm trying to climb,

I can feel my heart's broken pieces,  
I do I wait but my sadness increases,  
It's as if my happiness, the sadness ceases,
Sitting and hoping sorrow releases,  

And I hope and hope and hope,  
And perhaps with hope I'm alive!!!
Sep 2015 · 455
Away from you.....
Aroody Sep 2015
As soon as you left,  
The sun went away,  
The sky turned sad ,
So it started to rain,  

In my tears I could drown,  
As I wore the sorrow crown ,
When I looked at the moon going down ,
The sky went dark just like your gown ,

The stars went away,
It was a disaster night and day,
In darkness I sat and started to pray,  
That you come back to me one day,  
To you I  have got a lot to say,  

Away from you,  
My days are cold,  
My nights are dark,  

Come back please a minute away from you is a billion years of sorrow.....
Away from the one you love could be the worst thing ever, Takecare of them while they are beside you.. :)
Sep 2015 · 454
The stars
Aroody Sep 2015
Something strange about her eyes,
One look at her and all my pain dies,  
Now we are apart but I know time flies,  
Everything can lie but the eye never lies,  

The color of her eyes darkest dark,  
In her eyes is the magical spark,  
When I have her I don't need light,  
Her eyes enlighten my night,  

But when she's away from my sight,  
I have got a lot of battles to fight,
I slowly turn pale and white,  
Can't decide what's wrong, what's right

I never lied when I said your eyes were the stars in my dark night.....
Her eyes....
Sep 2015 · 627
Die in love......
Aroody Sep 2015
You went away so easily so fast,  
I actually taught what we had would last,
At first it was hard I couldn't believe,  
At last all I could do was sit and grieve,  

But darling what pushed you away?  
Will you come back to me maybe one day?  
These unanswered questions surround my mind,
Neither you nor time to me were kind,  

If I had the chance to see you again,  
By the coffee shop near the train,
Your love still runs through my vein,
I'm hopeful but they say I'm insane,  

Will you love me the same way ?
If it's 14 February or somewhere in May,  
I'll stand with a rose as long as it takes,  
Funny I don't give up though my heart always breaks,

If you come I wait, please don't be late,  
If you don't I'll die, I'll die in love .
I'll die in love.... <3
Sep 2015 · 1.0k
The city.....
Aroody Sep 2015
I walked through the city hemmed with sound,
I was all alone hence I walked around,  

Passed by the broken heart boy,  
The one who lost  joy,  

Walked beside the depressed girl,
She wouldn't smile even with a pearl,  

The man who dies everyday of pain,  
He's tired of hearing " no pain no gain "

The man who died,  
The boy who lied,  
The girl that cried,  
Things we can't hide,  

And for those who smile,  
To hide what's inside,  
They've been sad for a while,  
But still smile wide,

The broken hearts,  
The fake smiles,  

Came back home after a long walk,  
From all I saw I can't talk .....
Bit depressing [sorry] but unfortunately true :(
Sep 2015 · 2.2k
Aroody Sep 2015
We sat to talk me and my heart,  
We had a chat, about you it was,  
How your absence was so hard,  
Why did you leave? What was the cause?

We sat talking about loving you,  
That as soon as you left I did turn blue,  
My heart was helpless it had no clue ,

Suddenly the brain stepped in and said,  
Talking in a mocking way saying I told you so...
Once again brain was right,
But me and heart we lost light,  
It's hard to admit that brain was right again,

Do comeback please...
Come prove brain wrong....
Me and my heart patiently wait....
Comeback and prove Brain wrong
Sep 2015 · 2.3k
Your eyes
Aroody Sep 2015
" I never lied when I said that your eyes are the stars in my dark night "
I love you!!! So muchhh
Sep 2015 · 347
Beware beware
Aroody Sep 2015
Beware beware while making friends,  
First I also thought there will be no ends,  
I don't want to accuse anyone I know they are nice,  
If we have a cake they will evenly slice,  

But stop and think don't go so far,  
In their company you shine like a star,  
Be nice be nice always be,  
Whenever any of them you see,  

I made friends a lot I did,  
Like in a playground like I was a kid,  

I lost them now, I don't know what I did?  
Maybe it's me they want to get rid,  

I walked before proud like a king,  
Looked back to find no one  with me,  
I lost all of them all in a blink,  
Suddenly " me " extracted from "we",  

I rode all alone and learned,  
Not to love anyone more than myself,  

Love love I'm not saying stop!!!
But don't love anyone more than yourself,
Loosing a ton of friends in a blink, and still can't find why....?! But I know now seee.....^^^
Sep 2015 · 2.8k
Aroody Sep 2015
Wealth, what's wealth?  
Depending on what they say.

Is wealth money?  
Is it treasure?  
Is it material possession?  

Who do we call wealthy ,
The one who has money?  

Wealth is love,  
Wealth is friends,  
Wealth is trust ,
Wealth is the possession of hearts,  

If wealth is in materials,  
Materials are lost, stolen, destroyed,  
But wealth built on friendship, on love,  
Is everlasting and never lost .

So appearance or possession they aren't wealth,  
A wealthy one is who possesses hearts, and loves.  
That's true wealth.....  

So as long as we know how to love, we are wealthy
What's wealth?
Sep 2015 · 436
Meant SO much !!
Aroody Sep 2015
I lost  her that meant so much,  
The one who cured with a touch,
I lost her that meant the world,  
In her absence whose hands to hold??

Surrounded now by silence,  
Silence here, silence there ,
Am I that easy to replace?  

If far away from me you stand,  
I'll reach for you passing every land,
I'm only warm when I hold your hand,
Without you I'm dust, without you I'm sand,  

Come right now, it's not so late,  
I'm patient, I can wait,  
If you come that would be great ;-)
Sep 2015 · 666
Deepest fearr...
Aroody Sep 2015
Loosing you was my deepest fear,  
I always taught you were sincere,  
You hate me now that's crystal clear,
That strikes my heart like a spear,  

I stood there waiting in despair,  
I always told you " hello my dear ",
My respect too much for you to bear,  
I'm leaving you the end is near,

I lost you now, I have nothing to fear,  
I'm looking through, around this sphere (earth)
To find someone to call them " dear "
Someone who will be my premier,
For people who met the wrong person !!!!
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