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Your jurisdiction ends over my veil
You are nobody to rule on my zeal

This limited sovereignty is mine
Where I am free to cry or peal

Don't let your dubiety ask me
If I am leal to your creel.
Tiana Apr 17
I still remember that cruel summer
How your ocean eyes distracted me day and night,
Knowing you were so close
yet still not mine;
When you were so close yet so far
आज भी हुबहू याद हैं वो पल,
जब पहली बार एक दूसरे से वादा किया था,कि मिलेंगे ज़रूर कल;
कितने हसीन थे वो दिन,
आज वो ही यादें बन के सिमट गए,तुम्हारे बिन।
नजाने कितने किये थे वादे,सब निभा भी नहीं पाये,
अब शायद चलेंगे वो भी हमारे साथ कफ़न में,
उनको भी धकेल दिया उस हसीन यादों के सफ़र में ।
जब-जब भी रहें साथ,रंगीन बनाया हर एक लम्हा
उन लम्हों को देख बेरंग हो जाया करता था ये सारा सम्हा ।
अब वजूद नहीं रहा उन लम्हों का,
वो लम्हें भी हिस्सा हैं उन्हीं यादों के समूह का।
नहीं सताते अब वो पल जो साथ बिताए थे,
बल्कि गम हैं उन वादों का जो अधूरे छोर आये थे,
क्योंकि वो सारे वादे भी उन्हीं हसीन यादों नें ही करवायें थे।
-Yash Vardhan
(गुमनाम गालिब)
Tiana Mar 18
Why I find it difficult
to calm my extremely beating heart
when you're around?
love or  a horror situation .….
makes you get this feeling
Tiana Mar 7
I'll make you my world,
But the only thing I'll ask in return is
For you to make me the star of your sky,
The star
Which will give you heavenly peace upon it's sight,
Make you forget all your frights
Even in the deepest of the night;
love in starry shine
Tiana Mar 6
Sometime when I feel alone
And I don't know where to go,
Will you be there for me?
When you need that someone to be on your side all the time
Tiana Mar 6
To the world I'm a prodigy,
But around you
I don't know what to do
Think of a proper strategy
Except ignoring you;
Words from a hopelessly in love yet a confused soul
(P.S. Tried to write from a boy's point of view again)
Tiana Mar 4
Maybe you're amusing,
Maybe you're funny,
Maybe you're beautiful
And maybe
You are too irresistible;
When you can't stop gushing part II

(P.S. Tried to write from a boy's point of view)
Tiana Mar 4
Even though,
I don't know how you'll look like,
I don't know how your voice will be like,
But I know
The sight of you will be like
a ray of sun in winter day,
The voice of yours will be like
the melody which I'd always want to play;
Words from the one who hasn't found his/her soulmate
Tiana Mar 2
I hope that you would find someone
who'll love you like me,
And someone
who doesn't share my destiny;

I know I'd be broken to see your arms
around someone
who isn't me,
But I doubt if I'll go through that breakdown
Considering how soon
I'll be only a memory;
Words from a sad soul 😢
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