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Shea 3d
The pain of a death lasts another lifetime.
It gets harder to breathe
Within the water,
The hopeful surface,
Keeps getting further

It gets harder to stand
Within the ground,
The trembling soil,
Keeps getting shattered

Is it time to go home yet?
For I, could fly above
And finally free
when will it be my time to be finally free?
SGrewal Jan 12
She's the type
that'll touch
a flower
and leave it
filled with

- S.Grewal
© Jessica Cutts

I told you how I felt
but you turned the other cheek
I was basically rejected
I feel so small, so very weak

I found the reason why I always keep to myself
I hate this feeling of pain
Of being rejected like I'm not good enough
This will happen never again

I'm tired of letting people in
I'm tired of being alone
I'm tired of being rejected and hurt
This is it that feelings have gone

I'm not gonna let you in
I'm not gonna let you see my tears fall
I'm not gonna let you see me hurt
I'm not gonna let you bring me down most of all

I told you how I felt
Because I wanted you to know
But apparently, you would never feel the same
So I guess its time for me to go
I know what its be rejected, dejected. Only my story's different. He said he liked me too, and then he forgot me, like I was nothing. Loves a royal pain. it makes you thinks of the good times you have shared with that person and the more you think about it the more you cry... Tears come as I pray; but needless, even if the whole world forsakes me, God is still here with me, and that's all I'll ever need :") "He comforts us so we can comfort others", stay strong and press on everyone! Dm on instagram is open for those of you who are suffering or feeling depressed/need someone to talk to :)

Instagram: @poems_expressions_words_truth
Marsha Dec 2018
Mom always warned me
not to play with fire.
If only she knew
that I was the flame,
she would have warned
the others
not to light me up.
Loneliness seizes you in doomed crates of abyss.
Agaphy Dec 2018
If I become a poet I will craft all the earth pain in words,

If I become a spoken word artist my emotions will speak the tears of the earth,

If I become a musician my tone will be against the evil of mankind,

If I become a sport lover I will create a game to stop racism,

If I become a president I will send military to fight against injustice, and corruption,

If I become an engineer I will build a lovely people not a beautiful nation,

If I become a politician I will speak on saving the earth rather than modernizing the earth,

If I become a pastor I will preach the illness of the earth,

If I become a doctor I will treat the wound of the bleeding earth,

If I become a teacher I will teach the way of protecting the earth from falling,

If I become a father I will not teach my kids about religions but rather tell them that judgment day is ahead,

If I become a scientist I will invent cure for saving the earth rather than inventing deadly viruses to **** the earth,

If only I remember this if I become one of those.

Life waits for no one,
& I’m late.
A line from my poem “Tell my parents”
Sabrina S Dec 2018
you will learn that the affirmation of others will never be enough.
you will learn that pleasing others is not your purpose.

you are enough.

not because you have tried hard,
not because you have loved hard,
put on your best face;

you are enough because of who you truly are,
because of your beautiful soul,
because He is with you,
and his grace has saved and covered you along the way.
a reminder we all need and we all should value our worth
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