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Aroody Jul 2020
Another dawn these eyes have seen,
Do you really have to leave?
Why are you so keen?
Didn't you like it here?  

Too late too late, was when we met,
And you became the reason,  
My eyes stay wet,
Whenever I think of you,

All the beautiful things,  
Have at last gone away,  
To teach us perhaps a lesson,
That nothing ever stays,
Nothing stays
Aroody Jul 2020
In silence I read what poets wrote,
of love they spoke of hearts they broke,

I stood and saw the lovers go,
how bitter how sad you wonder!

I could not write running out of words,
You can't make a point without your swords,

calm I sat and they asked me why ?
I fear, my darling, of what the future holds,

where life and death make a difference not,
it doesn't matter how much you try,

I'm back at least that's how I feel,
life's gone what's left is what I write,

Back after silence
Aroody Sep 2019
When the party is over,  
and everyone has left,  
a sudden emptiness in me appears,

As if these people were,
a part of my heart within the chest
Because with them happiness too, disappears,

It gets lonely and sad,
After a while they have left,
I want to be smiling but I can't hold the tears,

People who you meet once, twice,
But get along with very well,
As if you have known them for many years,

I wish our moments with them never end.
Aroody May 2019
What is love but an exposition,
Of what is otherwise so deeply hidden,
Within the heart of the one who adores,
Living with the fear of when she explores,

I came to you before we had met,
So majestic with pure excellence,
A perfect guy you had taught,
This broken heart's possessor had been,

When durations of speech,
Went from minutes to hours so quick,
I revealed myself not all but a bit,
Though that bit was enough to change your mind,

You saw me fall and reached my hand,
Helping me up,  assisting me to stand,
But at the same have your troops leave,
The worthless soil of my hearts land.

A confused man isn't apparently;
in the eyes of a lady attractive

  Apr 2019 Aroody
Salmabanu Hatim
life is magical
leads you to your life partner
villain or hero.......
Aroody Apr 2019
Indeed many people saw,  
The misery and pain, life had brought,  
But they didn't think of giving up,

They brushed their shoulders,  
Ready to go for just one more round,
They didn't think of giving up,  

When they were stuck in rain,
Hopeless of seeing the sun ever again,
They didn't think of giving up,

Even when the diagnosis said,
They probably wouldn't live so long,
They didn't give up,

As they saw the cold hearts of the rest,
They still believed and continued to love,
They didn't think of giving up,

Because a wise man once said:
Optimism is what keeps us alive!
Hope and always hope
Aroody Dec 2018
Perhaps when we sang and played in spring,
we never imagined these leaves would start to fall,
or the mountains so majestic and tall,
would be covered with ice and snow,

The sun that shines with all that warmth ,
would only become a source of light,
the pavements then so dry ,
would turn all wet and covered in leaves,

Indeed we never knew in joy
that everything has a bitter end ,
so we could catch memories one by one ,
and later to each other send ,
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