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Ave 1d
He’s kinda weird
The way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking
Do you think he notices
When I do it too?
I kinda like his hair
The way it curls makes me wanna run my hand through it
it’s kinda strange
Why these feelings never came up before?
I wonder
Ave 5d
Sometimes it’s because I have no food
No money to go buy it
No means of transport
Sometimes it’s because I have no time to eat
High school takes up 13 hours of my day not including homework
No time
No time
No time
I’ll just sleep it off
It’s for the best
sometimes I’m just not hungry
Ave 5d
I hate crush culture
I’m in love with a *** guy
And a straight girl
I’m in love with people who will never be with me
Because of a dumb thing like sexuality
I’ve tried to define my self but the closest I’ve gotten is that
i like people... just people.
Love - a game of trial and errors.
Breakups - became a fashion of convenience.
'In a relationship' - now is a funny trend.
Marriage an unexpected deadend.
Victim? Well, that's You!
This is a short verse about love, relationships and how people value it in this so-called modern era!
Aroody Sep 11
When the party is over,  
and everyone has left,  
a sudden emptiness in me appears,

As if these people were,
a part of my heart within the chest
Because with them happiness too, disappears,

It gets lonely and sad,
After a while they have left,
I want to be smiling but I can't hold the tears,

People who you meet once, twice,
But get along with very well,
As if you have known them for many years,

I wish our moments with them never end.
When looking for love you don't need a map
But falling inlove is falling into a trap
Not knowing the destination to the road you're taking
Not knowing whether it's true or its just faking
Wondering whether or not you'll make it
Falling inlove is just toxic
When you fall inlove you give your all
When love shatters your all goes in flames
When you fall inlove you believe you can conquer everything
But when love breaks you don't feel left with anything
Falling inlove gives you hope
The hope is broken when you were not caught from your fall
When you fall inlove you vow to go against all odds to be happy
When you fall inlove you believe the unbelievable is believable
But falling inlove is painful
Sometimes you fall for someone who's not grateful
But does it pay to love someone who's not graceful?
Falling inlove is amazing but in everything there are "but's" love too, we find them.
Hunter Taylor Apr 25
I've never ridden one
but I am familiar with Camels

I've never been there
but I see Hell when I close my eyes

you don't see me
but I wish you would move out of my mind

please just go
the closer you get the further away you feel

I still talk to myself
the more I do the more I understand

you don't know me now
but I don't think you ever tried
the first lines make a valley, the second lines make a mountain
Hunter Taylor Apr 18
The past is an opaque glass
something I can see but never get through
the longer I look the less I see
but no matter when I look I find you

this universe is centered around my feet
revolving creating dust from stone
nothing I see is from your eyes
and knowing I never will, hits cold bone

my feet only run as fast as my legs
but my stamina controls them too
A thick fog inside my ill and blinding mind
I breathe in smoke hoping to make it though
Hunter Taylor Apr 16
sometimes when I write
the words are a struggle
but other long nights
they only cause trouble
burning holes like they're running in place
barely keeping still as if ready for a race
barely containing themselves behind my swollen face
broken and ****** and so full of disgrace
***** and lonesome like old mattress stains
and yet I still envy those who are not me

wouldn't you?
Hunter Taylor Apr 16
I'm not *** but I know what it's like to hide
to keep a door closed to whatever is inside
to be ashamed and afraid for no good reason
to lose yourself causing you to commit treason

but the broken are beautiful as the weak hide
those that were the cause of our demise
like ants under a glass with nowhere to run
karma comes for all of us no matter how dumb
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