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Emma Sep 8
how lovely it is
to love someone without thought
it happened so quick
Nylee May 14
I am scared of my thoughts
but I am more scared of what you think
when I see your eyelids blink
it seems like you read my thoughts aloud
when silence stands between.
Marina May 1
Sitting in the front of shack,
I'm watching the rain falling.
Everything is so fresh,
All colours are very clear.

My cat is watching me,
Quietly from the high,
Wishing come down to me,
In his huge green eyes.

But he didn't make a move;
It's all in water and wet.
But that's ok i guess,
Still watching the rain.

The cat cought my look,
And i cought his look;
Playing the old look game,
Who's gonna blink first.

Thinking on victory, i lost.
The game made me laugh.
Both, still watching the rain,
Only in a different way.
This poem i wrote in 2 minutes. I don't know why but this moment was very inspiring. Anyway, i like this small and simple things that make me happy. This one was literally a droplet/little moment in my life.
annh Apr 26
Surely, this life is but an aberration. For have I not been oblivious to the heraldry of the firmament for far longer than I have craved to acquaint myself with its mystery; of the moon and stars to know their secrets.

Gazing in awe at the doorway to infinity whence I have so recently arrived, it seems unimaginable that I should recollect nothing of the stepping through, the horror vacui of my incarnation, the shuffling forward in the queue.

My existence a blink of an eye; my non-existence the remainder of time.
Is it any wonder - glorying at the night sky - that I am confused as to whether I am on the inside looking out...or the outside looking in?

‘For the first forty days a child is given dreams of previous lives. Journeys, winding paths, a hundred small lessons and then the past is erased.’
- Michael Ondaatje, Handwriting
I blinked softly against
The edges of your silhouette
My eyes were full of tears
If only you would turn and see
Don't blink.
S I N Feb 17
First it hits - then there’s a blast
It is so simple man
But when you come to think of it
You dread
For how you could
But well
You know
You wouldn’t know
That’s all
That’s how it is
How Was and will
And ****** be ye if not feel chill
For it is scary
Just you think
You live and die in just a blink
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
Keep blinking  
Don’t think more about it
Just blink
Blink away the dark
Because my lashes are that strong aren't they.
Tizzop Nov 2019
would you mind telling
me the answer to all the
questions i'm
having ?

every day
every hour
every minute

every time you
are blinking an

i can't answer most
questions by myself

you feel me?

i need you to
learn what the
world is made of

you feel me?
i mean don't misunderstand
that baby

it would just be great
having somebody

what's the weather

what time is

which date is

and most importantly:

where is the

Today is a good day.
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