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I once was apart
And I still might be
Even so, I put the pieces back in the cart
Then stacked them back into me

With a bit of duck tape
And then some glitter glue
I fix them into my shape
Becoming as good as new

I will be better this time
I've learned from my mistake
Climb back to my prime
And this time, I will not break.

You can still mend yourself. You aren't broken.
Amanda 6d
Like a broken iPod
We cannot quite mend
I see only cliffs
Around every turn and bend
This is a ****** little bit I wrote back in high school... When iPods were still cool.
Ally Feb 4
You can’t go back on what you said.

Once you’ve broken something,
It can’t be put back together the same way again.
Mend me
Dont end me
My heart so eroded
So shattered
So broken

Mend me
Dont end me
Melt my eroded heart
Until it become
Glass once more
JoJo Jan 22

i don't expect you to mend my soul overnight
but i do ask that you
treat my heart with careful consideration
because i don't think i can handle
another tear.

all i ask is that
you proceed with caution
and mend my heart.
one day at a time.

nightdew Jan 15
poison is what you are,
but i guess, somewhere
in my imperfections, i too,
prefer poison more than the antidote.
poison me, then.
CM Lee Jan 14
It’s okay that you’ve forgotten
I know you and I had to end
It’s better we never see each other again
We’re too broken for anyone to mend

It’s okay that you’ve left
When I think of you, I’ve no regrets
I’m actually glad that you and I had met
I wish nothing for you but the best

It’s okay you’re happier than me
I’ve always been a lonely person, you see
But I’ll always wonder what you’re doing
How you’ve been and who you’re seeing

People ask me what happened
Why you left and where you went
Why my heart was closed and not open
I tell them things would’ve been worse if it wasn’t

No day will pass that I won’t miss
You’re perfect eyes and your kiss
But one day the clouds will turn to mist
And that’s when I’ll know I am at peace
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Thank you for letting me share
Showing me you really care
Opening your heart to me
As i shared my history
Listened with an open mind
Never judging always kind
Thanks for showing that you care
With compassion that is rare
Being what i needed friend
As my soul you tried to mend
thanks for being who you are
A thank you poem to a friend
Chris Neilson Dec 2018
A  friend of a friend is now my friend
befriended to me to the very end
she always has an ear to lend
especially to me who's on the mend
placating anxiety to which I tend
many minutes with her I love to spend
her hand of friendship there to extend
she runs a cafe which I do commend
competitive pricing prevents overspend
moist scones with strawberry jam I recommend
making weekends existentially transcend
to be fake cousins we sometimes pretend
for a meeting place she's a godsend
when I feel my life descends towards a dead end
she wends my spirits to relentlessly ascend
her recipe for life has the perfect blend
now do the right thing and make this trend!
I'm only codding ya with the last line.
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