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Oh dreams to where I want to be It to there I'm most happy just let the world pass me by whilst lost In dreams of
I'm Sat drinking coffee In a cafe and writing poems about by wife and watching through the window at the world just passing  
In what seems like blink of the eye one blink and It's all gone people rushing everywhere but getting nowhere
Since darling Helen has been gone I've learned to live my dreams It to dreams I escape with her the only place we both now can
To dreams I go with my sweetheart now the place we can be
Shofi Ahmed Oct 3
Before a split second
that shows up.
And gone before
the blink of an eye!
Fay Kim Jul 19
I'm drunk
staring at your picture
like I can hear you calling my name
telling me it's time for bed.
Sometimes I get caught
In a thought.
I see all these humans,
In the lives they
Ought to bloom in.
Often I'll get a glimpse.
A lover winks,
A mother sings,
A friend laughs.
and in between their breaths,
A sigh.
In the space between
Where words can't be seen,
There is always a deeper sadness.
I think everyone is tired.
You can see the weariness in
Cracks on aged skin.
You can see the desperate
Grasps of youth
Trying to find their purpose
Before it's too late.
Time moves fast.
But who is to say that we can't
Make the most of it?
It is true,
You can close the lid of
Your eye
And in a mere blink,
Years have gone by.
Don't waste it.
Live the best life you can,
Full of laughs, love, and excitement.
Don't dwell on things too hard.
For in a second,
It'll all be gone.
And you'll wonder
Where the time went.
Hurricanebabe Apr 17
I blink and I am standing
I blink again and I am on the floor
I blink again and people are all around me
Is this life?

Are we always blinking thinking something good will happen?
And then when nothing good happens we get sad and discouraged?
I blinked three different times and I saw totally different situations.
Is this the bad or good of life?
I cannot wait
I really can't

If I ever get married
If God has that in my stars

God, will it be great

There's no distance I wouldn't go for them

Pain now is temporary
And those eyes will always hold a glint for me
I will--am chasing that glint
Until I belong to them,
And they want to belong to me

Until that silver shines through me
My eyes, my nose, my mouth,

Until that light reflects back
Brighter to them
Than my open, vulnerable, enamored,
Eyes received them
Though I know I'll never believe it if they say so


I can see it now,
Can you?
The flash from their eye?
As quick as their breeze walking past,
But twice as warming
Now their smile!
A smile
I would bear the rest of my life
If only at my final conscious sight
I would see it
In person
Those hazel eyes flashed against mine,
it was a blink of an eye,
felt for the first time.

Can't hold your hand,
nor kiss your lips,
my whole world turns around our eclipse.

A silhouette love,
it's just me and you.
You are my little secret,
a secret rendezvous.
Jo Barber Feb 10
The blinking cursor
forever fading in and out,
mocking me
for my inability to create.
The words don't come
as they once did.
Blink. Blink.
It's daring me not
to stop typing,
so I don't.
Words flow.
Ideas flow.

Who can tell if any of it
is any good anymore?
Funny how time slips
away days that pass
with a blink of the eye
left thinking where did
It go where once I had
youth on my
The older one gets the faster times goes even
a year seems nothing
but a year as a kid was more like an
Funny how time slips
away particularly when
you no longer have youth on your side
One becomes old-time passes In a blink of an eye you left wondering where It all went
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