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Takaveon Aug 25
And the sun sat.... when it did it felt like my eyes were closed. Felt like my back had been turned or I was in a dark room with no windows. Heart beating outta my chest. My hands could flow a river. Body tense. Legs weak. But I still remember. The day before we were together. And the day before that too. Where did it all go wrong? I wish It hadn’t cause now I have to sleep without you. I could comfort myself if I wanted to but it just wouldn’t be the same and you don’t even understand the pain that comes from hearing your name. Time heals all but I really just wanna make it stop cause it just keeps going and I’m stuck with all the things that come with not. Not having you here. Not seeing you. Not being able to smell your breath in the morning time. I really got use to all those things and now i have to relearn not having you around. But is it the same for you? I miss you so **** much.  This hurt that I feel is so unreal. Maybe it’s a dream please wake me up. No phone call no text you ain’t even trying to come back this way and even though I’m hurt I’d still take you back with open arms any day...... guess I’m just stuck daydreamin y’all....
I’m in love with a girl named almon guys. We broke up a lil over a month ago and I’m still feeling it. At least I’m not crying anymore though. But the thing is I’m sure everybody goes through things like this. I just really wish I had a friend to talk about it with cause she was my best friend.
I am tired of
the constant cycle of
aching and faking,
hurting and feeling,
breaking and healing,
fixing and mending,
It's like a never ending cycle,
and I am just tired.
danna22081 Jul 8
It might be said:

All this time, I was searching in every
Place, every dwelling led by the tugging vessels of my heart.
I never thought to peer into my very self.
I hold the answer to the greatest of my nerves;
Not all is contained in the perfected, coiled curves
Of a brittle, interchangeable key.

My change is inevitable…
And slight refinements in the wards and cuts
Of the key I believed I would keep
Are therefore inevitable.
And so the doors of justice obnoxiously flashed before my eyes,
But what I saw was not quite anticipated.

It was not quite the epitome of ecstasy,
Nor the quintessence of miscellaneous puzzle pieces,
Mending their corners and edges within one another,
Settling within the dull patches of irreversible actions and traits.
I saw one thing, one person,
And that was me, looking into myself.

For I am the three dimensions,
And I consume the elements which I so
Continuously twist into myself…
Every time I peer into the beaming, towering doors before me
With the assistance of one, temporary key.
But I can never decipher the elements I intermittently hold.
I finally understood the value of one key; that is, once it was held amongst many before it.
Gemma Jun 9
I feel listless again.
I am left without slumber,
My mind beginning to bend.
Am i trapped in this cycle?
Will it ever end?
I wonder, if I am destined,
To always walk this now beaten path?
As I'm sure it's becoming more treacherous,
As each grey day comes to pass.
sheri May 6
what has once broken the heart
into pieces that were dreadfully

can no longer be pieced together
by the five lettered word
that i waited to hear from you
from so long
"--she was taken for granted by her lover's own free will and they had the foolish courage to apologise about it."
shatteredpoet Apr 13
i was your bird
that refused to
leave its cage
i was your bird
that refused to
fly away
even with the
door wide open.
i stayed with you after every opportunity to leave you
Thorns Apr 3
We all wish we had something better
Though some of us are spoiled
And take wants "needs"
But the one who are hurt
The ones who are lost
That of a broken heart
Just wish for a cure
Something to take away the pain
To drown the sorrow
To mend a heart
For something better

In a cruel world of thee, scarce dreams are made reality. For this world lacks generosity..."
Ken Pepiton Apr 3
ideas are wordless, in the wild,

in the willful tongue untamed
they twist and bend and prevaricate,

wait, that voice,
put that in words, and give up the glory,

all you did was listen,
or read. Thank you.

Least said, soonest mended.
ideas are in the air, willie nelson's been credited with saying that.
Mohannie Feb 19

I once was apart
And I still might be
Even so, I put the pieces back in the cart
Then stacked them back into me

With a bit of duck tape
And then some glitter glue
I fix them into my shape
Becoming as good as new

I will be better this time
I've learned from my mistake
Climb back to my prime
And this time, I will not break.

You can still mend yourself. You aren't broken.
Amanda Feb 17
Like a broken iPod
We cannot quite mend
I see only cliffs
Around every turn and bend
This is a stupid little bit I wrote back in high school... When iPods were still cool.
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