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Johnny walker Aug 2019
I survive this life purely
In hope one day I'll see
my sweetheart once again
trying to live without her now
has been harder than I'd evet thought It possibley would
To love and then then loss even
harder so I spend all my days trying to Imagine how our live would be If she was still here with me still brings tears to
Tears that have never fully dried countless times I've cried but having loved and now having to return a life
before knew my
So much harder now to do for when you've loved and lost Is
harder than to have never loved at all trying to live a life without my beautiful wife Is really no life at
Johnny walker Aug 2019
How can this be I'm asking myself from the first time you wrote me from that moment
on  knew that I loved you and we'd remain friends
and stay that way for the rest of our
Mysteries of life sometime
never get solved especially when It comes to mysteries love
But for ever and always despite the distance between us I know we'll will always be
Johnny walker Jun 2019
There were times In my life I've been hurt but never quite been broken for I know my spirit far to
strong to do
And times I've been down and almost out but always to drag myself to my feet beat the Inevertable
Never once have thrown the lowel Into the ring to say I couldn't carry on so many fights had with
but always seen them
through and still remain unbeaten In so many fights  I've had for survival
just to survive the every
pressure of life but thus far
I've made through but can't say the same for tomorrow
for that I'll just have to wait and see
Just a poem I wrote whilst I was drinking coffee In Macdonalds
Nylee Jun 2019
I need to speak
       you have to understand
               my unspoken desire
   I will vent
patiently wait.

Sometimes I cry
not knowing why
but please try
        I will be the best for you
                        when you will feel the worst
things will be fine
and at times
our some time will last forever.
Johnny walker May 2019
Sad In this life that we start things but we don't
at the time know at
that we
be given the required
time to see them
For fate Is only thing that knows of what we will become and how long we'll have
allocated to us In this
life that we
But In truth I have to ask myself could I've made things better
and would
have lived our lives to the
full If I had known of the short time you had left In truth
have I say I think it would harder If had known of the
short time Helen had
I had known of the short time that Helen had left to live and truth I have admit would been harder to know of the short she
Johnny walker May 2019
I woke to sounds of
birds singing outside
my window
On such gloriously
warm summers day
with a feeling It's
great to be
But still a sadness deep
In Inside of me for I'm
still missing my
Pretty birds that sing there love songs outside my window early In the morning such a pleasure to hear them sing
Aroody Jul 2018
Sometimes we just need to calm down ,
sometimes we just need a hug ,
and a whisper in the ear ;
Saying " it's gonna be alright "

Once in a while we need to run ,
run to where we can't see fault ,
an escape to where perfection exists ,
down to the rivers,  beneath the clouds ,

Maybe we just have to take a walk ,
just a moment alone with a thought ,
away from where conflict starts ,
strolling under the lights alone ,

Sometimes we should pick ourselves up ,
and dust off from the footsteps of those we love ,
and accept that it didn't work out ,
" well it's life " I would say , " not everything is in your hand "
Calm down and find yourself
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I know you have a lot of things in motion right now that'll change your future.
And I love that.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Somewhere sometime.

But I know you don't believe in long distance.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Some other place, some other time.
You are time.
Invented, designed, defining divine.

I'll just hurt people...
sunshine Nov 2017

s o m e t i m e

                 is used when you're unsure
                 never actually comes true
                (nothing ever comes true)

not to be confused with:
right now, forever, love
[listening to Orion's Belt by Sabrina Claudio]
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