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Anksy 19h
Time’s up, end of the road
Nowhere to turn, carrying a heavy load
Burden to bear, no returns
Beginning of the end, nothing to learn

Uphill struggle, Downhill all the way
Taking a stance, having your say
Moving heaven and earth, not budging at all
Taking a break, having a ball

Onwards and upwards, down to the wire
Less is more, playing with fire
Dilly dallying, dog’s dinner
All washed up, everyone’s a winner

Chancing your arm, hair on your chest
Not giving a hoot, being the best
Out in the cold, hot on his tail
Do not disturb, it’s in the mail

The final countdown, the top of the heap
Down the garden path, following like sheep
Journey’s end, tomorrow’s another day
Time waits for no man, living for today

Johnny come lately, larger than life
Slow on the uptake, trouble and strife
From the get-go, the cold light of day
In the lap of the gods, nothing to say

A window of opportunity, an also-ran
Flying high, topping up my tan
Guest of honour, tickets at the door
Taking a dip, ship to shore

Losing the will, *******
Giving evidence, class dismissed
No confidence vote, majority rules
Something out of nothing, only fools

By the skin of your teeth, not a hair out of place
Wind swept, not in the race
The devil you do, wrong end of the stick
Missing the point, in the thick of it

Going nowhere, driving me mad
This way out, both good and bad
All washed up, rocky road to ruin
Rites of passage, something is brewing

Lest we forget, taking a break
Clear as mud, for goodness sake
Testing times, more than your fair share
Top of the ladder, the rightful heir.

Master of your destiny, captain of your ship,
At the helm, Shooting from the hip
Hell on earth, best of a bad bunch
Back in a while, out to lunch
Ave 7d
He’s kinda weird
The way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking
Do you think he notices
When I do it too?
I kinda like his hair
The way it curls makes me wanna run my hand through it
it’s kinda strange
Why these feelings never came up before?
I wonder
Ave Oct 8
Sometimes it’s because I have no food
No money to go buy it
No means of transport
Sometimes it’s because I have no time to eat
High school takes up 13 hours of my day not including homework
No time
No time
No time
I’ll just sleep it off
It’s for the best
sometimes I’m just not hungry
Chase Pamplin Sep 23
Feeling stag from the reconstruction of life. Questions like: What’s my calling? Why does everything come with a price? Passions are slowly dissolving like a cup of ice. Think of it as being half full, full of myself! But what would you strive for more? Wealth or health? Reading quotes like “Good fortune comes to those that wait” beggars can’t be choosers” a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” but even when I ask there’s still not enough on my plate! Why show up to the party early when I can show up late. Is it me? Or is it the lack of fate? When the world starts to show love and look blindly to what we’ve done! We won’t be shocked and ask ourselves what have we become. Planetary existence.....

Aroody Sep 11
When the party is over,  
and everyone has left,  
a sudden emptiness in me appears,

As if these people were,
a part of my heart within the chest
Because with them happiness too, disappears,

It gets lonely and sad,
After a while they have left,
I want to be smiling but I can't hold the tears,

People who you meet once, twice,
But get along with very well,
As if you have known them for many years,

I wish our moments with them never end.
ARCH Sep 15
Displeased with exhausted mind
Though ugliness embodies perfection
Of the creation majesty empower
The whites aren't right
And black ain't beautiful
Questioning the creativity
And erroneous concept of beauty
We somewhere fades our own reality
Indulge with your voice inside
Whose raising the vocals of equality
Whose antonishing signs
Are reflection of humanity
Now the quest of questions
Is out of answers inherently
Yet hopes are serene enough
To resist a human world
And here the wrong things
Are done with good intentions.
fray narte Sep 6
and how brave you are, for getting up and breathing again after the night had shattered your ribs.
It's’ easier to suffer
than it is to love,
love is in the wait,
suffering is in the now.
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