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Tiana Mar 27
Doesn’t she want to be the star
that reigns the dark sky?
Doesn’t she want a dream fairytale
That’s far from any deny?

Why is she so adamant?
To be that falling star,
Only with the purpose to never return;

What it is that outshined all the glitters
of the most desirable fantasy?
Is it the purity of wishes that
showers like some lovely confetti?

Is it momentary magic
Or a forever promised charm?
Is it more alluring than a perfect prince
with a vast kingdom?

Or is it the embody she calls ‘love’, that
made the loudest of echo unheard,
with its delicate hush?
  Is that what is making the imperfect celebration
full of happiness and laughter?
fray narte Feb 6
You deserve someone who can look pain in the eye — an insignia of heartbreak with your name written all over it; your trembling sighs — like rust, lingering over their rosegold lips, and still, not forget that they love you.
Tiana Jan 27
They say,
It will remain just a dream,
A beautiful yet heartbreaking fantasy,
And it's impossible
for you to be with me;

Should I blame myself for falling in
this charming reverie
my unfair destiny?

Not that I criticize my fortune,
For it has has given me a wonderful boon
even though I can't have it

My poetry would cherish it like
my timeless fascination with
the gleaming full moon;

The striking shimmers of the dark ocean,
The flamboyant hues upon those proud mountains,
From the delicate night breeze to the desired daylight,
A harmonious veil shelters countless of sublime mysteries behind;
Just like the alluring tune of a poem's rhyme;

This love is bright enough to blind
my heart
with it's dazzling mirage,
Even if it resides faraway in the land of magic and sand;

would it be illicit to nurture
this seemingly impossible love,
That magically adorns my dark nights like
those twinkling stars?
fray narte Jan 7
to kiss you senseless until i am a seaglass buried deep inside your skin. to lick salt off your palms with paper-cut lips, until each breath has gone haywire. to quietly sigh your name until it baptizes my heathen tongue. oh, the wars i would start; the wars i would end — darling, there is something soothing about all the violent ways i can love you.
Ultraviolent Dec 2020
The waves kissed the shore again & again & again
The waves kissed the shore again & again & again
The waves kissed the shore every second or so
to remind her how much she is loved
just like a mother to her soft, sweet warm hearted baby
kissing you head to toe like the waves.

Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Wake me up
When the sky
Is blue again
And the leaves
Are crisp
With a chill in
The air
Wake me up
When it doesn’t
Hurt so much to love
Someone that can’t
Love you back
Wake me up
When the world
Is less confusing
And I can finally breathe.

Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
If you will not be there in my good times
I don't want those good times.
Manatlebol Aug 2020
जानेमन हुस्न बहार तब होगा
जब आपकी महफ़िल मैं हम होंगे
फ़रमायींशे तो आएगी ज़रूर लोगों से
पर वो सारे अल्फ़ाज़ मेरे लिए होंगे
Tiana Jul 2020
Cherishing my love for you,
I won't allow my morals to get away
Cause I know you aren't far away,

Somewhere in my heart,
I won't allow you to go far;
beautiful hues
Ismail Safri Jul 2020
You're mine you're mine...
Will u be my valentine?
I will never forget u in my life!
I want you to be my wife...
Do not fear a vine,
Happy valentine.

Do not fear if I am poor!
I promise to take u on world tour...
Hope u never leave me alone...
If u left, I am gone!
Do not fear a vine,
Happy valentine.

Friends says I am behaving like a dove...
How would I tell them...? I am in love!
You are my heart, you are my dream...
I will decorate your life like a cake by cream...
Do not fear a vine,
Happy valentine.
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