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Jo Barber Feb 10
The blinking cursor
forever fading in and out,
mocking me
for my inability to create.
The words don't come
as they once did.
Blink. Blink.
It's daring me not
to stop typing,
so I don't.
Words flow.
Ideas flow.

Who can tell if any of it
is any good anymore?
Funny how time slips
away days that pass
with a blink of the eye
left thinking where did
It go where once I had
youth on my
The older one gets the faster times goes even
a year seems nothing
but a year as a kid was more like an
Funny how time slips
away particularly when
you no longer have youth on your side
One becomes old-time passes In a blink of an eye you left wondering where It all went
aster Jan 31

I fall,
I knew eventually
I would fall.
But I didn’t want to,
at least not now.
I may say
I don’t ‘give a f about
what society thinks about me.’

But deep down,
I seek for attention.
I want validation.
I want respect.
I want to be accepted and loved,
And looked upon.

But this is tough.
I don’t know how long,
I can do this.
Sadly, we are taught this is the only

Because success is never defined by you.
The society defines your success.
You are a ****.
The game, your moves, the result,
Is set by them.


I’m in a state of dilemma
One preaches,
‘These minuscule bits of time
Which are smaller than a molecule in
The entire expanse of this ever-expanding universe.
Can’t determine your entire future.
Nor can the society.
Your success, your happiness
Is defined by you, not them.’

The other reminds me,
that your success is defined
by the society you live in.
And to them this is the ‘only way’ to success.
And defying them
Is losing your
And you can’t afford that.


However, hypocritical I might sound,
I’m forced to choose the second.
But every passing second
I live with the guilt of never
Choosing the other road.
Cause the road not taken,
was perhaps the road I was to take.


Focus, time is slipping away.
So, I stop contemplating
and work mechanically.
Finally, it is over.
A sigh of relief.

But unfortunately, this is not the end.
Once you let yourself in to this system.
Then you are lost to it.
You are consumed by it
you are enslaved.


Take rest for now.
Because you are trapped,
They have fabricated your journey to ‘happiness’,
And you can’t turn back.


Eyes shut.

Pen drops.

what starts will eventually end.
Vale Luna Jan 20
When you have someone asking you
If you feel suicidal
Eight times a day
You start to feel like maybe you should be
They would have let you go by now

You blink.
And notice
There are no clocks on the walls
Making you painfully aware
That the ticking sound is just in your head
Trying to cope
Without the security of time

They tell you you have to feel better
Before you can go home
But you have to be home
In order to feel better
You know that.
But you start to wonder
If they’ll ever figure it out

It occurs to you
That this group of strangers
Are now in control of your life
They could lock the door for months
Isolate you from all you know
And tell you it’s for your own safety

You are stuck.

The lights in the hallway flicker
Like the programmed beginning
Of a horror movie
You blink.
And another set of lanyards and clipboards
Are standing in front of you
Asking if you feel like hurting yourself
Or someone else today


It’s getting harder to tell the truth
And the other patients;
Vociferously desperate around you
Are the most intense form of peer pressure

Seconds feel like hours
And days like years
You blink.
And the frustration of keeping your sanity
Drips from your eyes
Your own tears used as evidence
For the lie they want you to admit

Your eyelids droop
Heavy with the exhaustion
Of keeping a sound mind

Either way
You know it’s only a matter of time
Before you blink again.
Based on my time in the hospital...
caroline Dec 2018
they say, “don’t blink.
life will pass you by.”
but I’ll need to blink sometime
my eyes are getting dry.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Funny how time passes by
happily with someone but In what seems just a blink ot an eye they're so suddenly
Nothing but memories now left behind, once a life oh so Important especially to me as her husband who has to live on, funny how time has passed me
Just having thoughts of how time passes by In what seem an blink of an eye
Johnny walker Dec 2018
So many times In my childhood days where
spent outdoors
playing, because of child abuse didn't want to go home afraid, stayed out longer I should have then I'd be In even more
My mother once said I spent more time around
my friends house more than my own but In
truth I was loved more
by my friends family
than my
But the house I spent time was the home of my future wife Helen to be, many years later strange how fate shows It's hand, the moment I entered that house for the first time I
had no Idea many years later I would marry the sister of my best friend
how strange life
How strange life can be when fate shows It hand you're whole world can change In the blink of eye
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
I blinked, once too much. I opened my eyes and was met by a stranger bearing the face of whom I once loved. Unknowing you is a journey, endless wandering hoping to loose remnant traces of you. Wondering, unsure, how does one lose all they love yet keep the scars. Painted an angry red against the pale softness of my skin. I blinked once, twice more, hoping to reverse time. Hoping the same mistakes would lead me back home. But you and I, we were nothing like the fairytales they feed children before bedtime.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Funny how life just slips
away from when we are
born, to the day that we die
Funny how life just slips

From when we crawl to
first step we take, to the
very first words that we
speak Funny how life just

From the very first crush
to very first kiss to the very
first relationship Funny
how life
slips away

To the first serious love and
then on to marriage to the
first child born funny how
time just slips

Then all passed by In what
seemed no more than the blink
of a blink of an eye, Funny
how our time just slips
Slips away funny how all just silps away In a blink
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Of days gone by
all passed In the
blink of an eye
one brief flash
and all passed by
in a blink of eye
and all  that was
said and done all
the places seen
and been all
passed by in a blink
of an eye loves and
loved one's all passed
In a blink of an eye
funerals days all
passed by In a blink
of one's
Don't blink or live may pass you by
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