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Isaac Apr 1
so many choices, I am riddled with doubt
eight of cups, which one is the one

so many chances, I am riddled with dread
eight of pentacles, build myself up again

so many crooks, I am riddled with trepidation
eight of swords, I feel powerless just waiting

so many critics, I am riddled with consternation
eight of wands, I knew you were coming all along
V of Swords
Empty victory

You won the fight, but not the battle
For you didn't fight with honesty
You weren't true to anyone
You're filled with anxiety, not modesty

You need to compromise to win
Don't break just because you can
You need to find what you stand for
You live like a boy, yet you say you're a man
A poem every day
IV of Swords
Regress from life

Did you fall or did you let go?
Or did you let the void absorb you?
Restore and then respond to me
You see, I'm a prisoner of the mind too

Life's full of adventures
And there's so much to do
Stay aware of what you're doing
As Icarus should've, when he flew
A poem every day
III of Swords
Broken heart

Don't cheat yourself like they did
Let them sail so far away
Your health won't improve with them
Their lies will crush your day

Be aware of the confusion
It hurts but it will better you
Get your heart away from them
Before they crush that too
A poem every day
II of Swords
On a crossroad

Excitement runs through your veins
The future's unclear
Not sure if the weapons are down
Not sure if victory's near

Take your responsibility
Do not delay the choice
Indecisive and young
Responsibility brings rejoice
A poem every day
Ace of Swords
The sword of truth

The fog in your head's clearing
Ideas appear, one after the other
It's a time of new changes
Let the world not be a bother

You always speak the truth,
Yet the truth can be painful
You musn't let it hurt you
New ideas be frightful
A poem every day
Lane O Aug 2020
Words can strike like swords,
leaving wounds that time can't heal;
They scar the heart and soul,
more so than iron or steel.
April Aug 2020
Flashes of steel and
Whispers of sound
Tramping of footsteps on
Rain- muddied ground

Pounding of heartbeats
And gasping of breath
Small sounds of life under
Shadow of death
Aroody Jul 2020
In silence I read what poets wrote,
of love they spoke of hearts they broke,

I stood and saw the lovers go,
how bitter how sad you wonder!

I could not write running out of words,
You can't make a point without your swords,

calm I sat and they asked me why ?
I fear, my darling, of what the future holds,

where life and death make a difference not,
it doesn't matter how much you try,

I'm back at least that's how I feel,
life's gone what's left is what I write,

Back after silence
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