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evolove May 14
All of the movies are the same. Watch this and have your eyes open to both the secret of world and the ending of it.

Every movie is about the stars. That's why every actor is a STAR.

Mufasa/Osiris/ king of everything the Sun/light hits. is set up by his his twin brother Scar/set ruler of elephant graveyard/the dark. Simba/horus goes into hiding/the underworld, who then later returns to **** Scar/Set and take his rightful place as "King".

Thomas wayne/Osiris is shot and killed by a criminal/set. Bruce wayne/horus goes into hiding. Then comes back and fights the "Joker" Who becomes leader of the criminals. Batman/Horus wins and liberates "New York" as a king would.
Adding. Jokers catch phrase "why so Serious/sirius" with a smiling face, just like the one amazon uses is a hat tip to the solar eclipse and the star sirius. Sirius is connected to Satan worship. It's why they made us feel sympathy for a diabolical character in the movie Joker.  The devil loves SYMPATHY!


This show is so occultish you will never believe it.
Characters. (The show also revolves around Ricky/horus)
Ricky/****/horus (the symbol for horus/osiris is an obelisk aka a *****)  his father Ray/osiris. Rickys wife LUCY (Need I say more?)
and Rickys daughter "TRINITY". Notice how his daughter is the Trinity?
This is where you MUST know freemasonry to understand the rest.
Rickys two best friends are the two pillars of freemasonry. Julian/boaz/strength. Throughout the show they even brag about Julians strength all the time. Then Rickys other best friend is Bubbles/Jachin/swift. Bubbles character is known for always driving a go kart. Hence "Swift".

If you can figure it out. You know what's coming. This is the secret of freemasonry. Freemasonry is a "CRAFT"... WITCHCRAFT.
The king of freemasonry is Osiris who is Abbadon who is Appollo who's is TRUMP.
17 is the letter Q in the alphabet. And the number 17 is the number of abbadon who brings plagues unto the earth.
His son is Baron/lord/Horus is a GIANT.
Trumps ancestor from his Mother's side is the Viking "Olaf Mcleod" King of man. (Was his title)
The odds are McDonald's is donald trumps. Appollo has a golden bow. McDonald's has the golden arches. MC is 33 is Jewish gematria. McDonald's character is a clown with RED HAIR. And on his chest is the emblem of the golden arch infront of a solid red circle. That red circle is the blood moon donald trump was born on.
The odds are MC stands for Moon Child.
On Donald trumps coat of arms you will see the same golden bow.  Through that bow is a hand holding a spear. That spear is the same spear of destiny. The one that stabbed jesus is the rib cage.  It's prophecy that the antichrist will obtain the spear of destiny. Something ****** failed to do.
Donald Trump also has a gold course in Scotland in "Aberdeen"
Translates to "Mouth of the don".

You don't have to believeme. But the end is near. America is babylon. That's why we have "Hollywood". Hollywood is what witches make their wands out of..

And as for t.v.
Never watch it.
TELL-A-VISION. Who's vision you might ask?
You see this is why the call television shows "programs" and you get your programs from channels/channeling "stars" Who are embodiment of the "STARS". SATANIC WORSHIP!

Be vigilant. Your enemy's is waiting in the shadows like a lion to devour you.
evolove Apr 27
C = 3
O = 15
R = 18
O = 15
N = 14
A = 1

The word "Corona" has six (6) letters.
Together combined equals 666.

The corona is the outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere. The corona is usually hidden by the bright light of the Sun's surface. ... During a total solar eclipse, the moon passes between Earth and the Sun. When this happens, the moon blocks out the bright light of the Sun.

Corona is the Latin word for crown.

Corona is the (crown chakra)

The words "corona virus" is an anagram for "carnivorous".

(Covid19) corona vaccine identification. The plan.
   Ovid means sheep.
The word vaccine comes from the word "Vacca" meaning cow in hebrew.

My personal opinion...
We are about to is usher in the antichrist.
The man of "lawlessness" is the man who takes away your personal rights. Your rights to your body. Your rights to your free will to live off the land. Your rights to free speech and to congregate. Etc.
You have the right to bear arms..... Not hold hands.

I Love you all. If you've found this helpful PLEASE SHARE!
Paras Bajaj Apr 23
No, we are not fine on our own,
and that's why we leave
for reasons unknown.
Paras Bajaj Apr 13
I wish not to be those seeds
that didn’t become a tree.
I wish to be that one rose
that bloomed among thorns.
"She's the perfect girl" he screamed,
Describing her as the funniest to be seen,
But does he know what the heart hides?
Does he know the art of disguise?
Each day the sun sets,
she's the same broken girl
Who goes home to rest,
"The day surely has been a tough test" she moans imprisoned in painful thoughts,
She has the loudest voice in school,
Alas, at nights she screams and cries without a single sound,
Hugging her tear- Stained teddy bear,
She picks her best friends call without a care,
Voice as happy as ever,
she makes a joke,
Behold, she's alone again, imprisoned in her own hell again,
She remembers each night how the world ripped her soul,
Now her heart isn't a whole, even after several years
She's the same broken girl who cries silent tears
You can only find out
what you are from what you are not
which is everything and nothing.
Your home is everywhere and nowhere.
Your true identity is no identity.
You aren't an owner but  
a messenger of the infinity,
The no-thing is open to everything,
timeless and Free.
Tiana Mar 27
Doesn’t she want to be the star
that reigns the dark sky?
Doesn’t she want a dream fairytale
That’s far from any deny?

Why is she so adamant?
To be that falling star,
Only with the purpose to never return;

What it is that outshined all the glitters
of the most desirable fantasy?
Is it the purity of wishes that
showers like some lovely confetti?

Is it momentary magic
Or a forever promised charm?
Is it more alluring than a perfect prince
with a vast kingdom?

Or is it the embody she calls ‘love’, that
made the loudest of echo unheard,
with its delicate hush?
  Is that what is making the imperfect celebration
full of happiness and laughter?
Luisa Mar 4
Maybe I grasped the wrong notion
A site meant for poetry in motion
Random musings are easy to find
One sentence isn’t a poem in my mind!

Not all poems have to rhyme
But some of your writings are a crime
A felony against art and words that wield power
These low effort attempts, hundreds each hour

I bet Sylvia Plath turns in her grave
At these pathetic bids some of you gave
Where is the rhapsody, where is the verse?
Your words should be in the back of a hearse

Where is the structure or composition?
Posting your crap was a poor decision
You might hate my words, though they are true
In my opinion, you have some work to do!
Who else is fed up of a single sentence being coined as a poem? Or something akin to a motivational quote being passed off as one?
Get rid of the low grade efforts! Post your **** on a blog instead!
GJLT Mar 3
Sturdy as a titan is the oak off in the yard
Stuck strong and deep in the mud, with the permanence of a mountain ridge
There wasn’t a force of man, nature, or God that could catch her off
her guard
Until one golden morning came to pass, which started without a hitch,
Only this time an army of tiny fellows were summoned to follow,
And there they were, a pack of carpenter ants ready for a momentous
Eagerly and with ease, turning the impenetrable oak completely and utterly hollow.
Han Jin Feb 25
Your eyes are made of dark crystal and your mortal parts reminds my feeble soul why we were never meant to be holy.
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