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For the passing day,
the day mends,
the day follows the unison movement,
of your silhouette,
this consumable force you ****** in me,
are you my amorous joy,
a gliding dew that tickles the corner of my lips,
or the steady architecture of the anthill,
in its demarcation to defy the limits of love,
to bring the spirit of solitude,
the transcendence of our youth,
can it be for a moment or eternity,
that I am totally dissolved,
transforming your pain,
into red and yellow flowers,
the colorful penumbra of the rainbow,
and what does it give you: all of me.
Chuck Akot Oct 9
there is an indication,
of tenderness between us,
it is like a pillow resting your head,
the onset of the new moon,
as is, that you and me repeats for its need,
rustling like a wing,
for once more,
you continually swarm me with your love,
your love that opens,
the wilderness of my heart,
and if your eyes are the only thing,
that sees me: habitually pleasing,
alluring in all familiar ways,
precedent and preferable,
and if it beckons to shape whatever,
we thrive for,
if it is longing or constant admiration,
you are favored to me my capricious one,
leave no traces or red kisses,
for I will miss you in every mild footsteps,
of the rain filling the earth,
with your warm welcome.
Chuck Akot Oct 9
Each time,
I look at you,
may it be your face,
your lips,
your eyes,
or your shadow,
leaning against the tree,
I know,
I just know,
that this life,
is more than its circulation,
how long is eternity,
to be able to let you know,
how every thing becomes a little gift,
a grace uplifted from the heavens.
Chuck Akot Oct 7
You do not know,
what it means to me,
to be true,
to be just by myself,
taking this moment,
in the pursuit of loving you,
with all that I am–
with all the inherent nature of necessity,
as it beckons to proceed to my willingness,
or to be thrilled,
even to be summoned particularly,
with your most intimate self:
the degree of closeness.
Classy Oct 5
I am a woman with control.
I am a figure that stands tall in a crowd.
I have my own dignity,
my own thoughts,
my own way to act.

When you tell me what to do,
how to react in a certain way.

I am not gonna hear you,
because i am my own principle,
and you can't break it.
those who choose to lay in the river
eventually drift
into someone they know
and call it fate
Can you tell I prefer to make things happen than leave things to fate? lol
Norman Crane Sep 18
love is the crustacean
who remains after the moon
has pulled away the waters of infatuation
Aseel Sep 8
We, who write passionately about love
Never find someone who love us the way we write
Aseel Sep 8
نحن الذين نُجيد الكتابة عن الحب جيدًا
لا نجدُ من يُحبنا كما نكتب
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